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  1. Using Engine ID Number to Title Car

    Here is my experience: In 2016, California passed a law stating the there must be two places on the car with the vehicle ID if it comes from out of state for the DMV employee to verify. If not, you must take the car to the California Highway Patrol and have the VIN verified by one of their VIN certified officers, of have a VIN assigned by them. Then and only then will the California DMV issue a title. This is true even if you have the title from another state and it agrees with the VIN on the car. Annoying but true, have been through this twice in the last year, and CHP is an hour and a half away from me.
  2. R7 overdrive

    I bit the bullit and ordered a r10 with 40 gears from George. Great guy they don’t make them like that any more
  3. R7 overdrive

    My experience has been that a worn pilot bushing typically causes problems with direct, and not reduction gears, but what do I know?
  4. trunk hinge c25

    Need trunk hinges for my 1940 Windsor lid won't stay open and there is some sort of catch in the passenger side hinge that has seen much better days. Thanks
  5. R7 overdrive

    I thought about trying a small parts kit in mine but that seems a little intimidating. I would hate to have to pull it twice
  6. R7 overdrive

    I knew it was in the main box, I should have been more clear. I identified it as an r7 to designate which trans I have. Apparently, many years are interchangeable. I may hav found an r10 for a reasonable price, but I might just bite the bullet and buy a recon from George asche. After all, this thing is 77 years old thanks for your expertise
  7. R7 overdrive

    I need some transmission help for my 1940 c25 has an r7 overdrive and won’t hold second gear on decel anybody know how to find George asche? Thanks