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  1. Engine comparisons

    Possibly cam profile and the head.
  2. which engine would be best

    Its possible, being from Alaska and Canadas BC right next to it, a 25 inch Canadian 218 it could be. Just need the engine number to verify.
  3. which engine would be best

    T 215 is a 1941 230, so that would be my choice., or scrap both ideas and go with a 426 hemi.....
  4. A 833 Trans Transplant Thread

    Okay once again, my polite suggestions have not been heeded. I have had it with the "clowns" you know who you are. I am going to suggest that GGdad lock this thread as it appears to be going south in a "heart beat" hope you butt heads are happy with yourselves? If you want a T5 great, go buy every frickin one you can find, if you want stock stay that way, if you want an automatic do that, but for "F" sake, leave my A833 swap the "F" alone, if you don't like it or don't want it no problem, I get that. I intend to update my blog from here on in on this swap. What a bunch of big "L"s, trans swap, this ain't "Rocket Science", geesh go put in a Comet clutch if you want, I don't give a "Rs A", you want a Powerglide do that, just do it elsewhere. I have been patient and diplomatic on this thread, but no more, all of you who hate the A833 (pi$$ off), I was accused by GGDad about hating the T5, I don't hate the T5, just prefer a Chrysler intended better quality made trans, no big deal, doesn't mean you have to follow my lead. Don Coatney, you have been a lot of trouble over the years for a lot of people, myself included, you know exactly what your doing, and a lot of those who don't know you or your history are quite unaware. I call it as it is, and you are TROUBLE.....
  5. A 833 Trans Transplant Thread

    Absolutely no reason to apologize. I appreciate your interest, experience and help.
  6. A 833 Trans Transplant Thread

    Don please take your T5 swap info to those applicable threads. I have posted politely to keep it focused and in topic. I have contacted a few others via PM. If this persists will report any posts that cause dissension If you want to contest another post PM the partys directly thank you
  7. A 833 Trans Transplant Thread

    No I get yah and reread your post not bad stuff if I were contemplating this project, but im into it. The USA might have and should have way more of the non overdrive A833s but Canada was a much smaller market. 2800 rpm is not hurting anything 2500 is better but im.shooting for 2000 to 2200 rpm at 65 mph. The 228 is coming out and my Asche built 265 will be going in. This will.have just a little more power than a stock 218....lol Alternative views not a problem but not looking for one on this topic anymore. Hope to pull trans soon and get rolling but its real cold and my shop while heated is cool too.. -30 last night -10 right now..
  8. A 833 Trans Transplant Thread

    Adam a big NO this is what has worked well in plenty of applications. Why shouldnt it work for me.. So Adam my current trans needs to be rebuilt and I do not need or want a truck 4 spd. I.can swap diffs or keep 3.23 gear and what get another 4 spd trans? Adam how is that more cost effective to what already have? Adam time? So me pulling the old trans and bolting in the A833 is more time consuming thsn installing another whatever 4 spd, Dude i dont follow that rationale. Adam on the non OD A833, not so easy to find and they are not so cheap, unless you have 1 for me... I had considered this but why. At 70 mph turning 2800 rpm with my current 3.23, i dont want that. It is common knowledge on this forum.that Overdrive conversion are truly desirable and are a great benefit. Now as i suggested above, the focus of this thread is the A833 OD conversion. I do not wish to discuss other options please as this project moves forward.
  9. A 833 Trans Transplant Thread

    Good morning Merle Oh i have the calculators and know what The RPMs tire size , gearing etc. But real world data is best. There are those who say 1800 to 2000 RPM for level ground cruising with an overdrive and those who say the powerband and optimal range is 2400 to 2800 RPM. Im leaning towards 2000 to 2200 at 65 to 70 mph. Below 2000 might be tough on the engine even in flat country as per aerodynamic resistance.....
  10. A 833 Trans Transplant Thread

