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  1. Allan Faust

    Norwegian Member With Canadian Mopar

    Roar, No problem, if you need help finding stuff, or with shipping, I'm willing to help if I can.... welcome aboard.... Allan
  2. Allan Faust

    New to the forum saying hello

    Welcome aboard Jim, You've come to the right place. Pull up a chair, post pics of your car in your profile, and ask away.... I've got a 50 4 door myself... resembles more of a jigsaw puzzle at the moment, but I've found more help here than anywhere else on the net.... Allan
  3. Haven't got em yet Ed, will let you know when I do... normally takes 10-14 mon-fri business days... sometimes slightly slower if there is a holiday somewhere in between, so should be here by the end of the week..... Allan
  4. Allan Faust

    Big Block Flange 25 inch

    Fred, Thanx for the offer, but I don't need the entire intake or exhaust, I just need the flanges on the engine side.... and $75 for a "test" is not what I was expecting to pay.... Allan
  5. Allan Faust

    Big Block Flange 25 inch

    Hi, Would anyone here have a spare flange for a big block flathead (desoto, chrysler) that they want to get rid of? (Or know where I can get one?) I want to try my hand at building my own split manifold, and would need the flange to get started... Allan
  6. Greg... I just applied to be on the Canadian version of the game show Deal or no Deal..... I stated as my dream trip a drive around the US and Canada meeting all my buddies from this site along the way.... They also asked me what the first thing I would do with the money if I won... I said finish building my 50...... Allan
  7. Allan Faust

    Big Block Flange 25 inch

    Bob, Actually, what I'm looking to do is more like what pete and another person did... but I need a spare exhaust flange to do it... I want to use the flange, along with steel tubing to build my own split manifold... Allan
  8. Allan Faust

    I don't like new forum!!

    I'm talking about this thread.... Don, get Lisa to read this one.. http://www430.pair.com/p15d24/mopar_forum/showthread.php?t=210
  9. Allan Faust

    I don't like new forum!!

    Hmmm... cold at 4 in the morning.... seems like TN shouldn't be that cold..... now if you take a look at the radiator thread..... now that's cold... and I don't even have a garage..... (Don, did that help???) Allan
  10. Allan Faust

    Clean Rad and Antifeeze!!!

    Well, we just got dumped on by 6 inches of the solid white rain in the past 2 days.... glad the -30's haven't hit yet (that'll be a good 2 weeks worth in Jan-feb)... and anthony.... I'll take the -30's and white stuff (we call snow) over your tornado alley and hurricanes any day..... no offense intended... Allan
  11. Allan Faust

    Big Block Flange 25 inch

    John, I'm referring to the exhaust.... I'll probably have my intake split by someone who knows what he's doing.... but the exhaust I figure I can handle myself...... Allan
  12. Allan Faust

    Where I left off

    Joe, They don't have the holes for the running boards... it seems they are NOS aftermarket (from what I could tell), but for me it wasn't important... I just didn't want to spend a fortune and/or have to rebuild mine from scratch myself... I can still find more from the guy too.... I'd just have to email him... Allan
  13. Allan Faust

    Got my New Toy home safe & sound...

    Chet, When you said Windsor plant... does that mean its a Canadian car???? Neat...
  14. Allan Faust

    Oh, I just graduated to "member"

    I think that GTK can change the "terms" of the gradations.... we could come up with some interesting terms to promote the site.... Allan
  15. Then a bit down the road, impart that info to everyone again. Or maybe make it a sticky. I have discovered a certain few things, but have wondered how others do other things. Bob, I'm with you there.... as for the stickies... the threads that keep coming up (how do I post pictures), and others can be made into stickies.... As for the computer savvy, it all depends on search, read, question and try, try, and try again to learn.... since most boards I've been on in the past are like this one, you find that the things you learn on one board are good for all of em. Allan
  16. Allan Faust

    Where I left off

    Yep, I've found original rockers from someone on the bay... after seein em go for $250 + I saw one guy that had different rockers selling for $50 a pop. Since he had all types (but plymouth) I asked if he had 49-52 plymouth, and he set up a buy it now auction for me.... so I got the pair for $100.... was really happy about it... Then I purchased one side of a "inner rocker", but when I got them I was disappointed, but glad I only got one side, because I paid a fortune for a piece of sheet metal with a bend and a flange (that even though I'm not a metal worker that I can do myself for less than a quarter of the price I paid for the set, so I'll be making the other side myself... patterning off what I bought). The outers, according to Tim Adams, are originals with even the original J trim.... Allan
  17. Allan Faust

    Where I left off

    Joe... Its a 50 four door D36, and I will be redoing the rockers completely..... one side is worse than the other, but I've got no choice.... see pic...
  18. Allan Faust

    Check out all the nice pics on the members list

    Ya Bryan, I hear ya..... Within the next week I gotta set up a tempo and roll my chassis into it, along with the pallet of "stuff" that I've put aside.... that's the fun living up here in the great white north.... just not white yet, but cooling down to that stage.... so storage and inside work to be done over the winter, waiting for the spring to come back.... (It doesn't help that the lockout is still on.... some predictions say another 18 months..... sheesh...). Allan
  19. Allan Faust

    My try at thumbnail posting

    We'll see if this works...
  20. Allan Faust

    My try at thumbnail posting

    Set up the thumbnails I mean... all I see is the "insert image" button just above where I'm writing this message. Allan
  21. Allan Faust

    Where I left off

    Glad to see your still around.... I've been having fun with mine as well... and I still haven't got the rockers done yet (still have your pics to help me out) but I do have a braced body and a separate frame now...
  22. Allan Faust

    Check out all the nice pics on the members list

    I love it.... posted mine (or at least how it looked....) now it just looks like one giant jigsaw puzzle.... Allan

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