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    Time to say so long to my 1949 Chrysler Project

    Heya Pat, Sorry to hear about both the health, and the car. I can understand completely.... not about the health part, but about the car.... its been awhile since I`ve been online, and just came online to check out some info, and read your post. Since I was last online, everything under the sun has happened.... my mom died, I declared bankruptcy, lost my house and everything, but could keep the car because it was torn down... however, because I had no room for it, I had to scrap a lot of the parts. I still have the motor that was worked on (and is for sale btw), but other than that.... the project is toast. Some of the parts are still in NW Quebec, others scrapped, and the motor here (closer to ottawa) I was blessed because after losing the house i moved into a house (rental) that is 2x the size for the same price as I was paying before. My kids were getting sick with the other house because of mold and the state of the water in the other place, and now everything is back to normal.... lost my full time job, but got it back, but on a part time contract.... when it comes to everything, we still have our health, which is the most important thing, but the heartbreak to see all that work and effort for nothing is really painful.... I figure that eventually I may get myself a car to drive, but one that is in drivable condition to start off with, rather than a project..... Just all the effort guys here put in to help me out makes me feel bad because I feel like I`m letting everyone down by not finishing the project... but life got in the way. Take care Pat.... Allan
  2. Allan Faust

    BobT-47P15 are you OK

    Glad that everyone is ok.... I know I haven`t been on here in a while, but when I saw the news this morning, I had to come online to see how everyone was. Since I had no internet connection where I was, I had to wait until now to be able to write... (travelled 6 hrs home). Glad Bob and the family are ok. Material can be replaced... Bob and the family can`t be replaced. Take care. Allan
  3. Allan Faust

    Friends..... and boy am I anxious

    I`ve always valued my friends quite highly, even those that I may not have met personally, such as the people on this site. I`ve always try and give as much as I can without asking for anything in return, and many have helped me out..... This weekend, a buddy of mine up north gave me a call.... he has been helping my wife to bring visitors around at my father-in laws house lately, but he called to let me know that he has got to go to Montreal to pick up parts for his 73 challanger. He is bringing his trailer down with him..... but he asked me if I had room for a bunch of stuff.... my stuff.... he`s loading up his trailer with my 2 sheds of car parts... ie evverything but the frame and main body (its not a car trailer) and he`s hauling it down here for me..... He said that I helped him so much with all his car part buying in the past that it was the least he could do...... I can`t wait.... finally be able to work on something..... all that will be left is the main body and frame, but i think I can handle that this summer..... Allan
  4. Allan Faust

    Friends..... and boy am I anxious

    John, that is exactly who that buddy of mine is..... weve been bartering for a couple of years now, and its just too bad that the more i was getting to know him, the closer we were getting, but i had to move away..... Mack, Its rare that things seem to come back karma wise (nver believed in karma myself to be honest) but it feels good that the things are going in the right direction for once.... Robert, I have always been a poor wealthy man..... poor because i have no cash, nor do i want more than what it takes to cover my bills and food.... no wants for the materials..... however wealthy because i have a happy and healthy family, and more than one true friend, so yes, I am very filthy wealthy in that respect.... Bob and pflaming.... yep, this guy is one of the best, and no, friends cannot be bought, but they are worth more than their weight in gold..... Allan
  5. Allan Faust

    What is your job? OT

    Id like to try robert.... question of time and other factors.... been having net problems, today i'm travelling waiting for a plane, etc.... Allan
  6. Allan Faust

    What is your job? OT

    chemical engineering technologist.... plus jack of all trades, was working in the pulp and paper industry until I got locked out of my job for 3 years, then got moved to the ottawa area to work once again in the p&p industry, and was travelling across NA.... got laid off 8 months later, and now I`m working for the Canadian government to help citizens access governement services. Allan
  7. Allan Faust

    Wife To Emergency At Hospital YesterdayOT

    Rodney, Health care up here is universal.... but car care is expensive......
  8. Allan Faust

    Wife To Emergency At Hospital YesterdayOT

    Over reduce Fred.... thin layers, just like the rustoleum..... Allan
  9. Allan Faust

    Norman Milliner (Norm's Coupe) has past away.

