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  1. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    Thanx Tim for clearing this up, yes anyone who may believe only 8 cam profiles were manufactured and used is either quite misinformed or downright delusional. Being this thread was created for discussions on the Industrial engines, cam profiles and heads would be many. I of course against better historical judgement should have added in as a Blog, and like Tim, do not want to participate on this forum on a regular basis. Small Block Chevys, geesh that the best one could come up with.....
  2. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    There may have very well been more than 8 cam profiles for the 230 engine alone. Cars truck, from the start of this engines reign until it's end. The industrial applications, the Agriculture applications, the 2 bbl and higher compression applications the 1960s versions of this engine...
  3. Flathead six identification

    1960 Dodge truck engines 230 ci, 23 inch, and most likely 8 to 1 compression and could be near a 130 hp. http://www.t137.com/registry/help/otherengines/19581968engines.html
  4. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    And here is the biggest perplexing circumstance that I cannot explain why or what is the cause. When I was redoing y duals exhausts mufflers, fund with straight pipes or especially 1 muffler on and 1 off. The result is the engine would spin Check this out at 16 seconds, spinning 4500 RPM with a stock engine and cam, dual carbs and exhaust though. I will attach a screen shot too
  5. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    My Old slug from a dead stop to 60 mph.. 3.23 gears, 228 old and tired and dual/duals.
  6. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    Thats not bad at all, think its better than my 228 with dual carbs and exhaust, its a tired engine, and I got 3.23 gears. I hope to have my 265 in next year, should do a whole lot better than the 228. Nice set-up yall got there...
  7. fluid drive downshifts

  8. fluid drive downshifts

    I will post the diagrams in a few minutes
  9. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    some of the industrial engines are cammed for lower rpm and max torque. I have no idea which engines would get what. Some are also supposed to be low compression, but they all are for the most part. What kind of take off acceleration do you have and what type of highway speed are you cruising at? Can you keep up with in town modern day traffic?
  10. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    Like a baffle, so oil is not sucked in fast?
  11. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    Oh okay really? Old hemi or modern, if old going front style mounts? I almost did an LA 318/A904 swap, still wonder if I made a mistake not going that route yet....LOL 7 blade fan too much? Too much what noise or resistance, I also have a 6 blade fan and have wondered if I should toss it...
  12. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    So you are running this engine in the truck? If so how is it, the RPM range etc? Most industrial engines are cammed for lower RPM and lower RPM max torque....im gathering...
  13. Electronic distributor

    Mopar all the way, Slant 6 conversion, No pertronix....
  14. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    Here is the IND 265 head and a late 50s 250 truck head, other than CC volume and depth I see very little CC design differences.
  15. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    Here is a typical power curve graph for the Chrysler Industrial 265