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    On the way to Ottawa!! OT

    Well, thanx for all the well wishes.... I just got back home; Left for Ottawa on the 3rd.... tok an hour and a half flight to Montreal, then flew another half hour to Ottawa..... spent the rest of the day exploring Ottawa.... Next day, interviews..... with my boss and my co worker, with HR, did some lab tests, with VP of the company that just came back 2 days before from China, Bangladesh, India...., with the head of the equipment dept, more with my boss and coworker.... lunch with them, and to finish everything off with my boss for dinner..... and relax..... where my boss told me that although it would only be confirmed on Friday, I could rest easy knowing I had the job, because no matter what others would say, he has the final word on things.... On the flight home on Friday, I got confirmation that I have the new job.... so now on to the relocation...... ouch.... Allan
  2. Allan Faust

    rare inside view

    http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?from=R40&_trksid=m37.l1313&satitle=anti+spatter+spray&category0= Take a look at that Tim.... Allan
  3. Allan Faust

    Rodders Journal P15 Coupe

    I like the shaved look... both on the car, and on women... but of course I can't mention where here... Allan
  4. Allan Faust

    ammco 1750 tool

    http://www430.pair.com/p15d24/mopar_forum/showthread.php?t=369&highlight=diy+brake+tool Here Huck, hope this helps.... Allan
  5. Allan Faust

    Need Motivation

    Let me offer you another point of view.... mine.... because I see myself in all the posts above. Sometimes what you want to do, and getting there are completely different animals. When I got mine, it was in decent shape, but needed to be completely redone. It looked good from the outside, but some "major" problems in my case were around. If I had to do it over again, I'd probably do what Rockwood is doing... a bit at a time, but keep it together.... see the picture as you go along....but the way I'm doing it, I'm armed with patience. I discoved a few "problems" as I mentioned, one being aluminum house panel rocker panels..... which led me to believe that there was a botch job that was done... also, square stock in the place of a bolted body bracket on the frame.... removal of the head showed 2 scratched cylinders, so an engine rebuild was in order...... so I went a different route.... possibly the longer route, but I told myself it would take 4-10 years to do, planning for money, family, time, and space.... I'm 3 years in, and the teardown is complete, the motor is rebuilt, and I'm working on the front suspension now, with a disk upgrade in the near future. I don't have a garage, I will probably will be changing jobs in the near future.... cannot work on it in winter, but I"m gettin her done..... I see the advancements over time.... and with only a couple of buddies for moral support and the help here, I'm doing just fine.... when I get down, I try and get a small thing completed, or talk with some of the gurus here, or try and help someone else here.... one way or another, it will be done.... It may take longer, but I'll get there.... its my passion.... my second wife (and my wife prefers I'm with her rather than another mistress, so she's not worried....). I've got 2 small kids.... 8 and 5, so time and money is another factor. Plan things out as much as you can, and arm yourself with patience, and do a little at a time. Leave the big jobs like a chop for later. Get her running, and who knows, you may enjoy her as she is.... once she is done.... you can do other mods as you go along.....one of my buddies has been modifying his 31 for 12 years.... and its been running all along.... does his mods in winter, and drives it all summer..... patience and time are your best friends.... Allan
  6. Allan Faust

    fessing up and coming clean...

