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  1. Business coupe car cover

    I agree, California Car Covers makes some really nice covers. Top notch! They will even modify the cover to make it fit perfectly. Greg
  2. cardboard heater duct Cranbrook 1953

    ...and that how that's done! Looks great! Greg
  3. Sbc in 50 plymouth

    As long as the bills are paid, my wife doesn't give a rats behind what I buy or how much it costs. Greg
  4. Too far gone?

    This is going to be cool! Greg
  5. Clements, California Tailgate BBQ 11th Annual

    I got the ice cream! Greg
  6. Clements, California Tailgate BBQ 11th Annual

    Legal in CA too! Greg
  7. 50 Coronet project

    One little update. The inside of the tank is coated and now the bottom half of the tank has a rubber coating for protection from road debris and noises. I'll get it back in the car this weekend. And then finish rebuilding the carburetor. That will be the end of the fuel system for now. I can't wait to see the capacity of this tank. It looks much bigger than the original, even though the measurements are very similar. Greg
  8. Exhaust Routing for Duals

    Here, maybe this will help. Not a six, but maybe still useful. Greg
  9. 50 Coronet project

    Well the tank is under the car! We had to make new straps because the corner radiuses if the new tank are so much smaller and the tank is slightly larger than stock. Now we paint it Black and put it back. Greg
  10. rubber sill plate removal

    That's awesome! Greg
  11. Time for an overhaul...

    I never thought of using a bore snake for that! Good idea! Greg
  12. Me and the Meadowbrook

  13. 1941 Desoto - unique woody conversion

    Not too bad! Some issues with execution, but a neat idea. Greg
  14. Banded wheels.

    I like your thinking. Do it yourself and learn something! Greg
  15. Tim, Will you need help Sunday, in case I can't make it up there Saturday? Greg