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    Family, Vintage hot rods, the outdoors,
  1. MIHooper

    Gyromatic to BW T-85 3 speed

    Thanks for those suggestions!!! Def will look into them.
  2. MIHooper

    Gyromatic to BW T-85 3 speed

    Sorry no pics... 3MB size limit won’t let my iPhone pics upload . Once I can get that figured out... I’ll post for sure.
  3. MIHooper

    Gyromatic to BW T-85 3 speed

    Knuckle’s jab did make me laugh too lol
  4. MIHooper

    Gyromatic to BW T-85 3 speed

    For sure... and that is a route still under heavy consideration. Some do look slick as hell with the splits, 2 carb manifold, alum head etc.! thanks for taking the time to write back!
  5. MIHooper

    Gyromatic to BW T-85 3 speed

    I hear ya... and you’re for the most part, correct... and will keep everything for that very reason. However... big bucks and market for these aren’t “there” (yet) ; hell, concourse grade are only listed at $18k... and for me to have a chance to have a car of that year and not have to dump any money into body, chrome, glass, or the pristine interior and still get to hot rod it a bit... is just the opportunity I’ve been hunting. Now... don’t forget... and this takes your notes into account too... I’m all ears for community suggestions/ideas/recommendations. Thanks for taking the time to write, knuckle... I appreciate it!
  6. MIHooper

    Gyromatic to BW T-85 3 speed

    Picked up a really nice 51 Coronet Gyromatic w/ 230 Flathead. I’m 3rd owner, 10K original miles. Looking to put in a Gen 1 hemi and a vintage BW T-85 3 speed column shift.... more or less trying to make it a 50s correct Hot Rod. (Yes... doing up the Flathead is still in consideration ). Question is, will I have to replace the whole column or will the column for the Gyromatic be able to link right up? I’m thinking no as the column for the Gyromatic has R, 1(H&L) & 2(H&L)... and nothing for a 3rd gear. Yup... I’m THAT guy... so my apologies if someone has to explain or revisit AGAIN. Thanks for any help!!! Tips on 50s correctness are welcomed too! Again, thanks & happy upcoming New Year! hoop

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