    I think it may deal with your "handicap" Don..... Allan
  7. Allan Faust

    Most customized 49 I ever saw,,,, at Goodguys

    Now that one I like..... see Allan
  8. Allan Faust

    Most customized 49 I ever saw,,,, at Goodguys

    Norm, As with the 2 original pics.... there are some things that I like, others I don't like..... I like the inlaid interior.... I don't like the steering (I guess you can say I'm a fan of the big ol tractor hubs....). To go on in general, as Darin put it.... we are all dealing with opinions..... whether right or wrong.... if you want to get down to it, at that period of time, what did you drive??? Why.... didn't matter if it was a chebby, furd or mopar, and what model.... everyone had an opinion, whether it be model, color, style, what options, etc.... everything that was right for ..... THEM.... What do you drive now, and why??? personal choice again.... some for look, some for practical reasons, etc.... which is why this is a great site... we discuss things rationally even though we don't necessarily like the same things..... the PT cruiser made me think of that because, even though I just called it a bastardization of the "original" 40's-50's car, I do like it.... but I find that particular color really makes it UGLY.... the blue version, however, I like..... Just like the new Charger... I hate it... why... 4 door....as simple as that.... The new challenger.... I'd want one.... but it would have to be the orange or the lime green (even though I hate green), I wouldn't mind having the challenger in that shade..... I'd like a big pickup to haul things around, but I like my S10 due to its practicality.... As long as we keep posting different things, and continue discussing them rationally as we do.... I'm definitely going to post more things I like, and I hope others do too... even if I'm in disagreement with what they like.... at least here we can say so without worrying about a flame war.... Allan
  9. Allan Faust

    Most customized 49 I ever saw,,,, at Goodguys

    Now that's a bastardization if I ever saw one..... Allan
  10. Allan Faust

    Whats a Newly Rebuilt 218 worth?

    And BTW, mine, with rebore, head and block planed, new cam bushings, valve area done, cleaning, etc, without rebuilding.... $1000. Add in rebuilding, painting, and what I was quoted between $800-$1000 for parts, but in actuality cost me a lot less due to ebay and online ads.... you have an approximate total, so if the stuff was done....it is definitely worth it in my opinion..... Allan
  11. Allan Faust

    Autobody 101.com OT ???

    Essentially its a message for them... to pay their provider to keep the website up..... Allan
  12. Allan Faust

    Whats a Newly Rebuilt 218 worth?

    Me... but I haven't run mine yet..... the machinist said there was still lots of meat left afterwards.... Allan
  13. Allan Faust

    Virgra for Plymouths ebay listing

    Cialis???? Or maybe call Bob..... you know; once a day for natural car enhancement.... Allan
  14. Allan Faust

    eBay, and their new games (OT)

    I agree with dezeldoc.... I believe the whole change started when ebay tried to eliminate the retaliatory negative feedback (which some big sellers would do), so they elimininated the possibility of the seller leaving negative feedback (which is a mistake).. When I look at the sellers, I take a look at the negs, and quite often its the low feedback people that leave the negs... ie people who don't know how ebay works..... or impatient ones that think they'll have their item next day.... etc..... I still buy and sell on the bay because I'm in the middle of nowhere and don't have the option of going to swaps etc (yet... I'm most likely moving south very soon, so that may change drastically). But by not being in a major center, I can't necessarily get what I want up here.... And when I sell, I put everything up for a buck.... if it sells.... its worth more than if it doesn't.... and what doesn't ends up in the garbage, since I haven't touched it in over 6 months anyways..... Allan
  15. Allan Faust

    Heading east

    I agree, have a safe trip, and I hope all goes well with the move.... Get back soon..... Allan
  16. Allan Faust

    repressed area for sure

    If it helps in any way Tim, I'm happy..... just returning one o many favors.... Allan
  17. Allan Faust

    repressed area for sure

    And the first one has stuff by Vintage Air in their catalog.... Allan
  18. Allan Faust

    repressed area for sure

    Just did a quick search Tim, maybe this'll help.... 3769 Maysville Road Commerce, GA 30529 Fax: 706 335-2165 Toll Free: 1-888-285-7637 Hours: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM E-mail: atlantastreetrods@yahoo.com Norms Rod Shop 75 Arcadia Cir NW Atlanta, GA 30314 (678) 380-3797
  19. Allan Faust

    Most customized 49 I ever saw,,,, at Goodguys

    Well Glenn.... errr John.... If that guy drives it around all night, its a plus in my books..... I'd be driving it around myself too....Compared to other lead sleds, you don't see many of the Chryslers out there... mainly Mercs, Olds, Buick sedanettes, etc.... feels good to see em..... Its a place for everyone to put their input in... if we didn't, we wouldn't have such a great forum.... and I wouldn't qualify this thread as a ruckus.... not in the least.... I wish I knew if they were cruzin bubble skirts (complete) and how they were made though.... Allan
  20. Allan Faust

    Automotive stainless fastener source?

