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  1. Rookie question - water pump

    Sorry but IMHO NFL just a waste of time that i could be working on something real.. people say you need to drink beer n watch the nfl its more enjoyable that way... naw id rather drink beer and work in the shop....
  2. Engine Replacement

    Knuckleharley is right. Ive seen it done on a road grader while the engine was still installed. The machine was only offline for 1.5 days..
  3. 52 ply pics

    Looks to me like i need to give keith a wish/partslist and send him some tools.....
  4. 50 Coronet project

    Dont get a cold or have to cough.... it kills ive been thru it its no fun...
  5. First restoration project

    boy this looks familiar i have 2 broke off the same way in my 218 i havent pulled the others yet i cleaned around them and put some saok on em.. i may have 6 broke the same way in the end... let us know how it works out
  6. Newbie Introduction

    farmall gas tank for the nosecone??? dang now i got to start looking at those junk tractors in a different light
  7. 52 ply pics

    Dartgame I inherited this car... my dads dad bought it brand new in 52 for $495. I was even given a copy of the original title.... I hope DMV lets me keep it.. I keep asking dad if there are any 52 license plates still floating around.. Idaho will let you have a vintage plate restored and with paying the proper fee register and use it..
  8. 52 ply pics

    Well ive got to move the 51 2ton chev truck thats parked in front of it dead 1st. Then we will see what happens, dads shop is a lil under 1/2 mile from where she is currently and its all dirt/sand road to the shop.. I have wondered about trying to move/drag it while there is still some ice and mud over the road... ill see what the end of the week brings one weather report says rain one says snow....
  9. https://www.ksl.com/classifieds/listing/45183431 I dont know seller
  10. First restoration project

    Wow maybe my interior isnt as bad as i thought.. work on the flathead make it run.. OH and have fun
  11. once again i know nothing about it.... nor do i know the owner but in my parts surfing i found it and thought i would put it out there.. https://www.ksl.com/classifieds/listing/41732607
  12. New Year Resolutions

    I understand completely... I don't know why but the wife's mustang is becoming a job. This builds character??? I guess grouchy, scar ridden & deaf all count as character.. I'll make it, we all have to remember in order to take the journey we have to take the first step and keep taking steps. Some days the step is getting on here and rekindling the excitment of doing what we all do with 50+ year old Iron.
  13. I dont know anything about it nor do i know the owner but here is a project https://www.ksl.com/classifieds/listing/50917833
  14. 52 ply pics

    the body is in decent shape. there is some rust in the panel below the trunk lid... But the interior is gone. When i got down there the other day the drivers window was down about 3 inches good news is i got it rolled back up. The back drivers door was open about 2 inches and the pass front door was open 1 click... i did get all of em closed but it was pretty damp inside... im betting i find the floorboards in need of patching... I remember as a kid being able to open the drivers door and climb in.... that was before the sagebrush got so tall.. The good news is the original keys are in the ignition and the switch did turn. I wonder if those old bias ply tube tires will hold air long enough to get it 1/2 mile to dads shop??
  15. 52 ply pics

    Ok guys im hoping for an early spring so i can go get her off the hill were she has been for over 40 years and out of the sagebrush and weeds! But i did manage to get to her and get some pics. Time wasn't on my side tho as you can see a storm was coming so i only got a few....