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  1. Plymouth Sighting!

    Hey Pflaming. I fully understand. My first hobby is "worry" followed closely by my shop full of old trucks, cars and boats. Plenty to do and enjoy doing. My Lori and My health sometimes slow us down but never put us in park! Too ornery for that. Just need to pace ourselves. Sure am ready for spring.
  2. Plymouth Sighting!

    In my 42 years on the road I hauled heavy equipment in and out of Canada, never made it to Alaska. Still not sure I like being retired but it was nice to be home to help out around the house this winter.
  3. Plymouth Sighting!

    Hey Plymouthy Adams! Nope. Never fell thru the ice yet, just got a bit disorientated this winter. All better now. Got a shop full of projects and plenty of time. Sort of waiting on the money tree to bloom.
  4. Plymouth Sighting!

    Hey Crew! How is everyone doing? Been a long winter at the Powell Motor-Pool but excited about spring being right around the corner. We saw this ole beauty sitting down the street next to an Auto Shop. Not sure who she belongs too. Hope to meet the owner one day soon. Location, West Burlington Iowa.

    21 days into the New Year and I'm ready for spring. Anxious to get the "48" out for a drive!
  6. Merry Christmas & A Safe And Happy New Year

    Thanks Guys! Had 4 inches of snow in Southeast Iowa Saturday. Yesterday was beautiful. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. 3 degrees when we got up at 05:30 today. Up to 9 degrees now! The technical scientific meteorologist terminology for this weather is "YUCK"! I love all the pictures and comments. The car top full of presents is so neat. Years ago I had a pretty cool winter toy but we sold it when we had our boat built.
  7. My Friend Mike

    I think "Mike" must be a genius Too.
  8. My Friend Mike

    Holy Cow!!! I'm am so impressed Folks. What a fantastic car and story. Not sure anyone around my parts has even came close to a project like this let alone in that time-frame. I sure wish I had some of that "fire & desire" left. What a Family! Thanks to all the effort that went into posting this story as well. Tim & Lori
  9. Oil Filter Dilemma?

    I now believe that to be true! I had a "goo" problem not the wrong filter. Sure glad to have that mess cleaned up!
  10. Hey Crew. Trucker Tim & My Lori want to send a very special "Thank~You" to the FHUBLER Family. New to this site I've found a whole new group of like minded Folks that seem to enjoy the simple things in life. When I mentioned we needed some special parts for our new "48" Plymouth, Mr. Fhubler said not to worry they had extras and would be happy to help us out. The parts showed up in today's deliveries with a Seasons Greatings card with instructions to "enjoy" the new parts. Not very often will you find an old truck driver speechless. Thank You Fhubler. Thank You Fhubler. Thank You Fhubler. Tim & Lori.
  11. Hello "pflaming" Got my vote!
  12. Another Dodge in Navy service. Still looking for your answer.
  13. Hey Brent B3B. Got a Buddy who owns a Deuce & A Half who's Father just happened to be in the Navy. I'll see what I can come up with. Cool Truck!