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  1. 51skycheif

    51 B-3-B Crank pulley problems

    That would be fantastic, I'll definitely get it back to you and pay for shipping and the new fastener . Just a regular one would work.
  2. 51skycheif


    ive used a length of paracord wrapped around the rubber seal to pull it into the frame with a bit of tire lube. the nylon cord is nice on the rubber
  3. 51skycheif

    51 B-3-B Crank pulley problems

    thats exactly what im trying to do, the threads are an oddball size and ive had zero luck trying to find anything with this thread pitch. Tacoma Screw measured the threads on my starter jaw and offered to get an estimate on having one made. might have to go that route. thank you for the input.
  4. 51skycheif

    51 B-3-B Crank pulley problems

    my pulley wont slide over the crank, and the threads arent long enough to engage the threads on the crankshaft. how tight of a fit should the crank pulley be? looks like this truck was "repaired" years ago and im just cleaning up a mess. i need a new starting jaw or a bolt, my radiator is too tall to use the hand crank anyways so anything would work. threads are ok in the crank, ive got a back up crank if that was the case but im trying to solve this without going that deep
  5. 51skycheif

    51 B-3-B Crank pulley problems

    im curious if there is a place i can get a longer crank bolt to install my crank pulley on my 218. tight fit and ive already trashed the threads on my hand crank bolt, talked to my local fastener shop and they said id have to have a their machinist make one. or maybe someone has a trick im overlooking, thanks in advance

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