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  1. Duffy

    1940 Dodge battery location

    Just in case someone is digging thru this thread like I was. Just found my battery under the passenger side of the seat on 1941 2 1/2 ton Dodge Dump Truck WF-32. And the battery was not too low on water, Happy New Year 2019!
  2. @Jerry RobertsThanks again so much. Just ordered the bushing from Collectors Auto Supply. If I look right under the column part no. in my book our part numbers do match. Have a good one!! Duffy
  3. Thanks Jerry. You are awesome!! Funny the 395800 is in the numbers I have but not obvious. There is a later section about variations. Here is my parts manual. Looks like it has your name on it! Thanks again, Duf
  4. Unfortunately the steering gear column jacket bushing part no. 925 882-395 800 group 19-C is missing so we cannot get a copy. Mechanic thinks he can make one out of and old king pin. So do I need that whole part no or just the 882-395 portion?
  5. Thanks Jerry! Will do on the drag link. Now for the top steering shaft .bearing. Have a parts book. Will look that up and check with said suppliers.
  6. By the way, there is a truck engine and drive train available nearby at Discovery Bay Auto Wrecking. Do not have the parts I need.
  7. The truck and I are in Port Townsend, Washington. Thank you for asking. Duffy
  8. Mah baby is in the shop. She is a 1941 1 1/2 ton Dodge Dump Truck. She needs a new drag link and the bearing that goes on the steering shaft right under the steering wheel. Any ideas about where I can gets these parts?? Thanks much, Duf
  9. Duffy

    Scare of my life.

    Going with the biggest baddest rotors and calipers I can find for our 1941 1 1/2 ton Dodge dump truck. Was entering a round-a-bout and a lady came speeding thru. Had a nanosecond to decide "brake or keep going"?? Know the truck well enough to keep going and it all worked out. That time....
  10. Duffy

    Photo’s of my Truck

    Yes. Excellent job! Had I known they could look that nice I would have bought the beater version parked a 1/2 mile away.
  11. Duffy

    new guy's 1947 WD-21

    Got yourself a pretty good start there. I looked for a long time for similar and never saw a price that low for something in the condition of your new truck. I ended up with a working 1941 1 1/2 ton dump truck but she was a lot more'n $400
  12. Thanks @Merle Coggins. Interesting thoughts. I bet the two tops of the cylinders are connected by the crossover pipe. I’ve been adding to each side while its up but probably only need to add to one side It is something to think this system is 76 years old. All I have found for info on it is advertising brochure!
  13. OK. After doing a little research and finding out most of the self contained units can be filled from top of cylinder, removed the brass breather plugs on top of each cylinder and dumped in 1/2 a cup of hydraulic fluid. Made an overflow system out of clear pipe and plastic elbows and a tee and aimed stuff out of the top of cylinder connections into a bucket. Kept adding fluid and the hoist raised up! Took out the block and kept adding fluid and putting clear drain hose on, then let bed down and back up. Gained two whole inches on cylinder extension. More tomorrow!
  14. Our 1941 1 1/2 Ton Dodge Truck has a twin cylinder Heil hydraulic hoist that has the pump and reservoir built in (see pic) and it will not go high enough. I think it only goes to about 30 degrees. Worse I blocked it up to work on the hoist and the block is now stuck because it will not go any higher so I can remove the block! LOL! Hoping it just needs fluid but no idea how to add, bleed, type of oil, etc.???? I suspect oil is added thru the big brass plugs on each cylinder. Maybe one of the lower plugs is removed and you watch to see when oil comes out?? This is a Heil model no 3S26. Thx!!
  15. Duffy

    47 1/2 ton, 4BT cummins

    Wow. That is really cool! Thanks for posting. Thinking about a swap for our 1941 Dodge 1 1/2 ton dump truck. But I think I’ll try it stock for a while. Really do not think I could zip down a freeway asis but I don’t need to.

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