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    1K or 2K Enamel Over Rustoleum Auto Primer

    If the Rusto oil based alkyd enamel primer is fully cured, and I do mean FULLY CURED like weeks months later. I have used 2 k urethane primers and paints over absolutely no issues. I have used Limco Acrylic enamel over Rusto primer on my sons car 2 weeks later with no issues whatsoever. I have used epoxy primers, all types of fillers and even some lacquer based primers over it too. DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. As in anything chemical there are no 100 percent gaurantees...good luck
  2. Not my ad but came across it on Kijiji. 100 cdn is like 75 usd Please view this ad: transmission adapter, https://www.kijiji.ca/v-transmission-drive-train/lethbridge/transmission-adapter/1404200517?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android Price: $ 100 Download the application from the Google Play Store. http://goo.gl/Hs9Yg
  3. 55 Fargo

    Rings vs valves or both

    Twas not I, however did post a pic and/or videos doing a leak down test..
  4. 55 Fargo

    Flathead to Hemi swap?

    Engine Blew up after rebuild, what no oil pressure? Could be a spun bearing, might be a fairly straight forward fix and back on the road. Pull the head and oil pan and have a looksy first....
  5. 55 Fargo

    Rings vs valves or both

    Agree on all 3........ the more in depth Cylinder Leak Down test will confirm all, and with close indication of how much leakage each cylinder may be having...
  6. 55 Fargo

    Rings vs valves or both

    Step 2 Cylinder Leakdown test, much more conclusive. Step 3 complete rebuild or find a donor engine, yours is worn out. Compression tests are very general, and can sometimes not give you the full picture of whats going on. 1 of my engines,compression is down a bit,say 95-100 dry,and the same with a shot of oil, but on a leak down test its very evident that leakage is past the rings. Engine does not smoke, has good oil pressure,but most likely needs rings,and valves,and then it most likely has cylinder taper and ware, so why waste time, once apart,might as well go all the way. In my case,she runs well,but is down a bit of pow, will drive her till I have my 265 built...
  7. Here is a correct T98 B&W Acme trans used in Canadian trucks especially Powerwagons. It has the correct bolt to bell pattern, input shaft length and bearing retainer cover dimensions. Again a granny low 1st gear but full synchros for the rest and very rugged.
  8. 55 Fargo

    Lost A Good Man

    Very Sad hearing of both Patty and Bob passing. Much too soon as the saying goes. Bob was a very good Man, very community minded and played Santa for many years. Cancer and heart disease he did battle. Bob and I shared a real kinship in our chosen Professions, that outsiders would never understand. Bob and Patty were very generous and giving people, Patty was a School Bus monitor for years in there home county. Bob was especially generous to my Son and sent him many little gifts when he was a little guy. God bless, you Mr and Mrs Drown you are sadly missed folks. So you folks in Neversink keep on the lookout for the " Wayback Machine" it may be driven again from the cosmos. Bobs posts and pics were both entertaining and fun. His usual line was I " just had to"... There were those that openly chastised Bob for his numerous picture threads, but many of us encouraged him to keep on posting. Rest In Peace my friend, i just get the feeling Bob has seen this thread.
  9. 55 Fargo

    1954 Fargo Clutch Linkage

    My sentiments exactly. If the linkage cannot throwout bearing and if linkage is all installed correctly it leads me to believe something else is going on. Pics of the inside of my bell minus throwout bearing and holder.
  10. Slant 6s were installed in cars and trucks for many years 1959- 87. As well as the Industrial applications for farm and industry. Here is a new use for a 1971 Slant 6 ot of a 71 California Cuda. Attached is an A833 trans. 2200 lb car, should launch well. Needs driveshaft, clutch throwout setup and rad/ electric fan and she could be test driven.
  11. 55 Fargo

    Hydro flooded town

    Not only did you trim your toe nails you shaved your fur off too...lol
  12. 55 Fargo


    Mine, an old " Barracks Box" in USA a military foot locker. I finished it in Faux Patina...
  13. 55 Fargo

    Hydro flooded town

    So you trimmed your " toe nails" and have assimilated into society to build cars instead of being a scary legend? I agree on the findings if remains or of any bei g captured or killed. Certainly no shortage of stories or sightings in No Cal, Oregon, Washington, and BC. Even Manitoba has had sitings. I will say this though huge tracts of heavily forested lands up here could hide remains of any species from discovery indefinitely...
  14. 55 Fargo

    The Extremely Versatile Universal Slant 6

    And how does she role along? I like this Slant turboed in a Duster. https://youtu.be/4sghBQKI5q8
  15. 55 Fargo

    Hydro flooded town

    Fantastic thread, pics and thrilling excursion. All the very best to Chris and Jerry, have a great adventure, be safe and take lots of pics. Need to see a pic of Saskquatch standing by the car...lol
  16. 55 Fargo

    The Extremely Versatile Universal Slant 6

    Yes have seen that very video. And many more. Even in a relatively stock form, this car would be peppy.
  17. 55 Fargo

    Flathead 6 for 1933 Dodge to drive Peking to Paris

    We are just getting hydrated in these parts. Extremely dry hot summer. Sweet Corn 7 ft tall but cobs not fully developed on a lot of the stalks. Tomatoes huge plants smaller tomatoes.
  18. 55 Fargo

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    Hey all, should have made my " queries " on this thread. What is the Status of this build? Has there been any updates or details of where this engine build wound up?
  19. 55 Fargo

    Flathead 6 for 1933 Dodge to drive Peking to Paris

    Wonderful side trip guys, but do either of you have any idea what happened to this project and proposed road trip? Montana Dodge Boyz were to build the engine, what happened in this case. Did the 230 engine ever get built? Be interesting to find out where this eventually went....
  20. 55 Fargo

    Flathead 6 for 1933 Dodge to drive Peking to Paris

    Whats the Status if this endeavour. Any updates on engine build etc?
  21. 55 Fargo

    Door Lettering Anybody?

    Hi all, A good friend painted my 55 Fargo door lettering. I much rather like This, it's a nice touch. Been absent for a while figured some of y'all needed a break...lol Tragedy in our community had a severe impact in my household it had a rather negative effect on us all, so did not feel like doing much of anything for a while..
  22. Hey all, made the step towards switching back to OEM steel rims and I have just acquired 4 "Fargo" hubcaps. I have 2- 5 X 15 rims and 3- 4 1/2 X 15 rims. Now I need at fairly good sized tires, right now I am running P 235 75 15s, most you Pilothouse owners no doubt run 16s, and better choice in taller skinnier tires for that wheel size too. What can work on these small rims widths with today's modern tires. I cannot use P 205 75 15s, they would look ridiculous on my truck....
  23. 55 Fargo

    1954 Fargo Clutch Linkage

    Allan is the throwout bracket in mine the same position as yours? You need more travel correct? Was this always the case? Is the release bearing and retainer in the correct position on the throwout fork?
  24. 55 Fargo

    1954 Fargo Clutch Linkage

    See what I can do

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