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  1. porters

    Carb info

    Still looking for comments about sources of carb kits that contain parts that are not subject to ethanol degredation. also looking for phenolic spacers between carb and intake manifold. Thanks, Mike
  2. porters

    Carb info

    Are these OLD kits that you are talking about? I would like to know about kits that take ethanol into consideration.
  3. porters

    Carb info

    I have a old Fenton 2 carb intake manifold on my 48 sd club coupe. The carbs say Chrysler Corporation on the side. The stamp on the top of the carbs say D 6G1 and on one side it says 0-370. Can anyone help in identifying these carbs? Thanks Mike
  4. Ok, I don't know if this is a original rear axle or not. How do you identify48 rear ends?
  5. Hi, I just tried to change the fluid in my 48 rear axle. It looks like the front and rear plugs are on the same level. where do I drain and where do I refill? Thanks, Mike
  6. porters


    I would like to lower both front and back.
  7. porters


    I want to lower my 48 club coupe. What are my options, best, easiest, cheapest with little change in ride quality? Thanks, Mike
  8. I am going to replace theP20 218 that is in my 48 club coupe. I don't know what fluids are in the P20. I also don't know what fluids are in the replacement engine, a 52 P23218 with a 3 speed and overdrive. What motor oil, transmission fluid, overdrive and rear end fluid should I put in the 52 P23.The P23 has about 65000 miles on . Thanks for any help you can give me. Mike
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