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  1. thisoldtruck

    Cylinder Corrosion

    Nice job! I'm glad they were able to spray weld that all out. Laser cladding that block would have been another alternative. But if your doing that, might as well heat treat the cylinder walls with the same laser. With that, you'd never have to deal with cylinder wear again! But, I don't have a money tree in my back yard either....LOL!
  2. thisoldtruck

    Chevy Parts in a Mopar Flathead

    I've heard of people taking valves out of say a Chevy 327 and installing them into a 230 or 251 Mopar flat head engine. But then I always come back to, why? Why...when you can buy new parts for any of these flat head sixes for very low cost to begin with and furthermore, you know exactly what your getting when buying new. Nothing worse than ruining a Mopar flat head engine, or even worse yet removing the Mopar sodium valves, putting in non-hardened valves from a Chevy 327 into a Mopar flat head six that already had them installed in the first place.

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