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  1. First restoration project

    Dpollo and Darrgame, I’ll be doing just that. Thank you
  2. First restoration project

    Thanks for all the imput so far guys. I’m going to check it out more today and clean him up a little bit. My wife named him Winston already
  3. First restoration project

    Thanks I should have known that.
  4. First restoration project

    How do I do that?
  5. First restoration project

    Thanks 46Ply, I did some research already and did figure that much out, the owner sold it as a 47 delux. Nearly complete? The visor is in the back seat, original keys in glove box, and spare in the trunk. What am I missing? I am however missing the right side front fender Crome piece
  6. First restoration project

    Hea gearheads, I just picked up a whopper of a project and would like to get input from y’all about what to do first. I know that there are big decisions to make first like wether to restore back to factory and keep all original or to do what I want for improvements. I picked up a 1948 Dodge 4 door sedan custom and know it needs a lot of work. It is all original and has been sitting in a field for about 15 years. Any input or advice would be greatly appeared.