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  1. hurnleft

    Jaguar front clip

    I'd just started to collect the parts and gather information so not a problem, but you're right, if we'd started I would have had to carry on, which may not have been the best idea. Bob.
  2. hurnleft

    Jaguar front clip

    Hi all, Sadly this Jaguar front project isn't going to be done as, for a variety of reasons, I've decided to sell the car as is. Perfectly driveable but not something I'm going to continue with. Thanks, Bob.
  3. hurnleft

    Jaguar front clip

    The wing top lights are aftermarket which were on it when I bought it. I had thought of removing them but as I don't want to get involved in doing any paintwork, they are going to stay. Front suspension wise, in the new year the Jag clip will be fitted using the chassis ideas from mrwrstory to give back the 'original' look. Hope you all have a good Christmas and New Year. I'm looking forward to The Brass Monkey Run through Norfolk, England on 29th December where there will hopefully be 2 more P15's. I'll try to get photos.
  4. hurnleft

    Jaguar front clip

    Sorry for the late reply. Thanks very much for the photos, I'm sure they'll be of great help.
  5. hurnleft

    Jaguar front clip

    mrwrstory. That 'stock' look is exactly what I'm hoping for. I'll get back to you with questions when we get the job going (just waiting for a workshop slot at present. Cheers, Bob (hurnleft)
  6. hurnleft

    Jaguar front clip

    Hi, Yes, it's RHD and ex South African. I'm rubbish at driving LHD so this is a great way for me to get a classic American car. Sorry I don't know any production figures. Cheers, Bob.
  7. hurnleft

    Jaguar front clip

    Thanks guys, We picked up an XJS front end last night for which I'll start collecting the rebuild parts and get the hubs re-drilled so I can keep the standard wheels. I've a very clever fabricator/mechanic who will do the work, He's done similar jobs before for me and others and is more than capable. We know it's a big job and the car will (hopefully) look no different when it's done in spite of having spent quite a bit of money, but that's the idea, making a great looking car nicer to drive. Bob.
  8. hurnleft

    Jaguar front clip

    Hi all, I've had my RHD P15 Desoto on the road for a while now but having the original brakes and a worn steering box is no fun in today's traffic (although they have been adjusted as well as possible) so radical change is needed. I've had a Jaguar front suspension / power steering set up on a truck so time ago and it drove very nicely and was easy to park so this is my plan for an improved enjoyment of the car. My question is, has anyone done this conversion before and if so do they have advice and photos on how the work went? Thanks, Bob.
  9. hurnleft

    Banded wheels.

    Hi, thanks for your message, yes I'm using radials and yes, it's harder to turn at slow speed. I'm on 215/65 15 and 185/70 15.
  10. hurnleft

    Banded wheels.

    Well here it is fully roadworthy now. I've got to get used to drum brakes and the steering is quite worn but it is a lovely old thing. The Peugeot turbo diesel sounds like a taxi but I can put up with that for the improved fuel consumption. Mike has done a great job as always.
  11. hurnleft

    Banded wheels.

    The project continues in the very able hands of Mike at Mustard City Speed in Norwich, Norfolk, England. The wheels have been banded 1 1/2" front and 2 1/2" rear, the Peugeot 2.5 TD engine has been replaced by another that doesn't smoke, the brakes have all been gone through, the front has been lowered a little and a heater/demister is nearly fitted. I keep appearing with more bits to be added either now or later in the year, depending on how time goes. A silencer is going in as it had a straight through plain pipe up until now. Wiring is being tidied, modern additions are being replaced with or disguised as older looking items and seat belts are going in, as are orange indicators on the rear. The plan is to be all sorted for the NSRA Supernats in August and the P15 picnic in September. More photos to follow later. Cheers, Bob.
  12. hurnleft

    Banded wheels.

    In the UK we have several companies that specialise in banding wheels and have the right lathe and other tools to make sure they are 'true'. I had some wobbly banded wheels in the 1970's so am aware that they were a problem.
  13. hurnleft

    Banded wheels.

    Hi All, I'm planning on having the factory 15" wheels on my 1948 SP15 banded a little and wonder if anyone knows how much extra width I can put on the outside with any rubbing issues. I'm banding rather than getting new wheels so that the hub caps still fit.Thanks, Bob.

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