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  1. Greg51T&CWagon

    1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe interior

    Without a picture it's hard to say. However if it is possible to get behind the fabric, you may be able to apply a fusible interlining to stabilize it? It would be very tricky to do while the upholstery is in place. You'd need to be able to slip a backer behind it with the fusible and then apply heat with an iron to do the trick. This would not work with vinyl btw.
  2. Greg51T&CWagon

    OD usage - and yes I am not getting my brain around it

    My r10 equipped truck came to me with a toggle switch. It only has two positions. Why not start by dismounting it from the dash so you can easily get to the back of it and using a multitestor run through the positions and see what you get? Greg
  3. Greg51T&CWagon

    need help with carpet

    Keep us posted on how it turns out. greg
  4. Greg51T&CWagon

    need help with carpet

    If you don't want a pro to sew a binding on you might try this stuff. Looks like a careful application could yield good results.
  5. Greg51T&CWagon

    Shifter loose part 2 on my 50 desoto

    Column shift control arm? You need a bushing set.
  6. Greg51T&CWagon

    MOPAR Luxury entertainment unit

    Saw that someone has converted one of these to play 45s which gives a more reasonable price and selection of music for it. First saw one of these as a teen in a 50s era Ranchero that had been customized in the 60s alla Barris, the car was metal flake banana yellow....
  7. Greg51T&CWagon

    I am at a cross road

    My R-10 in my Chevy has a reverse lockout if it is engaged. I assume yours is the same. No reverse while engaged.
  8. Greg51T&CWagon

    53 Meadowbrook wagon

    Just mentioned scarcity downside b/c I've run into a quandary finding a driver side gravel guard. Specific to year and model. Only about 1200 of my wagons were made and the only one I've found in a junk yard is missing that guard. Even knowing this I woulda bought mine anyway. I'm stubborn like that.
  9. Greg51T&CWagon

    53 Meadowbrook wagon

    You don't want ti to be too rare then finding parts specific to it will be a bear. You might check around junk yards to see if there are any part car sources out there. I'm assuming it needs restoration/work. anything missing?
  10. Greg51T&CWagon

    Another 230 build thread

    Curious how this setup works with fluid drive? would one have the electrics work off just one of the carbs?
  11. Greg51T&CWagon

    Found out today what I am NOT doing with my 50 Dodge

    My guess-tament based on doing my truck frame off paint little bodywork, new interior, brakes, gas tank etc. paint 15k, brakes, carb rebuild etc, new radiator, tires etc about 3k add 3-5k for rebuilding engine pulling replacing...Interior for my truck was 1.5k a car might be a bit more. I had this done in Houston. So you should have something nice to drive at about 20-25K Finding the folks to do it is the challenge. I understand wanting to get to the finish, tho doing the work yourself is a lot of fun.
  12. Greg51T&CWagon

    Highlander material cloth

    Are you sure those aren't seat covers? have you taken a seat out and look at the attachment area to see if there is something underneath?
  13. Greg51T&CWagon

    Fulton visor? No thanks!

    I love this sort of ingenuity! I suppose next you'll be telling us about how your glovebox is a microwave? 😁
  14. Greg51T&CWagon

    Tips on radio static

    For the radio in my truck i had to use ferrite core suppressors ( link) on all the wires leading to the radio. You can buy a bag of em of different sizes. The suppressor cores worked. If you can coil the wire then put the core over the coil so that multiple passes of the wire go through the suppressor that seems to help too. Probably wouldn't hurt to put a big one on the coil wire? I put em all over the wires connected to the radio. it's easy to do, they just snap on.* other things to do. Increase the wire sizes from the alternator to the battery also make sure all your grounds are good and adequate. Increase the gauge of the ground wire for the radio. making a shield for the back of the radio out of Mu-foil (google this it's pretty cool) might help as long as it doesn't trap heat. *this was for a retrosounds unit but the principal is the same I believe for original radios.
  15. Greg51T&CWagon

    New to the forum, Here's my dilemma

    I had this problem on my old truck that had sat for 20 years. I thought I had it all fixed until late at night coming home on the turnpike with a semi behind me the engine cut out, the semi driver was wide awake and helped me by staying behind me with his flashers on (there was no shoulder) till i got it started again and was able to get home.. Replace the entire fuel line from the tank to the carb, rebuild the carb, add the two filters mentioned above and have the tank professionally cleaned.

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