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  1. New Year Resolutions

    Ive got way too many projects.. Like P.A. i too am working on a house remodel that seems to be a never ending process.. A wife nagging at me to work on her car. A v-8 that needs the last touches before i put it in the 57. And a new MOPAR project. I'm hoping to keep working on the house (sheetrock, insulation, plumbing etc etc.) until spring gets here. Then we are going to go in the garage/shop and have a major cleaning session so i can get back to working on some of these car projects. Id like to put a drain in front of the garage and pour a new approach. Id also like to get the plymouth moved to a better location to work on it. Then get the engine out,torn down and if deemed worthy taken to the machinist.... wow all this and still raise 2 kids and keep a full time job..
  2. Electric cooling fans

    Just wondering how many, if any of you guys are running electric cooling fans? Ive seen numerous claims on the amount of HP that a fan takes. If you are can you post pics.. Thanks
  3. Building a Garage...Input Appreciated

    I took 1 corner in mine and made a welding /grinding area for smaller removable parts and sheeted the walls and ceiling with tin and then put one of those freight curtians, you know the plastics ones that hang down in strips, on a rail so i can move it. it helps control the sparks and debris... also helps on the fire control. ALSO FIRE EXTINGUISHERS AND I MEAN MORE THEN 1!!! I say in floor heat and make the doors wide... 10 is nice
  4. 1946 P15 3-speed # 853880-29 tranny bearings

    Good to know... most of us will at some point in time need bearings.. keep us posted once you get em and let us know how it all works out...
  5. Carb info

    sheesh i was going to offer $13.50 for one...
  6. Cheap 218 in Idaho

    Knuckle she is already wondering just how nuts we are for even thinking about doing this car.... she would be much happier if i was working on her mustang.. She doesnt understand, sometimes things come to a standstill and sometimes you have to back off, re think and re evaluate.. her mustang runs and Im just not in the mood right now to do the interior... any ways remember ford is a 4 letter F word... anyways back to the original question.... can a hydrive be made into a standard with out a bunch of problems???
  7. Cheap 218 in Idaho

    Ok correct me if im wrong.. (dont worry the wife does it all the time) cant you take the fluid drive bell housing and flywheel off and put the standard stuff on and make it all work??? that engine is about 700 miles round trip for me..... I wonder if the wife is up for a road trip
  8. Game plan

    Having been off work a couple of days. Spending some time on the phone with dad, we have started to come up with a game plan for the 52 cambridge.. The problems with putting the 315 we have in seem to be more then we want to tackle so it will keep a 6cyl flattie! Seeings as its stuck and has over 100K on it it will go to the machine shop for an overhaul. So that leads to some questions. Is the difference between the 218 and the 230 worth looking for a crank and rods to swap in? also how much can you take off the head and block to bump the compression.. in the long run it would get the mini hei distributor, possible a split set of headers, and hopefully O/D and or rearend swap. Once i get a chance to get back to dads (thats where she is for now) Im going to pull the plugs and fill the cylinders with some kind of soak and then play the waiting game.. I will try and get some pics for you guys too
  9. Throttle, choke, head light knobs

    Glass half empty/ Glass half full don't both means its time for a beer run??? all joking aside we all have a car budget,to some guys that means a couple grand a month, (i wish) some of us work more on a couple hundred a month or less. In my case its done more for the love of working on something simple with my dad and my kids. I always have a list of parts needed for the next step or 10-steps down the road even.. On thing my dad told me the other day that seems to be sticking with me...." you need 3 things to make this work time, energy and money, hope you can get 2 out of 3!" Im hoping with his time & my kids energy this will get done....... oh crap that means im the money... I may have to re think things
  10. Game plan

    Thanks dozerman !!! I saw a head for sale the other day that was milled 50ths thats why i wondered how far was safe to go... i milled a set of heads on a skidoo years ago.. when it didn't want to turn over smooth with the heads torqued on, i pulled em back off and could see marks when the piston was touching the head at TDC.... luckily the old head gaskets hadn't been thrown away... i put double head gaskets on it and made it run... but learned a very valuable lesson...
  11. Game plan

    any one know what they did to gain the extra 35 hp??? in some of my reading i see 52 timing was tdc and the newer ones advanced the timing!! but there has to be more then just a timing bump.....
  12. 52 carb help

    Thanks dpollo!
  13. 52 carb help

    What is the correct carb for my stock 52 cambridge?? Carter??? what model and what years did it fit?? thanks
  14. Wow, ive owned campers and lived in apartments with less sq footage then that thing has.. one thing is for sure!! that isnt a cookie cutter car like you see on the road now.... and im betting it would be the only one in town
  15. Questions questions questions

    half atf and half acetone? as in acetone you get from the paint and body store? how long do you leave it in?? ive used plain old dot 3 brake fluid down the plug holes on stuck tractor engines with decent results...
  16. 52 Cambridge help

    Back when i was in high school there was a stack of old books on the ag shop table... they where remnants of the long gone auto program.. i picked up a chilton and a motors manual from the early 50's era... i remember loaning one to a local parts man (he was working on a 53 plymouth) and i dont know if we ever got it back.. Ill have to go to dads and start looking.. Its amazing what comes to mind when some one else triggers it. thanks harold for reminding me..
  17. 52 Cambridge help

    Im new to the forum and need some help. I have been given a 52 cambridge 4dr. My dads dad bought it new in 52 from a local dealer for $495.00 (have the original title) dad drove it to college in 69-70 after wrecking his 62 biscayne. All i ever got told when as a kid i wanted to work on it was the engine had over 100K miles and was bad... fast forward 30-35 years and i have a daughter that wants that car.. i sent her to grandpa (my dad) and low and behold he went thru the estate papers and found us the original title from 52. (amazing what a granddaughters smile and puppy dog eyes can do). Any info anyone can tell me will help. I have wrenched for over 30 years, my dad has wrenched for over 50 years, I guess its time to bring another generation in to the fold.. oh its the 218 currently stuck with 3 on the tree.... ever heard of a 10yr old girl "WANTING 3 on the tree???" This vintage mopar is new to me....
  18. 52 Cambridge help

    I got a lil more info out of dad on what happened to the engine. apparently he was late getting back on the road to come home from college one winter day. He got in a hurry and put his foot in it. After about an hour of pushing it, it starter knocking/hammering. (100K plus miles, 10w oil for the winter and pushing it hmm...). He did say she floats along at 80 mph pretty good. He said he backed out of it and got home and when everything cooled down they changed oil in it and it ran without much noise but was never driven far from the farm after that. With this light shed on the subject i'm saying ill try and get it turning over then its going to the machine shop... Is there anyone that has a catalog for these old girls, like scott drake has for mustangs or classic parts does for my 57 pickup?? I have to say thanks in advance..