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  1. Anyone know of someone that casts plastics?

    I remember watching a show and they had recreated tail light lenses with a 3d printer.
  2. vacation

    Thank you I didn't know anything about a pass.
  3. vacation

    The trip will be over the last 2 weeks of July if anyone knows of any car shows or other events in those areas
  4. vacation

    We were just in KC over Christmas. We ate at a place called A Little BBQ Joint. It looked like a hole in the wall from the outside but it was excellent.
  5. vacation

    My family and I are planning a vacation road trip this summer from southeast MO to Mt Rushmore, to Yellowstone then to Colorado then back to southeast MO. Does anyone that lives or have been in those areas have any suggestions on other places to go and things to see?
  6. Building a Garage...Input Appreciated

    I would recommend installing radiant floor heat and as a plumber by trade I would also rough in for a bathroom. If local code allows for it.