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  1. Hmmm, So can the rear seal be replaced while in the car? Mine's leaking a bit back there. Is it a difficult seal to pull and replace?
  2. door sill 49 Plymouth

    After watching a few rubber casting videos on youtube, I'm sure it would probably be easier to knock out some copies of those pristine ones above than a metal alternate. It's not nearly as complex a form as the examples you find in the DYI videos.
  3. 50 Coronet project

    Thanks very much, I'll dive into your thread for more details.
  4. 50 Coronet project

    Thanks for the info about the amplifier and jack. I suppose one could also add a charging dongal or flush mount a usb female plug? Is there a convertor to use 12v stuff in a 6volt car? Sorry if this is a dumb question- Electrically impaired.
  5. dodge 23" engine versus a cranbrook '53 engine

    Not sure if the reverse is true but when I restored a early 60s Land Rover some yrs ago, I did a D-Container from the UK to here. It ended up being a big savings over US prices even with costs. Got new springs, cyl head, lots of stuff. All new brakes, lights spare stuff etc...They just piled it all on a pallet and wrapped the boxes in plastic.
  6. Power Steering on Mopar in 1950?6nm

    Good to know. I was a young kid in College with zero experience restoring cars and not much money. I knew how to do a brake job, adjust valves, carb etc but not much else.
  7. Power Steering on Mopar in 1950?6nm

    Good luck. I had mine before the internet made finding parts easier. My hoses leaked slowly so once a month I had to top up the reservoir. I couldn't find anyone who had or made hoses for it. Mine had the six with 3 on the tree.
  8. Power Steering on Mopar in 1950?6nm

    My first vintage car, a 55 Belvedere had been retrofitted with an earlier Desoto unit you're describing. Worked great. My 52 Mopar shop manual has deets on repairing the power steering units then in use i believe.
  9. Parts for disc brake conversion

    Jumping in, Considering doing this on my wagon. Does anyone run modern discs with the Vacu-ease booster? My wagon has both a vacu-ease and a later 50s chevy vac booster-instead of fixing the vacu-ease they added the chevy piece. BTW I haven't got around to pulling a wheel yet to see if i have period disc brakes. It's too darn cold right now to mess with it. Waiting for warmer weather.
  10. Station Wagon Specific Accessories

    Oh cool. Thanks. Looks like the ambulance cot would fit those divots. BTW the mattress is mentioned in the Jan 1st Mechanix Illustrated for 1951. "The rear passenger seats fold forward and upside down, making additional hardwood floor surface when wanted. Chrysler will supply a mattress for this which means sleeping accommodations ample enough for any two sportsmen or mobsters on the lam."
  11. Station Wagon Specific Accessories

    Dodgeb4ya do you have pics of the back of your wagon? I'm curious if the hinges/pivot brackets on the seats are the same as mine. Mine are missing, something I need to locate. I'm going to try and recreate those screens. Maybe make a mattress as well.
  12. Station Wagon Specific Accessories

    I was thinking that could be the case. Here's a pic of the "screens" This is from a listing for a wagon for sale.
  13. Station Wagon Specific Accessories

    Still surveying my new1951 T&C wagon and noticed some stainless fittings in the back. They are on the passenger side and in the middle. Little dished cups. I'm wondering what they were for? I've also seen pics online of a wagon with two little rectangular frames like 15 x 18 inches. A review of the car mentioned an accessory mattress for the back. Does anyone have any info on these sorts of things? Pictures? I don't see anything in my parts book.
  14. Questions questions questions

    So far I've had good luck with long stored engines. My 327 in my 59 chevy truck had been sittng for 21 years in a damp garage in Tx. Put a kit in the carb, squirted some oil in the cylinders slowly cranked it by hand etc. She started up on the first try. idled smooth and all. The other was a 51 Willys wagon. It had been stored since '51. Found it in an estate in Delaware. owned by a crooked police chief who had a barn full of cars. It had been put in a ditch with only 4500 on the clock. We discovered the rear axle had never been tightened down enough onto the springs. so when you let off on the gas etc it would shunt. He had stored the engine military style. oil filled cylinders. oily wax paper around the carb and distributor etc. a little prep and it started right up.
  15. Questions questions questions

    Yeah, I think i'll just wait till i have a 6 volt. I'd rather not go through the hell of reprogramming my radio on my truck if i disconnect it.