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    B-1 Series 1948 Dodge Truck, 1tonne dually. Rolling resto...

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    Almost 48 yrs, had truck 15 yrs, running but needs lovin’.getting back to it this winter
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    Roof contractor Whistler area


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    West Coast Canada-Squamish,B.C.
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    Get it back to original. Work as Roof contractor, hobbies - wood , drums/music, outdoors, nature

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  1. Ready to plumb new polycoated lines to new cylinders all around. The previous brake lines weren’t laid out well, trying to configure close to original as possible, also not sure about the poly line, did test double flare with ok results...any photo of rear, front would be appreciated.does the Rear only have one rubber flex line from bracket to axle on driver side, where it tees to the cylinders? The lines run up over the rear leaf springs? Thank you, Dave in Squamish BC Canada
  2. Good Evening, almost ready to paint the frame, prepped by grinding, rust inhibitor, now contemplating rattle cans of tremclad ( rustoleum). Is this going to fail, does one have to use the fancy new (por, etc) products? Appreciate your insights, experiences etc., still a week out from applying. Thanks, this is a great Forum, couldn’t have progressed without it.
  3. Right on thank you, I’ll go off these pics for the spare mounting. Nibble away at the elephant! thx d
  4. Trying to configure the spare tire retaining assembly, between frame rails at rear. There is a crossmember, but nothing else. Have to fab something close to stock, would it be possible for someone to post a photo of the assembly? Thank you. Dave.
  5. Indeed it’s not a dual wheel truck. The rims aren’t coined. Looks like i have two spares... I was on a tangent on that one for years, so I want to thank y’all for setting this straight, I would have wasted a lot of time and energy on that one, thinking I was getting it back together! Thx d.
  6. Hello, The tires I installed years ago on the split rims are too wide to install. (Used 7.5x16instead of 6.5x16). As the hubs are off to replace all brake parts, I’m hoping it’s possible to re/re the lug bolts to accommodate the wider tires. The existing bolts are approximately 2”, and I’d need another 2” to make it work. Can we remove the existing and reinstall longer lug studs? Or do I have to change tire size back to original? Another common question I get is the possibility of swapping the rear end to ease up on the revs, maybe drive on a main road once in a while.. ive got rear stripped,( gas tank,running boards, lines, electrical) now grinding rust off frame, parts, etc . Got hubs to shop for turning, getting wheel cylinders,lines,hand brake assembly.,planning the flatdeck (steel frame, 2x6 Doug Fir decking) as no box available (its 9 ft). Gonna get it back to stock! Thank y’all, cheers, Dave in Squamish.
  7. We got em, fronts were worst, the lining delaminated from shoes, wedged in and rust sealed. Thanks for support, parts on order..
  8. Ok thank you Young Ed, I’ll proceed in that direction; can I use a puller to ease drum off? D
  9. Hello, Dave here from Squamish, time to bring the 48 one ton back to the garage so we can work on it. The front drivers side won’t turn at all. We tried wheel off four pound tap, lubed the dust plate/hub, backed off the brake shoe adjuster, still no movement... any ideas on next move? Thank you all , this is a great forum and it feels great working on the old iron again, in this modern computer age! dave Tweet. Squamish BC, Canada
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