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  1. Gregarious13

    Show your tools.

    Just picked up these from the local community college auto department. They replaced them with Chinese tools from harbor freight 🤔 They are not allowed to sell them and can only scrap or give away. I know someone there and he let me have them. Three phase grinder and 55 ton press. Grinder has 3 new wheels, 2" wide 12" diameter. It will take 30 years to wear them out! Greg
  2. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    So... My wife and I just bought a house in Downtown San Jose CA. Very spur of the moment. Saw the house on a Tuesday, made an offer Wednesday that got accepted Thursday. This means there will be a little hold on the Dodge project while we get everything squared away and moved in. Stay posted, the car will not be forgotten. To be continued... Thanks, Greg
  3. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    Thanks! I will indeed be moving the shock mounts over to the frame. I am also planning to use the Jeep Cherokee shocks on the car, front and rear. The mount will be a little different than stock Dodge. Obviously I will be getting new shocks, not using the old Jeep ones. Greg
  4. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    A small but important update. I made the passenger side engine mount bracket. I'm happy with how it turned out. Driver's side is more complicated as I need to make the engine side and frame side brackets. Thanks Greg
  5. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    The flux core is much like stick welding, at least when it come to the puddle. The nuts are welded to the back sides of the frame brackets, just to keep from needing two wrenches to install the cross member. The load is still on the steel bracket. I may install two more nuts into the frame itself, as added insurance. Bolts and nuts are grade 8 3/8 -24 Greg
  6. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    The frame mounts for the cross member were next. I used 4X4X1/4" tube that I cut in half on the diagonal to make to L brackets. Then I added side gussets. Drilled two holes to wend through to the frame and two holes with nuts welded to the back for the transmission cross member to bolt to. Welded to the inside of the frame rails, all bolted together. I still have some more welding to do on the frame brackets and cross member, that's for Tuesday night. I may weld in two more nuts into the frame on either side for four bolts per side. These are all flux core welds, I ran out of shielding gas Friday night. I like the way it ran, pretty clean for not using it in a while. Greg
  7. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    Today I worked on the transmission cross member. First thing I did was remove about an inch from the thickness of the cross member. I cut the middle out, relieved the ends so I could fold them down. I then welded a 1/16" plate to the bottom to finish it off. All will be fully welded it's just stitched for now. Last part was to drill the access holes for the rubber mount bolts. Greg
  8. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    Here are the gear selector pictures. First two show the clearance of the intake and exhaust around the column. Second set of pictures are of the Jeep selector detent. The detent will find it's way onto the end of the column, somehow. The forward and backward movement of the shift rod on the column will operate the detent lock, just like the button on the Jeep floor shifter. Easier said than done, but still straight forward. Greg
  9. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    I'm using the column as is and will adapt the Jeep shift selector detents to the column and use a cable or linkage to connect the transmission. (I will use the stock Jeep shift cable if I can) The stock Dodge column shift has both the up and down movement and the forward and backward movement, same as an automatic column. I just need to reassign those movements to new jobs. I don't think I'll be using a gear indicator on the column, but if that was necessary, a pointer on the shift lever and a plate with the gears stamped in it will be fine for me. I'll snap some pictures of the stock Jeep shift selector and the column shift arm and lever tonight. For my project, the idea is to make it look like nothing has been changed from the stock appearance. Greg
  10. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    Manifold is nothing to write home about. That's for sure. I figure I'll cut off the unnecessary brackets and fixtures from the manifold and put a faux oil bath air cleaner on it. We'll see, that's a ways down the road.
  11. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    Well, the engine is temporarily installed in it's new home. I have the frame leveled, engine and trans centered and level side to side with about 3° tilt to the back. I cut out most of the trans tunnel and driver's floor as it was rusty and in the way. A little cutout for the valve cover to recess in the firewall was needed too. The front suspension cross member needs a little more clearance around the crank damper. Stock Jeep radiator may fit in front of the core support. Haven't fully decided if I want to use it or get a custom one yet. Stock Jeep trans cross member will work perfectly as is. However, I may modify the bottom for a little more ground clearance. Stock exhaust and intake fit nicely around the steering. Even the shifter linkage on the column clears the manifolds. I removed the power steering pump, may go electric, may stay manual. A decision for another day. I will move the alternator from lower passenger side to upper driver, where the PS pump was. Next step is to make the real engine mounts and attachment points for the transmission cross member. Then get ready for the Jeep axle installation. It's all falling together. Thanks, Greg
  12. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    I'm not entirely sure what you two are referring to. Can you elaborate? Greg
  13. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    2019 is not that far away! Maybe we will have the beer fridge installed for your visit. Greg
  14. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    Very good point! Greg
  15. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    The front floor boards and parts of the inner rocker panels are in need of replacement. Some rust through on the lower trunk opening. And some quarter panel rust on the passenger side. That's about the extent of the major rust, the rest of the car is surface rust. Greg

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