    Well, I just ordered their catalog... I have a ARP bolt catalog, but I can't find nothing in there..... except bolts for racing engines.... even Don's isn't in there.... Allan
  21. Allan Faust

    Most customized 49 I ever saw,,,, at Goodguys

    Does that mean that looking at cars drives you up the wall, since you look at opera that way???? (couldn't resist)..... Allan Whups.... I guess you mean that specific car...... Teaches me to read everything before I post..... including the specific "THAT" (btw is it the first one or the second one that's operetic?)
  22. Allan Faust

    Most customized 49 I ever saw,,,, at Goodguys

    Hehe, I hear you Tim..... I guess one of the beefs I have with it is the fact that in Quebec, modifications to cars are not well seen (as compared to the rest of Canada and the US.... try and remove an airbag, and its off the road.... add an airbag, and you can no longer remove it..... Allan
  23. Allan Faust

    Most customized 49 I ever saw,,,, at Goodguys

    Yep.... just like the 2 customs on this page.... I like the one Glenn posted... a lot... I love the bubble cruiser skirts (with the skirt part removed...bet he's got them around somewhere), I love the fact that he put a hemi into it (since I'm a mopar into mopar, furd into furd, chebby into chebby person), love the idea of the 51 front end (hood and fenders) with the lead sled peaked hood, rounded and molded hood..... but the 49 vert that Don posted... I personally find butt ugly.... except for the color and the fact its a vert.... I don't like the front end and grill, I don't like the steering wheel (I'd hate it even more if it had an airbag...... eh Tim??? At least if he didn't know what I didn't like, he does now ) I don't like the dash, and I definitely don't like the fins and taillights.... but, once again that is me..... when I'm done with my car, and I post final pics, I may expect some oohs and aahs, but I will expect the "well you shoulda done this, shoulda done that...." and I'll accept it, because everyone's opinion on it will differ... but as Tim said; "will his comment change my mind..in no manner...will it piss me off..not in the least..will I continue on my car..dang straight..I'm having fun and that is what counts.." And here, on this forum, is where I have the most fun..... I've got about 2 people up here that I can "talk" to about my car (and understand me), what I've done, what I'm going to do, and things I'm happy/sad/pissed off about.... but here... I've got a family that I can share my experiences with like with the 2 up here... and it brings me closer to all of ya.... whether you're across the world or just in the next province or state.... that is what this place is all about.... and whether or not you can say there is a "click" here or not.... so be it.....I've seen a heck of a lot worse on every single other forum I've been on to date.... being sworn at, treated like an imbecile, etc..... and its a lot more fun having discussions than having flame wars every other thread...... Don't take any comments here too whole heartedly (sometimes is difficult, but that is human nature)... I'd rather call you a friend than call you by any other name..... Allan
  24. Allan Faust

    Most customized 49 I ever saw,,,, at Goodguys

    [quote name=Uncle-Pekka;91195 Where do you haul the beer? Bacon? Schnaps? Seriously' date=' tell me, why the speakears are in the trunk, aimed backwards? Does the MOB play music for the corpse in the trunk these days?[/quote] The beer is between the legs, and the schnaps is in the back seat with the other party goers.... As for the music... has anyone noticed the monitor in the trunk lid??? THey play videos etc..... Allan
  25. Allan Faust

    Most customized 49 I ever saw,,,, at Goodguys

    I don't agree... not in the least.... whether or not people like them or not... I love it, and would love to have it as a daily driver ( a couple of things I'd change, particularily the interior, but that is me...) The thing I find about this site, is that no matter what you bring here, it will be accepted.... yes, maybe not by everyone, but everyone will have an opinion of it, whether good or bad.... and it can be discussed, without a flame war starting. I've seen stuff that Tim has done that I personally don't agree with, as an example (start flamin Tim ) but they are his cars.... and he may not like stuff that I'll do mine..... so what... I love full customs, I love lead sleds..... I won't do it to mine (but if I could I would....)... however, if I ever needed any info on anything dealing with the cars of this era, stock or custom... I'd definitely want Tim's opinion on it..... and others, because we have so many differing opinions on how things, could, should, would be done... from the full stock all the way to the wild customs (and we've seen some weird ones discussed here). Allan

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