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  1. Merry Christmas & A Safe And Happy New Year

    Thanks Guys! Had 4 inches of snow in Southeast Iowa Saturday. Yesterday was beautiful. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. 3 degrees when we got up at 05:30 today. Up to 9 degrees now! The technical scientific meteorologist terminology for this weather is "YUCK"! I love all the pictures and comments. The car top full of presents is so neat. Years ago I had a pretty cool winter toy but we sold it when we had our boat built.
  2. My Friend Mike

    I think "Mike" must be a genius Too.
  3. My Friend Mike

    Holy Cow!!! I'm am so impressed Folks. What a fantastic car and story. Not sure anyone around my parts has even came close to a project like this let alone in that time-frame. I sure wish I had some of that "fire & desire" left. What a Family! Thanks to all the effort that went into posting this story as well. Tim & Lori
  4. Oil Filter Dilemma?

    I now believe that to be true! I had a "goo" problem not the wrong filter. Sure glad to have that mess cleaned up!
  5. Oil Filter Dilemma?

    Hey Crew. Dropped the oil out of the "48" and pulled the filter out of the canister. I believe my old filter to be the wrong cartridge for my canister? I read back in the archives and am still not sure what filter I need or even if I have the correct canister. I took a few pictures of the old filter and a new one I ordered. Problem is I do not think the new one is correct either. The old filter had 11/16" holes top and bottom to fit over the post in the center of the canister. The new filter has a 9/16" hole in the top and a 11/16" hole in the bottom??? The oil post is 9/16". I don't do metrics or thousands, just an old truck driver here. Anyway, long story short I'll use the new filter, it's a Wix 51080. The old filter was a NAPA Gold 1080. I found a site that lists a filter for a "48" Plymouth but not the brand. I will attach a link to that site. https://www.moparmall.com/Cartridge-type-oil-filters-for-1941-48-MoPar-p/807-019 x2.htm Package of (2) oil filters for so-equipped 1941-48 Plymouth; 1941-48 Dodge (passenger cars); 1941-48 DeSoto and 1941-42 Chrysler (See our other listing for 1946-48 Chrysler). These are getting scarce so its good to have a spare or two on hand Replaces OE p/n's 852758 - 861032 - 1121689 - 1123151 - 1123152 - 1124594 I am going to head to Car Quest Monday AM to see what then can find by the numbers listed above. On the lid of my oil filter canister you can almost make out the old part number 1123152. In the second picture is an oil filter for the "52" M37 Dodge motor. I get them from VPW in Fairfield Iowa. I have to believe somebody makes a proper fitting filter for my canister. The challenge is on! 1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe Oil Filter canister. M37 filter left, Plymouth filter right. 4 1/4" tall overall. 4" canister body only. Oil tube in center of canister is 9/16".
  6. Hey Crew. Trucker Tim & My Lori want to send a very special "Thank~You" to the FHUBLER Family. New to this site I've found a whole new group of like minded Folks that seem to enjoy the simple things in life. When I mentioned we needed some special parts for our new "48" Plymouth, Mr. Fhubler said not to worry they had extras and would be happy to help us out. The parts showed up in today's deliveries with a Seasons Greatings card with instructions to "enjoy" the new parts. Not very often will you find an old truck driver speechless. Thank You Fhubler. Thank You Fhubler. Thank You Fhubler. Tim & Lori.
  7. Hello "pflaming" Got my vote!
  8. Just ran across this Club. Let me know if my 1952 Dodge M37 qualifies me to join? She's 95% original and trying desperately to make it a higher percentage than that! A work in progress.
  9. Another Dodge in Navy service. Still looking for your answer.
  10. Hey Brent B3B. Got a Buddy who owns a Deuce & A Half who's Father just happened to be in the Navy. I'll see what I can come up with. Cool Truck!
  11. Oil Filter Dilemma?

    Hip Hip Hurrah! A few more hours in the shop and a lot more cleaning I found the WIX 51080 to be the correct filter for my canister. You Fellows were exactly right. The inside of my unit was so disgustingly dirty I failed to notice the bushing on the lower part of the oil pipe. The filter fits fine nice and snug top and bottom. Yippee. Smooth Sailing Now!
  12. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    And we know something about "bumps" in the road in Iowa.
  13. Oil Filter Dilemma?

    Thanks Guys. I appreciate the input. I'm going to try Car Quest first. Our NAPA is,,,,,, well, er, I will try Car Quest first. What I don't understand are the same size 11/16" holes in the NAPA Gold 1080 (old filter) , and the different size holes, one being 9/16" and one being 11/16" in the new WIX 51080??? , It's been in there a long time. "Yuck" Anyway I will use the new Wix filter this time and do a bit more research. Did not know Wix supplied NAPA. Also the center oil rod is right at 9/16". Thanks Guys, to be continued.
  14. Hello John! Thank you for the welcome.
  15. Hey Brent B3B. Well, he can be a "HE" if necessary, but I still pamper it like my baby girl. 5% not original, let me see. Tires are not Military tread. A 1952 M37 would have been more flat brown than flat green. I've installed a non-factory heater under the dash. Still looking for the proper canvas bed cover. Our truck was in service with the United States Army and should have a canvas top, not a hard top. (Most hard tops went to Canada.) I added a "gun mount" inside the cab for a replica M-16. I fabricated the lower stock mount myself. Still do not have my window wipers installed. Actually that's about it. It's a work in progress, but we take it out and enjoy the heck out of it in parades and Military displays.
  16. Overcenter Spring Adjust Tool.

    Most of the salvage yards in southeast Iowa are gone. "Toxic waste sites" ordered cleaned out by the EPA. Hurrah for "big brother". NOT. The few that are remaining are more late model cars and their prices are nuts. Just as well by dealer parts. We have a few small car shows and a few cruise nights but nothing to really get too excited about. Not much press or notifications on anything around here.
  17. Hey Crew. I've read about, and downloaded the file on the over center spring tool. Can someone tell me the exact length of the tool overall. And how far apart are the holes spaced?? Maybe I'm overlooking some info but I want to fabricate one of these tools and would like it to be really "purdy". (would be nice if it worked as well) I have been sent a couple of nice pictures but strive for max efficiency. Measure twice, cut once? As always, thanks in advance. I love this site. Been looking on the "net" hoping to find one and no such beast.
  18. Overcenter Spring Adjust Tool.

    Hey Bingster. It took me a while to find my way around. It also took some help from a few Folks to set me on the right path when I tried printing it out! I see your from Iowa! Kool, me too.
  19. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    Hey Flatie46, I do miss both of them. My Lori didn't like the new one. It's long gone, she's still here!
  20. Overcenter Spring Adjust Tool.

    Hey Crew! I found the download in the download section under tools. After P15-D24 Webmaster informed me about the ruler I finally made my template to the proper scale. Sometimes I'm a bit slow on the uptake. I couldn't figure out why the ruler was sideways to the drawing. Now I've got it down. Bingster, if I can figure it out you'll have no problem!
  21. We were the only Military vehicle to show up for their VFW dedication. "We ain't never not made it yet". (Smokey & the Bandit)
  22. Overcenter Spring Adjust Tool.

    Thank You Webmaster!!! I will follow your direction and make sure your ruler and mine match. Easy enough.
  23. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    The "pan" was a chopper. Bought it the way it sits. Just was not too practical. 1954????? Maybe?? Gettin' old.