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  1. 40 pt105 bed filler panels

    ok thanks ill check it out, i got a windshield frame from them, worth every penny.
  2. 40 pt105 bed filler panels

    wow, yea i got the truck a few months back with the bed in pieces and those were in the mix i figured they were rear hidden panels underneath the bed or heat shields, i never wouldve figured out that they went in the front. maybe you know, im looking for the tailgate brackets that you slide the pin through that holds it shut mine are snapped off clean i can fab something but would like the correct part, do you know where i can find them?
  3. 40 pt105 bed filler panels

    Hahaha i was pulling my hair out trying to figure it out. Thanks for telling me i never wouldve figured that out.
  4. 40 pt105 bed filler panels

    No i have those. I have these 2 panels and i cant figure out where they go. I first thought they were heat shields but i have the rear mounted tank and it looks like one goes around the filler neck.
  5. hey guys im assembling my bed from scratch p.o. took it all apart and i got it in pieces. everything so far has been pretty self explanatory but the rear filler panels are stumping me i cant for the life of me figure out how they attach or where. ill grab a pic of them in the morning but from the look of them i think a fender bracket mounts off of it and it has a spot for 3 bolts on one edge. there are 2 panels 1 for left 1 for right. if anyone has a pic of them on their truck theyd share or could point me in the right direction id appreciate it. thanks in advance.
  6. wiring

    yea i think im going to get all 3 switches, the panel switch fell apart and the spot for the taillights on the headlight switch is busted off, and the dimmer is sticky sometimes. anyone know a good place to get a headlight switch? i only have 1 taillight all the ones i keep seeing have a rotary dimmer and a spot for 2 taillights.
  7. wiring

    ok thanks, my switch is bad now every 30 pulls they randomly come on. truck sat for awhile outside and windshield leaked so im assuming its full of rust. hard switch to find it only has one taillight all the ones i see are for cars with 2 taillights or they have a dimmer built in i have separate panel light switch so i dont know why id need a dimmer.
  8. wiring

    not the headlight connector but the one that is inside the headlight bucket that goes through the fender its a twist one like a light bulb i cleaned up the contacts but they still dont work well. i think im going to replace them with weathertite bullet connectors. only thing i cant figure out now is the marker lights arent on when the headlights are on, when you pull the headlight switch 1 click markers come on when i fully engage it they shut off and headlights come on is that normal?
  9. wiring

    so plug between headlight bucket and body was corroded, and panel light switch is bad. going to replace that and headlight switch. anyone know if they make replacement plugs for the weird round connector inside headlight?
  10. door seals

    ok thanks
  11. wiring

    when i use a meter in the plug on the ground wire and either low or high beam power wire it has 6 volts, when i back probe it with the light plugged in it has 0 volts.
  12. wiring

    so im looking into getting my lights up and running, they worked once. since then i havent been able to get them on. i pulled a headlight today and i have 6 volts with high beam and low beam in the plug without the headlight plugged in, when i bench test the headlight it works so im stumped. all dash lights are the same way. i have nothing for the fuel sender and have no taillights yet so i cant test them. truck does run ammeter twitches with the key and all wires are tight. i have two disconnected wires under dash that were taped up so i know lights worked without them hooked up. any help is much appreciated im not too familiar with positive ground or 6 volt systems but it seems pretty cut and dry. edit: just realized i forgot to mention voltage at the plug drops to 0 when bulbs are plugged in
  13. door seals

    just pulled other door apart and saw the clips youre talking about im missing a bunch have to see if i can get new ones. also missing the track inside the door thats spot welded in im assuming thats an obsolete item.
  14. door seals

    just got all new door seals and gaskets for my pt105, what have you guys done to install the window track mine has a tab on the rear channel that holds the end in place and it fits tight all the way up to the first curve on the rearward side the front corner had 2 screws in it and the track fits looser i put the screws in but the top sags. do you use weatherstrip adhesive dbl sided tape or more small screws? also on the cowl seal same question adhesive or tape? the kit i got from dcm and it all seems very well made i also got a windshield and frame and it is awesome no more rusted warped and bent leaky windshield.
  15. 1940 pt105

    Ill have to get it outside for some new pics i dont have any i can upload of the whole truck