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    1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4 doors sedan

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    Living in Cairo since 20 years. First time doing a car
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    Cairo Egypt
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    Old-timers - Hod Rods - Rat Rods

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  1. 1949 Plymouth super deluxe 4 doors

    Great work! Do you have a picture from the unrestored or restored frame from the front? Thanks
  2. 1949 Plymouth super deluxe 4 doors

    Thanks DJ - just came back from X-mas holidays. Going to print it and checking on my car tomorrow. I ordered the manual, but have to wait for it coming from US to Cairo for a while I think... Greatings
  3. 1949 Plymouth super deluxe 4 doors

    Thanks for the positive reply. Put some more detaild pictures up...
  4. Looking for pictures of a 1949 Plymouth Chassis to rebuild mine. At the pictures you can see why...