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    1926 ford model T (with a double dip dodge front axle), 32 Ford sedan, Single seat 1940's race car with a flathead dodge motor

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    Been around old cars my whole life. Mostly old Fords but I have a few buddys that turned me on to ol
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    Black Hawk S.d>
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    Old cars.
  1. Splitting exhaust manifold

    I started a build thread but my photos are to large to post so I need to figure that out .
  2. Splitting exhaust manifold

    Just the route I want to go. I have built several sets of headers, so dont have a problem doing that. Just want to build a car that someone would have built with junkyard parts in the 40s-50s.
  3. Splitting exhaust manifold

    Going to split a cast iron manifold.
  4. Splitting exhaust manifold

    Because I'm doing this on the cheap and I'm trying to keep it as close to a late forties early fifties period correct build as possible.
  5. Splitting exhaust manifold

    Thats Kool!!!!!
  6. Splitting exhaust manifold

    Im building a single seat speedster and am going to run a 230. So being a hotrod sort of thing I would like to run duels.
  7. Splitting exhaust manifold

    I did a search and found several posts but didnt find what I was looking for. Does anyone have a picture tutorial of how they did it.
  8. D24 Interior Trim Painted in Wood Grain

    Hand woodgraining is an art. On my other project I had the garnish moldings Hydro dipped. There are thousands of different colors and patterns so finding one for the mopar might take awhile but I'm sure theres one out there.
  9. Id-L-do Special

    Yes Sir it is a very nice place to grow up/live in. Just big enough to get almost everything you need and small enough a guy can get away and not see another person all day long.
  10. Id-L-do Special

    Looks to be the original engine in the old mail van then.
  11. Id-L-do Special

    Thanks Jack. I have an apple, there is a way to resize but I'm tech challenged so I will have to work on that.
  12. Id-L-do Special

    I grew up in Piedmont right in the middle of Rapid City and Sturgis. I graduated high School from Sturgis many many moons ago. I saw quite a few flat track races growing up. The tracker is an 81 xs650 street tracker that I built several years ago and it never gets ridden.
  13. Id-L-do Special

    I got my numbers off the block today can anyone tell me what this means M23starI5I66star? The capital letter I is in the sequence not a number 1. Does M stand for Military?
  14. Id-L-do Special

    Well my build thread is a bit slow. Tried to post a few pictures but there to big to load so i have to figure out how to make them smaller.
  15. Id-L-do Special

    I joined the forum last week. I started a new project last year. So my Idea was to build a late 1940s early 1950s single seat race car so I thought I would back track and start fresh and start a build thread.To this point I have bough very little, most of the parts have been scrounged here and there for many years. The heart of the project will be a 1959 Dodge L head six. So I'll get started.So this is a 22-23 Dodge Roadster cowl that will be the basis for the project. I found this laying in the woods in the Black Hills of South Dakota.