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  1. Ausstromer

    T40 engine capacity.

    Yes, displacement. Thanks that's all I was after.
  2. Hi all, just trying to find the capacity of a 37 truck engine. Flathead 6, 25", eng number T40.
  3. Ausstromer

    Dual circuit master cylinder

    Thanks, haven't got as far as new lines yet. The whole car will get new brake lines to suit with the remote brake booster. It was more just a concern over the limited throw / stroke of the lever below the floor for the operation of the m/c. Although i think i may have a plan to increase the stroke which eliminates all these questions.
  4. Ausstromer

    Dual circuit master cylinder

    Robert, I was effectively copying your idea, other then using remote reservoirs. Maok, I could be overthinking this. I was aware of what you said, however is there an issue if the pedal doesn't operate through the full strike of the master cylinder. Obviously if sized correctly it's not going have the m/C bottoming out unless there is a major brake failure.
  5. Ausstromer

    Dual circuit master cylinder

    Hi all, just a quick question. I'm converting my car top front discs, similar to the exporer setup, just using locally available parts, Australian Falcon twin piston calipers. Standard rear drums. May change later to a jeep diff / rear drums. I'm retaining the standard brake pedal. I can't use the eci setup due to my car being right hand drive. I was going to gut the standard m/c and mount the new 1" master cylinder behind the original. Has anyone doing this had an issue with pedal travel? The standard pedal doesn't have a lot of stroke at the m/c, certainly not as much at the m/c donor vehicle. I'm not sure if it's going to be sufficient to operate the brakes properly. I noticed eci's setup extends the pedal to increase m/c stroke.
  6. Ausstromer

    25" 218 intake manifolds

    Thanks for the info. I'll give you a call Andy. For everyone else it's P25 / 2 / C. So it looks like it's a 228, 25". And I guess I need to keep a lookout for a Edmonds manifold.
  7. Ausstromer

    25" 218 intake manifolds

    Hi everyone. Before you start I have searched and haven't got a conclusive answer. I have a '52 Plymouth Cranbrook, 3 SPD with the factory overdrive. Australian built / delivered, so factory right hand drive. The engine block is stamped P25. According to my searches this is a 218. Running a tape over the head it measures 25". Searches keep showing me the 25" blocks were 230's, and the larger 250(?) and 265, and apparently a 25" 218 doesn't exist. I'm after a twin carb manifold but no one seems to list if there manifolds fit 23" or 25" blocks. Who makes manifolds to suit the 25" block? I'm also after the split exhaust headers but will have to be creative due to the steering box location. Has anyone in Australia done RHD rack and pinion conversion, diff swap (for different gears), and disc brake conversion. Just interested what local parts you used. Thanks

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