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  1. Oil Pan Removal, Engine in Car. '53 Windsor 265.

    I always ran detergent oils, never had a problem even before the engines pans were cleaned out. Not sure how much stock I put into the non detergent claim, heck detergent oil has been around a long time. Hey but there are all kinds of "oil stories" out there. Here is my oil pan from my 228 Fargo engine, bottom end was quite clean, and not much sludge in the pan...
  2. Edmonds Head qestions and problems

    Thanx OAD refreshing when accurate and reliable info is presented. Yes George Ache Carbs are King. Have a matched set and his custom linkage well built and great prices..
  3. Forced Induction Turbo/Super Charger Thread

    Well of course, but knowing it can be blasted to a higher RPM might assure its okay blasting to 4500 rpm on bursts for short periods of time. Here is my well worn out 228 revving to 4000 RPM easily.
  4. Forced Induction Turbo/Super Charger Thread

    This is an area I have no idea. But having said this, these engines can spin to 5000 RPM without adverse affects, as long as the bottom end is in good shape. Now this is the words of renowned Mopar Flathead engine builder George Asche Jr., this RPM he quoted is without any modifications to the crank or bearing shells. Now a Turbo boosted engine, might create further load and pressure along with the RPM, I really don't know. But revving to 4500 should be no issues, and keeping Boost moderate and in perspective. Maybe Mc Cullough had an Issue with Mopar period and marketed their products as such...
  5. Forced Induction Turbo/Super Charger Thread

    Your redline can be safely increased to 4500 to 5000 RPM with a healthy stock bottom end.
  6. Forced Induction Turbo/Super Charger Thread

    Fantastic looking forward to your build..
  7. Forced Induction Turbo/Super Charger Thread

    Great look forward to your builds Gents. Please fo post along the way, then we can all learn something. I'm hoping someone who has already done this on say a 230 or 265 can post some real world results and data with respect to HP, torque, and performance....
  8. Forced Induction Turbo/Super Charger Thread

    Some have seen this on U tube. We wont be prejudicial as it is a Stude engine
  9. Forced Induction Turbo/Super Charger Thread

    Hey all, This thread will discuss and illustrate Chrysler Flathead 6 Turbocharging and Blowers. I know very little about this topic and would like to learn more. What works what doesnt. Draw through, blow through, PSI, waste gates inter coolers piping and carbs etc. Add your comments, pics, videos etc. I will post some pics and videos l8ter in the thread too. I did a seatch and not a meaningful amount of discussion and/ or projects have been undertaken...
  10. Shaving a 218 head vs. a standard 230 head?

    Kool is that what Jibjobb has I wonder? I was just kidding with the 0 to 60...lol Believe me my 228 is not so fast. I am hoping he has a comparison from before and after..
  11. Shaving a 218 head vs. a standard 230 head?

    On what a 201? 0 to 60 in 60 seconds .....lol Okay relate to our viewers the difference in measurable terms if possible...
  12. Shaving a 218 head vs. a standard 230 head?

    Your not intruding, mate. Just thought maybe you had a different idea as comparing to a stock head CC...
  13. Shaving a 218 head vs. a standard 230 head?

    Help in what way as its not stock. Its a nice head no doubt. Note the sparkplug hole position as compared to stock...
  14. Shaving a 218 head vs. a standard 230 head?

    Okay yall, have a looksy at this IND 265 head, its chambers are huge, the 265 has the "holy grail" of all strokes, its the Mopar Flathead King of stroke. Now this head placed onto a 228 would lower compression big time. Facts, when you increase stroke, and thr CC (head) remains the same, you increase compression. This is not Fargo's armchair opinion, its Automotive engineering fact, Google it and see. Tim Kings bury already documented on the other thread, that there are many many head designs, and compression ratios for these engines, from the early lower types, industrial type, and later high compression types.
  15. 55 ply 23" to 1947 25" engine swap question

    Nope off a 47 chrysler