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  1. First restoration project

    I’m leaning towards a more creative and updated interior. I’m keeping the foam and batting from the seats, the armrests will be redone more plush and door panels will match the seat colors with original accents and a touch of hardwood
  2. First restoration project

    A couple days of MMO and vacuumed out the plug holes, I’m able to turn the motor by hand. All the linkage from carb to gas pedal is broke free and am able to control the carb inside the cab with the pedal and throttle knob. I still got to get that broke plug out but am doing what I can.
  3. First restoration project

    Best I got is a propane torch so going to have to wait a while. PB blaster is always better but it’s burrued in my garage. We just moved back to Washington and half of our stuff is still in boxes in the garage.
  4. First restoration project

    Thank you, it snapped below.
  5. First restoration project

    i got all pistons soaking with Marvel mystery oil. Still have number 3 with threads in the hole from the broken plug. I think im just going to pull the engine and do a full rebuild at this point. If I need to pull the head off anyway I may as well keep going. Any thoughs?
  6. First restoration project

    I have been taking a lot of pictures along the way, of course all to big to post here without editing first but I’ll post what I can
  7. First restoration project

    Lol, already have
  8. First restoration project

    Got the passenger hood open after soaking all night, 4/6 plugs broke free with no problem, 1 still froze (soaking), and 1 disintegrated leaving the threads in the head
  9. First restoration project

    I got the passenger side hood hinges soaking in WD-40 because it won’t open. The plugs are also soaking. Once I get the other hood open I’ll pull the plugs out and put the light oil in the cylinders. Yea all the upholstery is shot. aside from color matching, should I save any of it for any reason?
  10. First restoration project

    Day 1 I hand washed him and tore out the headliner. Spend a good couple hours cleaning the floor and trunk, filled up the tires and hopefully they hold for a little bit.
  11. First restoration project

    Dpollo and Darrgame, I’ll be doing just that. Thank you
  12. First restoration project

    Thanks for all the imput so far guys. I’m going to check it out more today and clean him up a little bit. My wife named him Winston already
  13. First restoration project

    Thanks I should have known that.
  14. First restoration project

    How do I do that?
  15. First restoration project

    Thanks 46Ply, I did some research already and did figure that much out, the owner sold it as a 47 delux. Nearly complete? The visor is in the back seat, original keys in glove box, and spare in the trunk. What am I missing? I am however missing the right side front fender Crome piece