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  1. Carb info

    Are these OLD kits that you are talking about? I would like to know about kits that take ethanol into consideration.
  2. Carb info

    I have a old Fenton 2 carb intake manifold on my 48 sd club coupe. The carbs say Chrysler Corporation on the side. The stamp on the top of the carbs say D 6G1 and on one side it says 0-370. Can anyone help in identifying these carbs? Thanks Mike
  3. drain rear axle

    Ok, I don't know if this is a original rear axle or not. How do you identify48 rear ends?
  4. drain rear axle

    Hi, I just tried to change the fluid in my 48 rear axle. It looks like the front and rear plugs are on the same level. where do I drain and where do I refill? Thanks, Mike
  5. lowering

    I would like to lower both front and back.
  6. lowering

    I want to lower my 48 club coupe. What are my options, best, easiest, cheapest with little change in ride quality? Thanks, Mike
  7. 52 P23 drive line fluids

    I am going to replace theP20 218 that is in my 48 club coupe. I don't know what fluids are in the P20. I also don't know what fluids are in the replacement engine, a 52 P23218 with a 3 speed and overdrive. What motor oil, transmission fluid, overdrive and rear end fluid should I put in the 52 P23.The P23 has about 65000 miles on . Thanks for any help you can give me. Mike