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    South African Desoto Club Coupe SP15. 1948

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    60 year old autojumbler
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  1. hurnleft

    Banded wheels.

    Hi, thanks for your message, yes I'm using radials and yes, it's harder to turn at slow speed. I'm on 215/65 15 and 185/70 15.
  2. hurnleft

    Banded wheels.

    Well here it is fully roadworthy now. I've got to get used to drum brakes and the steering is quite worn but it is a lovely old thing. The Peugeot turbo diesel sounds like a taxi but I can put up with that for the improved fuel consumption. Mike has done a great job as always.
  3. hurnleft

    Banded wheels.

    The project continues in the very able hands of Mike at Mustard City Speed in Norwich, Norfolk, England. The wheels have been banded 1 1/2" front and 2 1/2" rear, the Peugeot 2.5 TD engine has been replaced by another that doesn't smoke, the brakes have all been gone through, the front has been lowered a little and a heater/demister is nearly fitted. I keep appearing with more bits to be added either now or later in the year, depending on how time goes. A silencer is going in as it had a straight through plain pipe up until now. Wiring is being tidied, modern additions are being replaced with or disguised as older looking items and seat belts are going in, as are orange indicators on the rear. The plan is to be all sorted for the NSRA Supernats in August and the P15 picnic in September. More photos to follow later. Cheers, Bob.
  4. hurnleft

    Banded wheels.

    In the UK we have several companies that specialise in banding wheels and have the right lathe and other tools to make sure they are 'true'. I had some wobbly banded wheels in the 1970's so am aware that they were a problem.
  5. hurnleft

    Banded wheels.

    Hi All, I'm planning on having the factory 15" wheels on my 1948 SP15 banded a little and wonder if anyone knows how much extra width I can put on the outside with any rubbing issues. I'm banding rather than getting new wheels so that the hub caps still fit.Thanks, Bob.

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