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  1. Good point on the twelve volt upgrade, one problem I see on changing the bendix is that the shaft size is greater on the 6 volt which is why the bendix is larger. I’ll try to upload a picture or two. My progress is so slow, that my build thread progress could probably be captured using a flat stone and chisel 😉
  2. Thanks Plymouthy, I will start to research Bendix replacement i spent money to have the six volt start rebuilt so I would like to still use it
  3. We decided the original 259 was too far gone to warrant the cost to rebuild. So I purchased a 315 engine from another dodge truck enthusiast. Like you fellows said, the 315 fit perfect. The only adjustment needed was to shorten the driveshaft about an inch. During our hopeful first start, we learned that the six volt starter from the 259 didn’t mesh well with the flywheel from the 315. It seem that when Dodge changed to 12 volts that the gear on the end of a 12 volt starter was made smaller. Can we take the flywheel off the 259 and mount it on the 315? Or are flywheels balanced to their specific engine ? Or would I better off to bite the bullet and move away from the 6 volt system and go to 12 volts? Are we talking a lot of work to convert to 12 volts? I am not sure what direction to head, but I’m disappointed that I couldn’t take it out on the road. The old truck hasn’t ran since 1972. thanks in advance for your opinions or ideas Scott
  4. Yes, I made the mistake of originally typing 318, but the correct size of the replacement engine that I’m looking at is a 315 poly. Thanks for your reply, it sounds like a workable option. I have recently learned that the 315 was also froze up. Engine runs now, but the seller recommends a rebuild. Maybe I’m back to square one? thanks again for answering my question
  5. I’m still making some progress with my 55 project truck. I’ve had a blast this winter welding in patches in my bed sides, milling oak boards for the bed floor, and I’ve even tried my luck at painting both the bed sides. I wasn’t too happy with my paint job- seemed too grainy and not as smooth as glass. I need to research where I went wrong? The original 259 engine remains froze up after sitting for several months with different fluids in the cylinders. It looks like rebuild parts are expensive and my neighbor (who is a much better wrencher than I) thinks we should go with a different engine. I saw where a 318 from a 57 dodge truck is for sale. My question to you experienced guys is if this would be an easy engine swap? My truck is a 3speed on the column, and the 315 with a 4 speed manual transmission? thank you and I sure enjoy reading everyone’s question and answers on this forum
  6. That is one nice looking hubcap, thanks for sharing that picture
  7. Thanks, I’ve been looking on internet and I think I found a couple examples. The “DODGE” lettering is painted a separate color. I guess these work trucks didn’t display much chrome
  8. I’ve enjoyed the time spent cleaning up the original rims on my truck. My plans are to make my truck just a nice, original looking daily driver. With my rims looking new again, and with a set of new tires, I’m pretty proud on how everything turned out I have started, however, to research what hubcaps were used and I’m learning that originally the hubcaps were painted the same cream color of the rims? Does anyone have pictures of their painted hubcaps? I guess I’m trying to warm up to the thought of painted hubcaps instead of chrome thanks Scott
  9. I’m also working on a 1955 pickup. My truck sat outside for a number of years and it’s 259 remains froze up. Which gives me a headache. If you go to the look at the parts truck, I would be interested in making you an offer for the V8 hood emblem and the tailgate if in good condition. Here in Indiana, I missed out on a 1956 dodge truck that was tore down but the parts and correct V8 engine were very useable. Sold for $1000
  10. Dummy me, I didn’t even think about eBay. I’m often searching for stuff using : 1955 dodge truck or c-series dodge and never saw them listed. Thanks you Plymouthy Adam
  11. Almost finished wiring the 1955 3/4 ton, I need to order a new turn signal switch and also run new wires to the dome light. Where the door hinges attach to the frame, is a wired post terminal that turns the dome light on or off when the door is opened or closed. I unscrewed the post and found that both (driver side and passenger) are pretty rusty. Is there a supplier who handles these post or has anyone upgrade to a push-button door switch? thank you
  12. Do you still run the two battery set up?
  13. Yeah, I did a poor job answering the member’s question on if it’s a 12 volt system. It is a six volt system with positive ground. The truck had one six volt battery in the battery box mounted to the frame and a second battery was mounted under the hood. I’m not sure why the two batteries ,maybe for better starting in winter weather? I plan to keep it six volts with only one battery
  14. Thanks guys for the good info and help
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