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    Lake county ca
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    Getting the bug for old vintage dodge, “lord help me”
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    1958 Tucker 443 sno-cat & new to me a 48 B1-FA

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    I was born in the sixties and like restoring old vehicle's
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    Heavy equipment mechanic


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    Lake county
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    Old Dodge trks

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  1. Cordell

    Clements BBQ raffle

    Ok Keven I we’ll keep my Eye open for some instruments and speedo what’s the dead line for getting them to ya.? It’s a little muddy out there in the wrecking yards right now.
  2. Any of you guys know How much compression do you need to fire the motor 130 lbs.??
  3. Ok my rule is to get one thing a week done on truck, 48 B1-f.so here we go 52 items completed a year. air up tires rebuild light switch choke cable water pump replace new rock auto $34. Thanks for that pilot house members. lube every cable switch and latch & pivot point all is good now. More to go. at this rate I might have a good truck in a year. that was last week.
  4. Hay I have some gauges for you. would you like them sent up! Ya ok I know you can’t wait lol

  5. Looking for headliner kit 48 b 1

  6. Cordell


    I have a b1-FA looks same the rear end makes it an A after the F. F is a 14500 lbs it doesn’t have wing windows but a chrome gril so that’s next letter the cab has a # left fire wall engine bay up high cowling. Ps. These trucks can have four different rear ends and ratios that should help when in parts book the rear axle shaft has number on out side where it bolts to hub.
  7. Cordell


    I like the chrome gril
  8. Cordell

    1948 Dodge B1F

    nice truck was red the factory color? i just found a 48 B1-f that is dark green in all not one dent. i hope it cleans up well and looks as sharp as yours! 😥

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