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    Cache Valley Cruise In

    https://cvcacruisein.com/ Look in to it... They have a swap meet and a 3 day car show and cruise night every ticket purchased goes in a drawing for a car... This year its a restored 67 nova II
  2. palmersparts

    Electric cooling fans

    Just wondering how many, if any of you guys are running electric cooling fans? Ive seen numerous claims on the amount of HP that a fan takes. If you are can you post pics.. Thanks
  3. palmersparts

    Happy birthday to me

    Why does a flat 6 with a blower or something like montana dodge boys do sound like a good option to drop in that car..... i admit i agree with rosco i don't mind the wheels... congrats on another year and a nice purchase....
  4. palmersparts

    Cranbrook Stumbled Upon - Now What?

    Package deal for $2000 with trailer?? need to see pics of the trailer too....
  5. palmersparts

    Hint of spring

    Got over 8 more inches of the white crap... Very tired of it... Pflaming send some warm weather my way please
  6. palmersparts

    Carburetor Blues

    If they could just remember where they left em and bring em back once in a while.. wait till they go talk to grandpa and line up more car projects for you...
  7. palmersparts

    Welding uh-ohs

    Stitch weld ... weld a inch here, move 8 inches and weld another inch... this helps keep the panel from getting to much heat in one spot and warping... flux core is difficult.. but it can be done.. turn the heat up a little those welds look a tad cold..... if the puddle gets too hot and looks like its going to fall out let off the trigger and move down the seam then come back. oh CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN....
  8. palmersparts

    Loose carb screws

    Ive often wondered if this happens when we dont drive em for a while and the gaskets dryout and shrink.. then they gets fuel and swell again but not to the same point as before.... I cant prove this but ive wondered about it having it happen on may diffrent engines
  9. palmersparts

    Off topic hobbies

    I have my general ham radio license.. I putter with it off and on as time allows, my radios are in the shop so i frequency scan while im in there working..
  10. palmersparts

    Heater issues

    Dpollo is right some of those models didnt have flow control valves you adjusted the heat with fan speed and the window crank..
  11. palmersparts

    F-headed Mopar sixes

    wow now thats a blast cabinet i want..... that kicks the crap out of the harbor freight hundred dollar special I have to use...
  12. palmersparts

    Cache Valley Cruise In

  13. palmersparts

    Cache Valley Cruise In

  14. palmersparts

    F-headed Mopar sixes

    Thanks jack, that's exactly what i ment and i wasnt looking to stir the pot. i have built gm ford and now mopar... but none of em ever followed the normal build sheet or specs. Thats why i will be reworking the 218 in the 52 cambridge.
  15. palmersparts

    F-headed Mopar sixes

    I've always been one to be differ ent.. I too am glad to see people with some imagination. On a few other projects Ive done i keep getting the " just buy a 350 and be done with it". That's getting to be just like the new cookie cutter cars with no personality of today.. Back in highschool I built a SBC but it wasnt a 350, i built a 305 (you know the block everyone else threw away) I built it for bottom end torque and put it in a full size blazer.. I could pull with the 350s and got 4-8 MPG better... Sometimes you just got to do it your way and hope for the best and laugh at the rest..
  16. palmersparts

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    judging from the bikes on the front bumper im saying the pic is late 70's-mid 80s
  17. palmersparts

    The Venerable Slant 6 vs Our Beloved Flathead 6s

    A buddy of mine had a s-6 in a volare in high school... it wasnt anything to write home about it got crummy mileage for a 6 it had no power and was just a dog (dang electric choke).. but i dont know how many miles it had either... on the other hand i have worked on may s-6 chryslers in many industrial applications from case combines john deere swathers fire pumps generator sets etc etc and they seem to live forever
  18. palmersparts

    New to forum

    I was wondering the same thing.... where do they all find these things???
  19. palmersparts

    Scare of my life.

    Precision parking without the help of computers, abs, 4wheel steering or any of that new fangled stuff they have com up with and used as marketing schemes in the last 50 years
  20. palmersparts

    Rookie question - water pump

    Sorry but IMHO NFL just a waste of time that i could be working on something real.. people say you need to drink beer n watch the nfl its more enjoyable that way... naw id rather drink beer and work in the shop....
  21. palmersparts

    Engine Replacement

    Knuckleharley is right. Ive seen it done on a road grader while the engine was still installed. The machine was only offline for 1.5 days..
  22. palmersparts

    52 ply pics

    Looks to me like i need to give keith a wish/partslist and send him some tools.....
  23. palmersparts

    52 ply pics

    Ok guys im hoping for an early spring so i can go get her off the hill were she has been for over 40 years and out of the sagebrush and weeds! But i did manage to get to her and get some pics. Time wasn't on my side tho as you can see a storm was coming so i only got a few....
  24. palmersparts

    50 Coronet project

    Dont get a cold or have to cough.... it kills ive been thru it its no fun...
  25. palmersparts

    First restoration project

    boy this looks familiar i have 2 broke off the same way in my 218 i havent pulled the others yet i cleaned around them and put some saok on em.. i may have 6 broke the same way in the end... let us know how it works out

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