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    1946 dodge 1/2 ton pickup


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  1. Jerry B

    Very rough idle

    Vacuum leak at throttle shaft will make it difficult to adjust ideal.
  2. Jerry B

    NOS fenton head

    Head is for 23" engine, not for sale right now
  3. The use of exseve amounts of silicon can flake off inside the oil pan, guess wear it goes ?
  4. Jerry B

    ANSWERED New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    Looks like mount for aftermarket defrost fan.
  5. Jerry B

    ANSWERED New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    Looks like mount for after market defrost fan
  6. Jerry B

    NOS Fenton head

    Yea thanks don, I got that part. The question is, is this something that is worth saving? I don't see many NOS Fenton heads. how many do you have?
  7. Jerry B

    NOS fenton head

    Not sure what do with the head. Its never been used. any thoughts ?
  8. Jerry B

    T5 trans in 46 1/2 ton

    I changed the gears in the original rear axle. pinion mounted is a good thought.
  9. Jerry B

    NOS Fenton head

    Any ideas on weather to use or not. I have had this head for a number of years, it is new never instaled
  10. Jerry B

    T5 trans in 46 1/2 ton

    Just need some info on how to deal with E- brake. already changed rear gears. Its the non synchronized low gear that I want to eliminate.
  11. Jerry B

    T5 trans in 46 1/2 ton

    how to deal with e- brake
  12. Jerry B

    bi pass water pump

    Can a internal bi pass engine be converted to external? I am putting a 1955 Plymouth 230 engine in my 1946 WC 1/2 ton pick up, and want to use the original thermostat housing.
  13. Jerry B

    Please Help!! Ply 230 Flathead Crank Problems!!

    Had my 1955 Plymouth 230 crank checked for cracks and size, I asked the shop to order bearings, they asked if it was auto or stander trans, evidently the rear main bearing is different. any info will help.
  14. Recently found out that the engine oil suplied trans uses diferent rear main bearins. Any info on this will help.

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