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  1. 55 Fargo

    11 inch drum brakes

    I might have a pair of halfway decent used 11 inch shoes. I don't think I have any drums around. I will check later today. Shipping from Canada will get help up at customs for a few days though.
  2. 55 Fargo

    Emergency brake install

    Okay need way more info on this. Now the diff, what GM 10 bolt with drums, or more modern with discs? If either, and the park brake components are intact, run a cable system and handle or install a foot pedal type. Its all custom work now, since yours is far from stock. Post some pics possibly.
  3. 55 Fargo


    Its not an NP 420 or 435, its a Canadian built T98 Acme 4 spd truck trans. Built by acme, in Ontario Canada for Borg & Warner. Used in Canadian M37s, has the right side PTO cover. The Transfer case is very unique to this trans and getting scarce. The T 18 and regular T98 share a lot of the same internal parts. My trans, and his trans.
  4. 55 Fargo

    My Scarebird Kit install and a few ? 1948 Dodge

    Disc Brakes all shiny and new? and now's the time for attention to the greasy cruddy front end components. Now nice new great brakes, and hows the front suspension, hey it can be greasy and cruddy but tight and within tolerance I suppose. How is your front end?
  5. True in most instances, but here is a 32 Chrysler someone I know owns. It has a more modern 250 engine, T 5 trans and 3.90 gears. I have ridden in this car at 70 mph with ease, nice cruiser for 60 to 65 mph.
  6. Here is a T5 installed in a 32 Chrysler with a 250 engine. The bell is much like a truck style, I believe. No adapter plate was used for this install.. There are 2 pics of the T5 install on a 250 engine in a custom Graham Page application
  7. 55 Fargo

    Engine bogs when accelerating from a cruising speed.

    The above post has good info. You dont need the vacuum.advance as stated.
  8. No I am Bump Bump....LOL
  9. You are designing and producing multi carb intakes, but have not done any preliminary "Carb" research and testing as of yet I take it? What are you basing the basic designs on the intakes, with no preliminary Carb Data to work around while casting the intakes. Very interesting, have you designed and manufactured just the tri 2 bbl carb intake to date? Have you cast or designed and dual or tri carb intakes for single barrel carbs yet? Have you run any of your cast intakes, on an engine or any road testing to date? Will follow along and see what develops.....
  10. 55 Fargo

    Cooling System Techie Talk

    Read this and you will discover you are going to be okay pulling hills and the summer heat. This is of course if all is on good mechanical order. https://www.allpar.com/cars/desoto/suburban-1951.html
  11. Hey all, we have a lot of members, and a lot of different cars, and trucks too. I'm wondering how many actually are driving their Vintage Mopars. With so much discussion, on engine swaps, transmission swaps, even frame swaps, ETC. So lets here from you, are you actually running and driving your Vintage Mopars, and what is powering it. I suspect lots are "works in progress" or possibly not being driven anymore. So tell us all you "regular" posters, what are you currently driving for a Vintage Mopar?
  12. 55 Fargo

    Smokes after 8 minutes of running

    100 psi is fine on these low compression ratio engines. You had stuck valves it sat 12 years and your compression is s bit low but at least its fairly uniform. Get this car out and driving get those rings seating again. If its burning oil after it warms up things get loose and maybe the cylinders and rings are worn. Run it on the highway for a while and see if things improve. 120 psi maybe when fresh and new, 150 psi thats a much higher compression than stock.
  13. 55 Fargo

    Whos Still On CB Radio ?

    Breaker 19 whos still on a CB radio? Got a couple old CBs and fired 1 up. Locally I have heard nothing and at 1 time in my area it was crazy busy on a CB. But today its got out about 86 but a more northerly breeze now. But the " skip" is rolling in big time. Getting CBers from As far away as Kentucky, Chicago and Montana. I hear them they dont seem to hear me....lol Many years ago had a base station, power mike and big roof top antenna. I would talk with people many miles away often..... 10-10 on the side
  14. 55 Fargo

    Engine swap question

    Thats like a 30% increase in power and torque should be very noticeable. Looking forward to your report on this change.
  15. 55 Fargo

    Engine swap question

    The trans case hitting the floor or crossmember? Or is it sticking the inputshaft collar on the release bearing or something. Maybe pushing back in and go back and forth. Its heavy so could be hanging up. The driveshaft should pry away from the trans or heat it a bit maybe. Did you run and drive this truck with a 228? I do look forward to how the 250 compares for power increase and driveability. Good luck just pull her out she'll go.
  16. 55 Fargo

    A Matter Of Exhaust Decibels

    Okay so who's running dual exhaust with straight pipes or glasspacks? Or even single pipe exhaust the same way. I am running dual exhaust Walker glasspacks. Kinda loud, sounds the part of performance but is a bit loud too. Bit of a drone at certain RPMs and not always what i like when out for a cruise. Was out tonight great ride a bit noisy Had her up to 75 mph 2800 rpm and more to go but not for me....lol No wind at all and she picks up speed much easier. I figure she might top out at 80 to 85 mph....lol
  17. Hey all, Starting this thread for discussion and debate on carbs and induction. So let's hear it, all the opinions, experiences likes and dislikes. In running Asche built Carter BB carbs and have also ran these in the past. Stromberg, modern type Carter Webbers, Holleys lets hear your story. Now lets keep it all civil Boys and Girls, no hitting below the belt.
  18. 55 Fargo

    New Tire and Rim Look For Spring

    I was thinkin the same thing, " poorboys" wide whitewalls..
  19. Hey repainted my rims in RM Miracryl White Acrylic Enamel. I kinda like the look and this stuff is smooth and shiny.
  20. 55 Fargo

    So whattya think of this--P18 with a /6

    Robert just drive it into a wall and it will align those front fender openings. Anything could be undone, a PITA, fix the clip, stock type wheels or chrome reverse and baby moons. Redo interior and install different seat for the front.. Nothing wrong with the Slant 6 and A904 trans though...the body seems solid and straight
  21. 55 Fargo

    So whattya think of this--P18 with a /6

    I dont know you Guys, maybe your being a bit harsh on the builder. The cars running and driving. Those seats are possibly more comfortable than a stock bench seat. Is tbe Shrine Circus coming to town this Spring? At least its burning gas in a Mopar powered by Mopar...lol
  22. 55 Fargo

    So whattya think of this--P18 with a /6

    Well tell everyone how it performs. Highway speeds, acceleration from a dead stop etc? Did you drive your car with a flattie first?
  23. 55 Fargo

    So whattya think of this--P18 with a /6

    That Slant 6 fits like a glove. Its a Mopar 6 cylinder and that's what counts... Hopped Slants can kick a lot of V8 A$$...
  24. 55 Fargo


    Winnipeg Jets 7 Nashville Predators 4
  25. 55 Fargo


    Look out Smashville Catfishes. Yall are gonna be chum here in Winnipeg tonight.

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