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    Lake county ca
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    Getting the bug for old vintage dodge, “lord help me”
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    1958 Tucker 443 sno-cat & new to me a 48 B1-FA

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    I was born in the sixties and like restoring old vehicle's
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    Heavy equipment mechanic


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    Lake county
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    Old Dodge trks

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  1. Well from the sound of your last three words is you have some fuel line restriction rust, crushed fuel line, and or sized advance fly weights in distributor. Just saying?
  2. 62E0DE6A-CFFD-42FE-96FE-89993353F51F.jpeg.7cd568bcb0988e2524db3f427ad86ca4.jpeg

    1. Cordell


      Snow cat block 65 years old and 3245 miles it’s like brand new in side

  3. Brent, it was a great day Saturday, meeting you. Thanks for all the info on old dodge trucks, and the passion on the old b1 48 thru 51 are the truck I fell in love with, and I found people that like them as much as I do. 

    Cant wait to cross paths again, and would always like to here from you any time you want to talk trucks. you have a lot of good knowledge of them and I hope your available to talk about them when I need some help with the old  b1s, here is my work# 707 431 six seven 4 one Monday thru Thursday 6:30-5:00 pm or C# 707 349 nine six 7 one.  Any time I’m not at work. 

    And thanks again to You and Julie for the ride to Lodi, be blessed and stay safe. Cordell

    remember I’m a good parts hunter! Lol “smile”

    1. Brent B3B

      Brent B3B

      thanks Cordell, that is very kind of you to say. I look forward to seeing more of your build/s.

      Next year you guys will need to arrive a little earlier (before folks start leaving :))  


    2. Cordell


      The over cast was holding me back next time I’m bringing my truck and camper that we’ll solve a lot I’m heading to nearby junk yard that is shutting down to see if I can save a couple of trucks from the crusher in the next week or two! If they aren’t already? Be safe.

  4. I would love to come and meet some of you old timers “ you can learn more in one day from old timer then from a month of reading a book” so I we’ll see ya there! So what is needed for the bbq. Meat type I wold like to help out and cook it in an old dodge truck if possible. And I’m a really good nut and bolt turner! And a straight eye sight. To boot! Can’t wait.
  5. Ok guys I’ve been doing the string method for years! Put a thumb tack in rear tires with string tied to itcenter of tread and center of rim, pull string tight to front tires just tuch rear sidewall of front tire and measure front front sidewall of tire to string do the same thing on other side adjust till both sides have an 1/8 tow-in on both sides works in air or on ground. It also let’s you know if the back axle is in straight also just look down string line
  6. This is the best topic I seen on the flatly had the same problem. I’m going to try Kroy oil
  7. Great truck, I have the same truck I’m thinking of taking some 19.5 wheel from an f550 and cut the ford wheel off of rim and weld the center part of the dodge 5 lug on the 19.5 wheel then I can put 245/70x19.5 on also Vic’s dodge garage,
  8. Ok Keven I we’ll keep my Eye open for some instruments and speedo what’s the dead line for getting them to ya.? It’s a little muddy out there in the wrecking yards right now.
  9. Any of you guys know How much compression do you need to fire the motor 130 lbs.??
  10. Ok my rule is to get one thing a week done on truck, 48 B1-f.so here we go 52 items completed a year. air up tires rebuild light switch choke cable water pump replace new rock auto $34. Thanks for that pilot house members. lube every cable switch and latch & pivot point all is good now. More to go. at this rate I might have a good truck in a year. that was last week.
  11. Hay I have some gauges for you. would you like them sent up! Ya ok I know you can’t wait lol

  12. Looking for headliner kit 48 b 1

  13. Cordell


    I have a b1-FA looks same the rear end makes it an A after the F. F is a 14500 lbs it doesn’t have wing windows but a chrome gril so that’s next letter the cab has a # left fire wall engine bay up high cowling. Ps. These trucks can have four different rear ends and ratios that should help when in parts book the rear axle shaft has number on out side where it bolts to hub.
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