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  1. Old retired guy like you should wait for kooler weather. At your age and stage of life is there some urgency....lol
  2. 2 litre pop bottle...lol Just go direct off fuel pump or gravity to or from a red plastic jerry can. Heck I drove my old 47 Chrysler like that for 1 summer...lol
  3. Jim aka Squirrel on the HAMB Hudson adventure, enjoy https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/the-hudson-adventure.1160465/
  4. Pre 1971, and very optimistic I would say.
  5. 2 different engines? Both stamping look so crooked, possibly from an engine rebuilder, they would stamp on new numbers sometimes for their customers.
  6. Hey all, watched a very recently uploaded You Tube vid, on a complete rebuild and dyno, of a 225 Chrysler Slant 6. it was professionally done, so not some backyard home video, made on someones I phone. So engine was rebuilt, .040 pistons, .010 crank, hotter cam, but nothing too wild, Offenhausre 4 bbl intake, Edlebrock 500 CFM 4 BBl carb, and Hooker Headers. This engine was installed into a 1971 Duster with an A904 trans. this engine, dynoed at 135-140 hp to the rear wheels, not bad, for a stock build and auto trans. Old well worn 225 engine dynoed at 70 hp, pretty dead... I recall Greg G, stating he was able to get 127 hp to the rear wheels, with a basically a stock rebuild. Anyone else have any dyno numbers on their Slant 6s or Chrysler flathead 6s.
  7. Nothing like Autolite technology and quality Reg. I kinda like a 6v starter on 12, it spins faster than a 12 volt starter....
  8. Hey all, had to pull my 12 volt starter for servicing, but installed a spare 6 volt starter temporarily. It spins nice and fast, and no meshing issues. How many of you have a run a 6 volt starter on 12 volt diet? Hopefully wont run it too long like this, but its not bad at all.
  9. Yes enjoyed 48dodgers story too. Even a seriously hopped up 265 is gonna fall short against a hopped up Hemi or as mentioned a hopped up LA 318. Much easier to conjure up 300 hp with an LA 318 than squeezin out 200 hp with a flattie. Much the same with the Ford Flathead V8 engine. Big big bucks to create 300 hp, simple and cheap with a 5 litre or a 351. All engines are sophisticated air pumps. Breath in deep, breath out with ease. Our beloved flatties are a bit asthmatic but have well balanced long stroke systems to make good torque. These flatties with turbo or blowers would really wake them up. Look at a stock slant 6, great engine rugged bottom end bearings, forged cranks and rods well balanced. An overhead valve design with better potential for natural aspiration than a flattie. But still in stock form they are asthmatic. But add a 2 bbl, headers and cam and just with that they come alive. Some of my friends think a hopped 265 might be better than a mildly warmed up 225 for a truck like mine. Im not so sure on that...lol
  10. Here is a pic of a Holley 1920 1 bbl carb on my Slant 6. Note the phenolic spacer. Could it be the answer for the flatheads hot carb issues? In my Slant 6 vehicles never ever noticed an issue starting in suoer hot weather with hot engine and high underhood temps.
  11. No I agree against a healthy V8 apples to oranges. And yes these engines in pure stock form are like big lawn mower engines. But, a hopped up 230 or 265 shpuld be night and day. To qualify my statement, I dont mean just buying dual carbs and exhaust im talking built engine, custom pistons, much hotter cam profiles, High Comp Head etc. The difference between a built flattie abd a basic stocker should be huge. But they aint a built Hemi or even a hopped up LA 318..
  12. Yes this can absolutely happen. But lowering float(s) may help but fuel can still boil and expand. Worse with ethanol corn squeezin hootch fuel... Ive tried lowering float but how well does it work on a 90 degree day.
  13. Even a hopped 265 will be nothing like the 315, no replacement for displacements and breathing
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