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  1. Trevor

    Fluid drive

    Preferably copper..
  2. Trevor

    Fluid drive

    Been in enginering for many years and here working with couplers like the fluid drive concept.. over oiling causes problems .. oil levels are key..the method is 10 to or 10 past for oil levels.. in this case it would be 10 past where the plug is situated..
  3. Trevor

    Fluid drive

    Do not over fill fluid drive assembly.. it will leak.. just a suggestion..
  4. Trevor

    fuel gauge, 1937 Pymouth sedan

    Tank gauge voltage is very low.. you need to adjust that float level.. check it..
  5. Trevor


    Thank you for your input.. will do my best to not damage the glass..
  6. Trevor


    Hi.. correct.. many ways to kill a cat.. but lubrication is key.. I have stripped this car completely.. In the rebuilding phase.. have worked slowly on other vechiles and broken the glass.. Glass for the D24 is hard to get.. if not at all... I thank you for your input.. Believe patience prevails..
  7. Trevor


    Thanks.. I used nylon cord before.. here in SA the car window installers use steel cords.. Not going with that.. Will try myself with lude and nylon cord.. thank you..
  8. Trevor


    Thanks for your 2 cents.. better than 1 cent.. Only I work on this D24 of mine.. One does not know others workmanship.. often very shady..Will take your advice and go slowly.. Thanks for your input.. much appreciated..
  9. Trevor


    Got shop manual.. thanks.. other input is always of great value.. thanks a million..
  10. Trevor


    Hi.. true that any lube is key to the process.. will venture down that route with caution..
  11. Trevor


    Thanks for your input.. much appreciated..
  12. Trevor


    So true.. I will take your advice.. engine,gearbox,fluid drive,gearbox,diff and brakes all done.. got 95% of body parts.. love this car..
  13. Trevor


    Got it.. just thought tips would help.. I thank you for your input.. here in SA there is no help.. all vintage shops have closed.. am in the heart of the has beens.. battle in the dark.. haha but fun..
  14. Trevor


    Thanks.. much appreciated.. my D24 has a split windshield.. front not back.. 2 glass panels.. your input is most valued.. my rear is good.. just the front needs replacing..
  15. Trevor


    Sorry.. made an error.. new to the forum and system.. still need to know a safe way to install the windshield..

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