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  1. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Staying on topic (sorta), a nice enterprising chap in London, Ingerland decided to put a blown big block MoPar V8 in a mo'sickle...
  2. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Well, to me it just goes to show that custom is as custom does. Buying a bunch of chrome geegaws from the Harley store does not make a custom. Nor does bolting a flattie into a rotbox make a vintage Mopar...
  3. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Well, if I'm honest, it took a bit of getting used to, but at 5'10" it's ok
  4. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Hahahaha! Nope, it was a Shabby badged Daewoo with a 3 cylinder 800cc lump. Awesome. She wrote it off the day she passed her test...
  5. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    You guys probably have no idea what a 'chav' is, but my blonde daughter ran a Chevrolet Matiz before she passed her driver's license test. I threatened to go to the parts store and swap an 'e' for an 'a'. "What?" she said, "So it reads 'Chevrolat?"
  6. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Chain drive steering! Ok, that's cool. But I still reckon that rear fender was way too big, and it needer a fatter back end. Ok, can I get chain steering in? It's going to be easier on my back and shoulders...
  7. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Yup, I'm the guy with the slightly rodded, Chevy powered Bodge who also runs a bobbed Suzuki that confuses the hell out of the Harley boys.
  8. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Well, it's a different car and chassis, but I'm happy to share the 'Bodge' moments where I can... Maybe a job for tomorrow.
  9. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Yeah, but from the original thread, he's already got an SBC and TH350 ready to go. Unless someone wants to swap them for a ready to run Mopar flattie can't you just point him in the right direction?
  10. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    Well, look, I'm another heretic because by the time I bought my Bodge D20, someone had already dropped a 350 SBC/TH350 in there. It works. Man, is it ugly in places, though, and given the time and money I'd prefer to drop a hemi in, but I'll run what I've got for now. And it's been properly butchered...
  11. 1941 D20 kingsway

    Ooof! 318 pages, it's the official Shop Manual. Ask me nicely, and I'm happy to scan and email/post specific pages, but to scan the whole thing would take a month of Sundays... This might help, too: http://www.pwchryslerclub.org/PlymouthManual_OCR.pdf
  12. 1941 D20 kingsway

    Wiring diagram as promised...
  13. 1941 D20 kingsway

    Ok, thanks for that. So maybe the spring mounts are slightly further apart on the Ford axle...
  14. 1941 D20 kingsway

    Hey, can you do me a favour on that 8.8? I have the same back end on my D20, albeit with drums not discs, but can you check the width? Mine was up on the ramp yesterday and this morning, and it looks like the back axle has shifted sideways slightly. I know the rear leaf springs are shot and most of the support comes from the optional 'heavy duty' coilovers, but it looks like one spring has slid sideways. On the front end, someone also made homemade shock mounts, but managed to make one taller than the other, and whoever put the SBC and TH350 in obviously thought bellhousings were for wimps...
  15. 1941 D20 kingsway

    I have a shop manual for it. Ill post the wiring diagram later...