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  1. Brake drum max inside diameter??

    No they dont necessarily. But most manufacturers and jurisdictions limit passenger car brake drums to .060 over size and some to .090 stamped on drums at times too. I would keep it to .060 on these to be honest as to not have any issues with the shoes expansion limits are not too far exceeded.
  2. Brake drum max inside diameter??

    Are they in good shape now? If they need machining take off the least necessary.
  3. Brake drum max inside diameter??

    Generally .060 over 10 or 11 inch drums max. What do they measure now?
  4. hot rod 1930 plymouth

    Kool. A 230 or a 265 would be great. Speed Parts, George Asche, Edgy Speedshop, Langdon sells nice cast headers for both.
  5. Glove Box Door ?

    Gotta get me a spring like that cant find any at home.
  6. Glove Box Door ?

    What 218 ? Yah missing mine and i might know where 1 is.
  7. Topping up gearbox oil

    Just drain and fill with GL 1 if you need piece of mind. Like Ed and I said we both used the modern type GL4/5 with no ill effects. Mine has had GL 5 for 6 years as I didnt know any better. We dont need a " trans gear oil mass hysteria"....lol
  8. Glove Box Door ?

    Great idea thanx
  9. Asian Beetle Invasion/ Infestation

    Hey all, Who has been pestered by these biting, smelly Asian beetles. The look like Lady Bugs but are not. Last fall was terrible, these suckers trying to get indoors by the 100s. Still finding some crawling around. Thank you US Dept Of Agriculture for introducing these pests to North America....BOOH
  10. Topping up gearbox oil

    I have too without ruining tbe brass. Wonder if the sulphur content varies in brands etc. Is this the same as, oh you should run non detergent 30 weight oil only in those old flatheads ?
  11. Topping up gearbox oil

    That might be fine in the R10 overdrive. I could use 50 weight oil. I found a source for GL 1 nearby. NAPA Canada does not stock all they do in US stores.
  12. Topping up gearbox oil

    Heres what im gonna use
  13. Topping up gearbox oil

    Ive used GL 4 for years in truck trans no ill effects. Try and find GL1 around here.
  14. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Nice motorsickle thread
  15. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    I have known many great couple's who did not take wedding vows and lived very happy lives. The piece of paper does not guarantee happiness and success.... Living at different addresses and own bank accounts works for many too.