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  1. Tech manual

    You're welcome! Just don't ask for the whole manual - it's 317 pages...
  2. Dash help

    Ah, OK, thanks. I assumed that all those controls were on the heater unit itself (mine is missing the casing)...
  3. Dash help

    Not any longer, John! The rear fenders have been modified and that switch is currently my light switch and instrument light dimmer, but I'm trying to put things a little closer to stock...
  4. Dash help

    OK, thanks. Any idea what 'A' is, sort of half under the dash?
  5. Tech manual

    Ah, I've just hit my upload limit. The other three pages are here:
  6. Tech manual

    Someone more knowledgeable could provide better info, I'm sure, but my understanding is that the Fluid Drive was simply a fluid coupling between the motor and gearbox and sat (I think) between the flywheel and clutch. The upshot was that you needed to use the clutch to change gear, but once in gear you could let the clutch out and ride the brake like an auto box. The manual I have is from Dodge Canada, and they offered slightly different options to what Detroit built. As such, I believe Detroit offered the D19 with Fluid Drive and three speed manual box. My manual lists: 3 speed manual Power shift (a vacuum operated add-on to the 3 speed manual, giving servo assisted gear change) Simplimatc with Fluid Drive (a two speed manual and 2 speed auto box giving four forward gears) Vacamatic (overdrive unit on Chrysler C30 (New Yorker) and C33 (Crown Imperial) Oh, and I am an idiot. I just found the Fluid Drive section...
  7. Dash help

    Ah, OK, I've only ever come across that on agricultural diesels, where you wind up the idle while using equipment driven from the PTO. What was the purpose? Crude cruise control, or to warm up the engine in conjunction with the choke?
  8. Dash help

    Hoping someone can shed some light on the switchgear on a 41 Dodge/Plymouth for me... C is the light switch and D is the choke. B is labelled 'Throttle' - what is that and what does it do? What is the knob marked A?
  9. Tech manual

    This is representative of what I have. Let me know if it's what you need... (these are only low-res scans, if they're helpful, I can do much higher res).
  10. Tech manual

    I have an original shop manual for a 41 Dodge D19-20-21. Let me know which sections you want and I can scan it...
  11. Hmm. If it's any help, I'm planning to pull the vacuum motor out of my 41 Plymouth P11 (well, Dodge Kingsway, but same thing) at the weekend, so I will take some photos for you...
  12. True, but their picture above is from the engine compartment looking at the firewall. The motor's dashed because there's a panel between you and it...
  13. 1941 Plodge Kingsway

    Thanks, Phil, that last photo is a godsend for me. I'll take any more dash and interior shots you have, please!
  14. 1941 Plodge Kingsway

    Nice car, Andy. Sadly, the Leyland P76 is as rare over here as 1941 Dodge Kingsways. But I will keep looking...
  15. 1941 Plodge Kingsway

    So this gets interesting. Having checked in the shop manual, we find the following for 1941... So that tells me my car was built in Ontario as a Dodge D20, with the same 117" wheelbase as the 1939 Dodge D11.