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  1. Has my 218 ever been rebuilt?

    the odo shows 96,5000 but who knows how many times thats rolled over. I thought maybe there might be a stamping on a bearing cap or something that might indicate a previous rebuild. I dont know much about the previous owner and the history of the car other than it has spent the last 15 years in pieces inside a barn in S. Dakota.
  2. Water distribution tube

    I also got lucky today in removing my water distibution tube, it all came out in one piece after a couple yanks with a slide hammer and a 16d nail bent at the tip....
  3. Has my 218 ever been rebuilt?

    I have disassembled my 218 about as far as I can go, leaving the valve guides in for the machine shop to replace for me. The deeper I get into this block the more I have to wonder if this isnt the first time this motor has been rebuilt. There is no ridge on the cylinder walls, the water distribution tube is all in one piece (which totally surprised me), all bearings and surfaces look great so how can I tell if this motor has ever been rebuilt? Thanks in advance to those who have been in my spot before.
  4. 218 valve guide removal

    I am rebuilding my first 218 flathead 6 and wondering how do I get these valve guides out? are they replaceable? should I just send the block to the hot tank with them left in place?