    As mentioned in a post prior Greg G and Merle menioned gearing and appropriate cruising RPM Merle has a 3.73 and truck 4spd and Greg has a 4.11 rearend and car 3spd both non OD transmissions. Both are happy with there combos, although 4.11 for my needs is way too low running at 60 mph and 3100 RPM is not where i want to be, Greg is okay with his. Now when considering overdrive and gear ratios we need to consider cruising RPM efficiency. Im shooting for 2000 RPM at 60 to 65 mph. These engines are often at peak torque at 1650 rpm, so what is the lowest rpm.they should run at without bogging and being a problem...
  11. A 833 Trans Transplant Thread

    Okay, so Greg G. and Merle brought up a legit concern with going into an Overdrive, specifically with respect to diff gearing. Now if you are using something like a .86 over drive, then my current 3.23 gears would be fine, but my A833 is .71, so with a tired flathead 6 it could be a cause for concern. I will be doing the install of the A833 first, before considering what final gears I might need in my situation, but thinking no less than 3.55 and possibly 3.73. I have no doubt with a .71 OD and 3.23 would be weak on hills and high head winds, cruising on level ground at 65-70 mph would be fine. I do have a modern Mopar 8 1/4 diff open drive 3.23, new seals, bearing on the axles, drums brakes etc, so would like to keep it, and swap the crown and pinion. They do not have OEM 3.73, they have 3.55 and 3.91, aftermarket has 3.73, nothing in aftermarket is all that cheap. Converting to posi is fine with it all apart... So have 2 choices, if 3.23 doesn't cut it, swap in another diff, or swap gears in mine....
  12. A 833 Trans Transplant Thread

    Greg, there are regular 4 spd A833s, mostly muscle cars of the 60s early 70s, cast iron units, very pricey, they have much tighter gear spreads. The overdrive versions are of 2 types, trucks .71 and cars .73, with 1st to 3rd identical on both cars and trucks. Aftermarket gears, and trans parts can be had from Jamie Passon or Brewers...
  13. A 833 Trans Transplant Thread

    Your 3.55 ratio is not up to task perhaps a 3.73 would be better, even 3.90s ...you have a heavy truck. Now your present 3.55 diff, when shifting from 3rd to 4th (1:1) your RPM drops to 1650 approx, from 2800 RPM in 3rd. Now if this was a 3.73 diff it would drop to 1750 in 4th (1:1), this should be fine as it is with many others on this forum. Your Truck is heavy, how much does it weigh? Is your engine a bit down in power or under powered? Merle has a 218, 4 spd and 3.73 rearend in a 108 inch WB truck, and has no issues accelerating or cruising at 65 mph...
  14. A 833 Trans Transplant Thread

    Jeff here is a link to Passon Performance, parts, transmissions etc, Jamie is a great guy very dedicated to this trans and will answer questions too. The A833 has a regular non 4spd trans, all cast iron 2 versions 1 super heavy duty for the likes of the 426 Hemi. https://www.passonperformance.com/ Now the A833 1974-85, is a slightly lighter duty trans, all aluminum case for the cars and truck trans had a cast iron tailshaft, all had Hurst shifters of various types and sizes suited to intended applications. The downside on the "cast iron non OD 4spd" is the price they are pricey, and it the class of the T10 and Muncie Rock Crusher transmissions. Your current trans most likely from 2nd to 3rd (approx3.08) then 1.68, I have no idea why this is an issue in your case, as it is certainly not in mine, with 3.23 gears I might add. I have a bit of an issue going from 3rd to 4th, where sometimes I might be little low on RPM say heading into the wind or going up hill in 3rd at 2500 RPM and going into 4th it may drop back to 1500 RPM at 40 mph, then acceleration might be down a bit. Now my engine is a 228, is tired, so could be an issue too. But 2nd to 3rd, no issues with acceleration whatsoever...
  15. A 833 Trans Transplant Thread

    Closer to the driver and to the bench seat, but no issues for shifting and position. The stock 4 spd is right on top of the trans and further ahead about 6 inches. No problem as it would be with other transmissions with a tail shaft shifter. Don't forget these were used in pickup trucks with bench seats (my trans is such), in Diplomat cars and in the vans there shifter is quite a bit forward on its mount. This Hurst truck shifter works great and is built tough... This is not something I invented, it's an AoK adapter, and 200 have been sold and many in operation all in cars and trucks with bench seats too.