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    1951 Plymouth Cranbrook

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    45 years old
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    Marion, Ohio
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  1. Bleach1227

    New to forum

    Caledonia, north of Columbus @ 1hour.
  2. Bleach1227

    New to forum

    Ohio here. Waiting to warm up to check under seat covers.
  3. Bleach1227

    New to forum

    Few more pictures
  4. Bleach1227

    New to forum

    Picked up a "new to us 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook" for a steal. Did find old registration in glove box with same mileage currently on the car, so who knows how long it sat. Miraculously drained gas , rebuilt carb, changed oil, and battery and life returned. Does appear to possibly be the original 18000 miles, by the very little wear on interior parts. Could use some body and paint work. Will be keeping as original as possible. Been lurking around and figured it was time to introduce myself. Have found quite a bit of great information here. Thanks for your help.

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