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  1. Not sure if you cured your noisy clutch but on mine it turned out to be a missing spring from the linkage. When the new engine was installed it was left off.
  2. Wow, Just had this noise appear with my truck. Yesterday, This exact noise and conditions. My clutch is a new high performance clutch, new everything, bearing, plate the whole shebang. The noise appeared when I adjusted the clutch pedal to give less play, I suspect i let it out too far. I bet you're problem is related to adjustment as well. I will hopefully get mine adjusted today or tomorrow to see if that stops the noise.
  3. A google search for welding pot metal will turn up some options, the thing is the weld will need to be ground, heat applied etc, that area is going to look gnarly compared to your otherwise nice chrome plating.
  4. It has a separate usb rechargeable battery.
  5. If you disconnected the vac line and still had the problem my money is on your MC being the fault. Not releasing pressure. pedal travel , assembled wrong, something there..
  6. Without a picture it's hard to say. However if it is possible to get behind the fabric, you may be able to apply a fusible interlining to stabilize it? It would be very tricky to do while the upholstery is in place. You'd need to be able to slip a backer behind it with the fusible and then apply heat with an iron to do the trick. This would not work with vinyl btw.
  7. My r10 equipped truck came to me with a toggle switch. It only has two positions. Why not start by dismounting it from the dash so you can easily get to the back of it and using a multitestor run through the positions and see what you get? Greg
  8. Keep us posted on how it turns out. greg
  9. If you don't want a pro to sew a binding on you might try this stuff. Looks like a careful application could yield good results.
  10. Column shift control arm? You need a bushing set.
  11. Saw that someone has converted one of these to play 45s which gives a more reasonable price and selection of music for it. First saw one of these as a teen in a 50s era Ranchero that had been customized in the 60s alla Barris, the car was metal flake banana yellow....
  12. My R-10 in my Chevy has a reverse lockout if it is engaged. I assume yours is the same. No reverse while engaged.
  13. Just mentioned scarcity downside b/c I've run into a quandary finding a driver side gravel guard. Specific to year and model. Only about 1200 of my wagons were made and the only one I've found in a junk yard is missing that guard. Even knowing this I woulda bought mine anyway. I'm stubborn like that.
  14. You don't want ti to be too rare then finding parts specific to it will be a bear. You might check around junk yards to see if there are any part car sources out there. I'm assuming it needs restoration/work. anything missing?
  15. Curious how this setup works with fluid drive? would one have the electrics work off just one of the carbs?
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