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  1. SMS does the Alligator vinyl and it's a damn near exact match to the mint example i have in my 51 wagon. Be sure to stress you want the larger scale gator texture.
  2. We'll see, but your first take is probably right in this case. the price was lower than scrap value. Let's hope he's just distracted at the moment.
  3. Thanks James, good advice. Unfortunately, it looks like this one is slipping through my fingers. The guy isn't responding to my calls.
  4. All good. Well fingers crossed I can acquire this bad boy. It would certainly save me a lot of time and effort.
  5. Thanks, I was hoping that was the case. So, I suppose the Spitfire head on my 251 will work as well? Greg
  6. Looking at a running industrial 265 to swap out for my stuck 251. This is for a 1951 T&C wagon with fluid drive. Will this bolt up to the fluid drive etc? Potential problems with the swap? The engine I'm told is mid 50s. thanks greg
  7. Guy in Virginia has a rebuilt 218 on craigslist. Says it was rebuilt with polished ports, mild cam... Never installed. Might be an option for you.
  8. My uncle drove a Model T truck from 1926 till 1964. Hand crank. My Dad describes him jacking it up by the back wheel and hitting the magneto or something? We still have it btw.
  9. When I was on the phone with George Asche a couple weeks ago discussing the possible rebuild of my 251, he mentioned they had the brake linings for my car a 51 Chrysler. So you might give them a call.
  10. In addition to the coil. I'd check the distributor cap and wires. look for corrosion or cracks. The wire contacts where they plug into the cap should be clean without oxidation etc. I recently had this problem with another car. I installed new wires and a cap and problem solved.
  11. If you have access to an area of the cloth hidden by a door handle or folded over onto the back etc. I'd test Resolve on it to make sure it won't lighten the color. If it doesn't alter the color, Resolve is pretty good at cleaning upholstery. It will probably lift out that grease. Blot, don't scrub, btw.
  12. Sounds like the master cylinder is bypassing. Needs a new kit or replacement. 'course i could be wrong : )
  13. I have not read the whole thread but you might look at using one of these to power your radio with the car's positive ground 6 volt system. It might save you a lot of hassle. Greg
  14. I dealt with SMS last Fall, There was a problem with the material that was not their fault, they very quickly and graciously made good and I got a really good match for the imitation Croc hide I needed.
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