    My condolences Cynthia. I can`t beleive it..... I was sitting in my chair bantering in messages when I ran across this thread... and now I`m sitting here bawling my eyes out.... and this for a man I never met, but am proud to call a friend... that is how much he touched me, both with his OT conversations as with his knowledge of the cars we love. RIP Norm.... Allan
  10. Allan Faust

    Wife To Emergency At Hospital YesterdayOT

    Fred, Glad the wife is ok..... it could`ve been worse..... you could`ve paid my parking for an interview in Ottawa $17 for less than 7 hrs..... Take care of her, and make sure that everything stays ok.... Allan
  11. Allan Faust

    Resin Casting

    I really thought it was worthwhile..... as I said, the wait is long sometimes, but its not like you can get the videos at just any video store.... and for 10 bucks you get em for a week, and they supply the box and labels, you just supply the return postage.
  12. Allan Faust

    Resin Casting

    You are right about that Ralph. The chemicals required for the molding and casting, if you want quality, do not come cheap, and a copy of a copy of a copy is not too good either..... I think the movie Duplicity with Keaton proved that.... I just like watching different how-to videos dealing with metalwork, casting, etc, anything that can help me out. Found a great site to rent some of em, ie Smartflix, but some videos take a while to get to ya. Allan
  13. Allan Faust

    Resin Casting

    There are DVD's on the subject as well. I know of 2 of them, "Making parts, patterns, tools and molds" and "Reproduce almost anything, Baisc Silicone Mold Making" Excellent DVD's both of them.... Allan
  14. Allan Faust

    Hey all.... how are things here???

    Hi, Sorry for my disappearance.....Hope everything is going well for everyone here. I guess you could say that my life went a bit out of whack and I had a few issues to deal with.....and I found that I was venting too much out here rather than talking cars.... so I backed off a bit. I'm slowly getting back on track with finally a new job on Monday.... working for the canadian government..... hopefully this time I can find some stability. I hope to be able to get my car down here in the future (still isn't, and I'm still frustrated because of this...) but hope to get back in the swing of things in the near future.... Allan P.S. A couple of people will have pm's mainly because when I backed off, I forgot about them, and I want to apologize personally....
  15. Allan Faust

    Hey all.... how are things here???

    Thanx Robert and Bob.... FEels good to be back. I just left more because of my mood and other things happening around here that I didn't feel good about, and in looking at some of my postings, I felt that I was ranting a bit too much and too OT in general, so I wanted to come back when I had my mind back into it.... (although my mind has been on my car all along.....) Allan
  16. Allan Faust

    Line In the Sand Poll

    I started working on mine with the intention of doing (, however, when I removed the engine head and found rust and grooves in 2 cylinders, found an aluminum siding rocker panel and square stock welded to the frame where a bolted body bracket used to exist.... well, I changed my mind.... Allan
  17. Allan Faust

    Special Tools

  18. Allan Faust

    Hey all.... how are things here???

    Ralph, that is the most important point.... getting reunited with it, so I can talk cars and ask for the help that I know I will need.... Allan
  19. Allan Faust

    Hey all.... how are things here???

    Thanx for the well wishes... Greg, nope, don't want to do either..... so hopefully I'll keep it until option 1 comes around.... somewhere hopefully around 2067. Last visit here was in july.... I even surprised myself when I saw it earlier... didn't think it was that long.... Allan
  20. My first one to visit., about 10 minutes from my place.Only about 30-40 cars, but was quite interesting. Met a man that lives nearby with a really nice and clean 1946-48 desoto..... (Michigan built). I told him about the site, and he'll probably come around. My wife took pics, and I'll pop em up when I get the chance. The new guy is looking for a visor, so if anyone has one they are willing to sell, pm me, and I'll get in touch with him. Allan
  21. Allan Faust

    Price $ Advice OT

    I'd try the $2500 and see how someone would deal down.... if you are willing to take the $1200.... everything else is gravy..... Allan
  22. Allan Faust

    Went to see a car show in the area...

    Frank.... I've been hooked for a while..... so has my wife.... now if the 2 girls will hook in..... Everytime I came "south" in the past, my first thought has been about a car show.... now I'm looking to see "where" the cruises and shows are.... so that I can go.... Bob, It was a reailly nice desoto.... he had his trunk full of stuffed animals and was giving them away to every child out there..... and it was his first show out since he's got it.... Allan
  23. Allan Faust

    Went to see a car show in the area...

    As I mentioned, it was a nice clean original car... orignal floorboards, i couldn't spot any rust, etc.... hopefully we'll see lucien here in the future. Allan
  24. Allan Faust

    OT How much wood would a woodchuck climb???

    Well, when we were on the picket line during our lockout we had a red fox visitor (the mill is right in the woods, so its normal).... someone had shot at it and only wounded it, causing it to run on three legs, since the fourth was useless..... everyone was feeding it and noone could trap it..... My wife snapped this pic of it.... as well as others of it.... On another note, a guy I was working with at the lumber yard during this same lockout was cycling on the main highway near the town and saw some kind of beast walking toward him.... when he saw the long tail behind it, he turned and scooted as quick as his bike could take him.... he never saw the cougar after... but it was spotted around town a few times.... Allan
  25. Allan Faust

    Another Freakin Paint Update

    Nope, just ALL year.... Allan

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