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  1. Yes both replies are what I needed, thank you
  2. On my 1955 c-series project, I’m ready to fasten up the gas tank to the frame. My brain remembers a photo that was posted showing a bolt with a spring that allows the tank to move a bit should the frame twist a bit. Ive tried to search the forum but with no luck. I’m hopeful that someone with a better memory than me could help me find that post thanks
  3. Thanks for the names of places to go. I will start checking these places out. I’m worried about the $$$, my goal is a nice old truck to drive around in my retirement years.
  4. Rjpond

    Heater box questions

    Thanks guys for your ideas. I did the inner tube process to check the heater core for leaks and it had no leaks. Which made me happy. I also carefully rewired the motor and the heater fan is working. I’ll be looking at the wipers motor next
  5. Thanks for the person to contact. I will send him an email. I guess I have three options 1. Rebuild the v-8 motor I have, I only wish I knew the ball part price of parts 2. Replace with another v-8 for $200-$300 and not being sure of what I bought condition wise 3. Replace with a flat head six which I’m thinking has replacement parks available ?
  6. On my 55 dodge c-series truck project, the engine is over at my neighbor’s pole barn because he’s a much better mechanic than me. It is the original v-8 (259) that hasn’t ran since the early 1970’s (60,000miles). The engine is stuck (soaked clylinders in diesel fuel for 2 months) and he ended up pulling the head. He is reluctant to go much farther until he finds a source for pistons, rings, and bearings. He checked NAPA and also checked online a little and he was surprised to not find a ready source for engine parts. Do obtainable basic rebuild parts exsist for these trucks? My other option is a replacement engine. I do know where I could buy a v-8 out of a 1956 dodge pickup. This engine has a lot of miles on it but the owner guarantees it to run.
  7. Rjpond

    Heater box questions

    The heater box was tore down completely last night and yes the wires need replaced. I need to review my wire gauges as I know 6 volts require heavier wire. My truck hasn’t been on the road since the 70s so there’s lots to do
  8. Rjpond

    Heater box questions

    Thanks for the good ideas, looks like I’ve got a project for the next couple of evenings. When I started this restoration, I wanted to gain a fixable knowledge about everything on this truck- the learning continues.
  9. Rjpond

    Heater box questions

    Thanks for the heads up on pressure. Air would be easier to regulate. To dunk it in a water tank I’m thinking it would be best to disessemble everything??? thanks
  10. Rjpond

    Heater box questions

    Ok, the heater box looks complete and in reasonable good shape. I’ve read that I need to pressure check the heater core for leaks. Is it as simple as attaching a garden hose to one of the brass fittings and plugging the other brass fitting? I was wondering what pressure is adequate? Should I clean the heater core in the same manner as flushing a radiator? to check the fan motor can I set my battery charger to 6v and make sure that it is positive grounded? Lots for me to learn and thanks guys for your help
  11. I’ll google the 3M panel bond and learn about that procedure. My knowledge about welding is limited and my personal hands on experience with welding is a big zero. I wouldn’t mind learning how to weld but I don’t know if welding in sheet metal patches is a good starting point for an inexperienced person??? Thanks
  12. I’m slowly making progress, the frame is done, new brake parts and lines, new shocks and many small steps. I have probably made several mistakes that I haven’t realized yet, but I’m having a great time After sandblasting the frame, I used the KBS rust seal which I was impressed with. I had some sealer left so I used it up on the cab floor which I will eventually top coat with paint. In the area behind the seat the lower part (seam) of the cab is rusted through. What is the best way to fix this area? Thanks
  13. Rjpond

    Newbie 1955 c3b

    Wow, those pictures helped to motivate me on my 1955 c3c project. I did not know how big of job a restoration is until I started on my project this winter -I still have a long way to go do you know 1954 dome light would be the same?
  14. Rjpond

    1955 c3-c brake pedal spring

    Thanks Dave for hooking me up with those threads on Mark’s truck - wow he’s done a great job. We’ve had heavy rains, this week, here in northwest Indiana. And with all the flooding, I haven’t had the opportunity to compare my truck to Mark’s photo thanks for your help
  15. Rjpond

    48 B1B

    Great truck, I wish my c-series truck had a little less rust. If you get back underneath your truck, could you snap a picture of where your brake pedal return spring attaches? I keep scratching my head as I try different attaching points thank you scott

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