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  1. 1940 pt105

    thought the same thing attempted to top it off and it overflowed all over the place. going to pull all wheels this weekend and inspect.
  2. 1940 pt105

    sorry for the delay... previous owner replaced everything new lines shoes and all wheel cylinders. i havent had a chance to pull wheels yet as it has been below zero or barely over for the past few weeks. i want to check adjustments but brakes did work fine all of a sudden the pedal is at the floor and it barely stops.
  3. 1940 pt105

    so mine has olive drab remnants on all stainless and chrome, it looks like its faded but the front marker lights have a black tint to them and only one tail light no directionals. im having 2 issues now first i live in nh so not sure if its the cold but when you first go to move it (even if i use a strap and pull it onto flat ground) the clutch seems sticky i think, i have to rev pretty high and it usually stalls 2 or 3 times then moves fine after about 5 to 10 feet you can give very little throttle and it moves easily. second i havent looked too much into yet but the brake pedal goes to the floor and has very little resistance and brakes barely grab, all wheel cylinders are new and master is new it never left a puddle and master is full, could the master be bad or have a blown o ring and not leak? im pretty mechanically inclined just never had anything so old.
  4. 1940 pt105

    Hey guys new to the forum, just bought a 1940 plymouth pickup was told by the previous owner it was a ww2 truck just wondering if there is anyway to verify. It has the rear gas tank under the bed, a rear window protector, spare tire on the fender and dual wipers, he told me those are all trademarks of a military truck. The story that came with the truck is that it was a ww2 US army truck in France through the war and at the end of the war the driver of the truck purchased it and shipped it home, the previous owners uncle bought it off the original owner. any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.