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  1. Wedgewood blue

    Here ya go: http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/colorcodedisplay.cgi?ditzler=10773&rows=50&syear=1951&smanuf=Chrysler&smodel=Plymouth&sname=Wedgewood Blue
  2. Been a while: My '49 Coronet

    Did you make an adapter plate for the Trans or buy one? what did you do about the parking brake and drive shaft?
  3. Fluid Drive Stalling

    I think you need to look at the engine tune. Good strong spark?, is the fuel mixture on the money? Points nice and clean gapped right etc... edit see above -Merle beat me to it.
  4. Carpeted Floor Mats for P15

    Did you check with Newark Auto Products? They do a sewn to contour carpet for it.

    Once one of these original Boosters has been rebuilt how do they do? are they worth it?
  6. 51 T&C Station Wagon Build Card~~ Boat?!

    Yep, Probably right. It went to Nutley NJ outside NYC in North jersey. So right at a port. The taxi thing I thought was odd. Does that just mean HD suspension? Greg
  7. Got my build card in the mail today. A few surprises. First off it's stamped "Boat" ? Yeah, it's a land yacht but? Also it has a punch next to Taxi Pkg? Anyone got any ideas what that would mean, there's no sign of it being a taxi that i see? Thanks Greg
  8. New to forum

    Cool seat covers. Have you peaked underneath them yet?
  9. Hmmm, So can the rear seal be replaced while in the car? Mine's leaking a bit back there. Is it a difficult seal to pull and replace?
  10. door sill 49 Plymouth

    After watching a few rubber casting videos on youtube, I'm sure it would probably be easier to knock out some copies of those pristine ones above than a metal alternate. It's not nearly as complex a form as the examples you find in the DYI videos.
  11. 50 Coronet project

    Thanks very much, I'll dive into your thread for more details.
  12. 50 Coronet project

    Thanks for the info about the amplifier and jack. I suppose one could also add a charging dongal or flush mount a usb female plug? Is there a convertor to use 12v stuff in a 6volt car? Sorry if this is a dumb question- Electrically impaired.
  13. dodge 23" engine versus a cranbrook '53 engine

    Not sure if the reverse is true but when I restored a early 60s Land Rover some yrs ago, I did a D-Container from the UK to here. It ended up being a big savings over US prices even with costs. Got new springs, cyl head, lots of stuff. All new brakes, lights spare stuff etc...They just piled it all on a pallet and wrapped the boxes in plastic.
  14. Power Steering on Mopar in 1950?6nm

    Good to know. I was a young kid in College with zero experience restoring cars and not much money. I knew how to do a brake job, adjust valves, carb etc but not much else.
  15. Power Steering on Mopar in 1950?6nm

    Good luck. I had mine before the internet made finding parts easier. My hoses leaked slowly so once a month I had to top up the reservoir. I couldn't find anyone who had or made hoses for it. Mine had the six with 3 on the tree.