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  1. Old Mopar Junk yard near Sacramento, ca

    Thats not being brash! Your stating a fact, these parts and cars are not easy to find and aren't getting cheaper. I've never had trouble paying for something I needed or wanted. It's all part of the hobby. The thrill is that there are places I can go get these parts! Greg
  2. Old Mopar Junk yard near Sacramento, ca

    Wow! Apparently I don't get out enough. I have some traveling to do. Greg
  3. Old Mopar Junk yard near Sacramento, ca

    Thanks! I have to go check it out now. I'm only an hour and a half from there. Greg
  4. Old Mopar Junk yard near Sacramento, ca

    I live in the silicon valley in California and would love to know about said junk yard. I would love to visit such a place. Greg
  5. First restoration project

    That's a good looking car! That's the kind of car I would clean up, replace the interior and then drive. With a car that original, I'd have a hard time making too many modifications. I enjoy making things a little better while not overly modifying anything, especially cosmetically. Greg
  6. door sill 49 Plymouth

    Those look very nice! Greg
  7. 50 Coronet project

    99% of the wiring is now complete. The remaining items are the heater and defroster blowers. This is the first time I have heard those horns and boy are they loud! We took the car out for another test drive today after the wiring was complete. The Gyro-Matic now shifts automatically like it's supposed to and we have turn indicators. I have a feeling my DC converter for the wipers is no good as the wipers aren't working. I'll do a little troubleshooting tomorrow evening. Greg
  8. 50 Coronet project

    Here is the next step of the steering wheel, a coat of high build primed and a little sanding. Needs some small pits filled in then more sanding.
  9. 50 Coronet project

    I suggested the white paint on the underside of the dash but my friend didn't like the idea, so I didn't do it.
  10. 50 Coronet project

    While the steering wheel was out we decided to fix the cracks and paint it. It's nice to have a good looking steering wheel and it feels good on the hands. The first step is to file all the cracks nice and wide so the filler has a place to go. Also the cracks are tapered a bit. The the wheel was cleaned with Acetone then we applied some body filler and let that cure. Next the sanding then primer then more sanding and more filler then more sanding then more primer then more sanding then maybe the paint. Greg
  11. 50 Coronet project

    Well, we finally got the dash back in the car. That's a good feeling to have that part done. The remaining wiring is the easy part. I needed to make a horn cable for the steering column. I used a short piece of copper nickel brake line and a little circle of copper sheet for the contact at the steering wheel end. I just soldered the two pieces together and crimped it to a piece of wire. I used a push on retainer to hold the contact tight to the ring that screws to the steering wheel. The whole assembly plugs into the horn cable with a bullet connector. Sorry I didn't get pictures of that part. Greg
  12. door sill 49 Plymouth

    I don't believe the sills offer any sealing function of the door, rather more of a windlace function. I see no adverse effects from installing a thinner metal version. I think an aluminun or stainless panel would be very nice.
  13. door sill 49 Plymouth

    These rubber sill mats? These are from a 52 Dodge thought. Yes, reproduction is all I have see too. Luckily mine are in good shape. My friend and I have talked about trying to make a mold from these and attempting to cast new ones. It would probably fail miserably though. Another thought is to fine a ribbed rubber mat and screw it to the sills Greg
  14. Electric cooling fans

  15. 1952 disc break conversion

    This is not the "best" way but a way none the less. I have had success with this procedure. If the old king pin isn't to knackered up you can make a home brew reamer out of it. I did this on an Austin Healy I had. You grind a groove along the length of the king pin making your own flute. Once the Grove is ground down the middle, clearance one side so there is only one "cutting edge" Just measure the diameter of the old pin and make sure it's not too far from the diameter of the new pins If the king pin is too worn out this won't work as the pin will already be undersized. I'll draw something up and post a picture when I get home. If your reusing the old pins, then nevermind. Greg