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  1. Thank you! That helps a lot. I am from Berlin/Brandenburg, we have a few Stores and Pages but more for GM related stuff, old Mopars are pretty rare. it would be boring if it was not difficult.
  2. Maybe we get it wrong here. I just need to know: are the original rims from 1948 for 45° or 60° bolts/nuts? Because i have seen 45° and 60° bolts/nuts. I was told the axle is out of 69 Charger Small Block but who knows and the studs are the same on both sites, no left-hand thread. So you say they are 60° right? And sorry here in germany we have no big box stores and we take it very carefully here 😉 greetings
  3. hi, i put a 8 1/4 axle in my 1948 plymouth and use the stock rims. The studs are 1/2-20 thread but what angle do i need? 45° or 60°. By looking at the old lug bolts... it should be 45° but i am not sure. Maybe someone has a link to a topic where I can read this. Thanks Patterson
  4. Hi, i have found not much about the dimensions of leaf springs but i read once that the Plymouth/Chrysler leaf springs from 1949-1952 have the same dimensions like the springs from 1940-1948, only that they are flatter. I am asking because the springs from 1949 - 1952 are cheaper not at oldmoparts.com there they cost both the same. Does anyone know anything about it? Greetings from Germany
  5. I think thats a very good solution with the 525 and not so expensive, if i have enough space... After a detailed search I have found some pictures from the cavalier rack and pinion setups, also intresting... i have found a manual rack and pinion from vw T3 or ford sierra... maybe i can make that work in mine but i have to be careful to geht a german registration... Keeping the original steering wheel is also my goal... with or without the original steering column. I have heart that the "aftermarket" spline from flaming river 11/16 36 and that could be the same as original... greets Patrick
  6. @junkers72: do you have pictures from the mounted box and steering?
  7. Thank you guys! Yes space is a big theme but i am a big fan of poly engines, specially second generation with torqueflight transmissions. I was thinking about an Vega style steering box because they are smaller. But the 525 manual box is also an option... I need to find out the dimensions of the steering boxes...
  8. hello, my name is Patrick from Berlin and i am buliding a 1948 plymouth 4 door, it gets a 318 poly engine from 1964, a904 transmission and a chrysler 7 1/4 rear axle... I want to use the engine mount kit from butchs cool stuff and want the engine in center, no offset to the passenger side... so i can´t use the stock steering gear and column... so i need a smaller steering box, at best with the same output shaft spline, so i can use the stock piman arm... I am sure that somebody did it in the past, i searched the topics but i have find not much. greets Patrick
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