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  1. Gregarious13

    47 ply convert $82,000 on EBAY

    It's probably a roach. The paint looks nice in the pictures. But for $82,000 I'd expect much better craftsmanship, well craftsmanship in general. Greg
  2. Gregarious13

    Meadowbrook Project

    That's cool! Greg
  3. Gregarious13

    47 ply convert $82,000 on EBAY

    See that wiring nightmare under the dash? Yuck! Greg
  4. Gregarious13

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    The seats might look better without the head rests and in a different color. But might not either. I'm a big fan of bench seats! Greg
  5. Gregarious13

    1939 business coupe build

    That's exciting! Greg
  6. Gregarious13

    Smokes after 8 minutes of running

    Give it an Italian tune up! Greg
  7. Gregarious13

    Highlander material cloth

    I was thinking about using Pendelton wool fabric for my seats. https://www.pendleton-usa.com/home/home-furnishings-decor/fabric Greg
  8. Gregarious13

    39 Fuel Tank & Elec Pump

    I suggest: 0° to -0.50° camber. Less camber means less tire wear. More camber means more stable in turns. No positive camber! 1/8" to 0" toe in More toe in will stabilize the steering feel but increase tire wear. Less toe in i.e. 0 can make the steering feel like it is wandering. As much caster as they can reasonably get. Improves high speed straight line driving. If the steering is too heavy at slow speed you can back this off a bit. This is for radial tires. Greg
  9. Gregarious13

    50 Coronet project

    Springs, yes, will affect ride height but shocks, no. Shock absorber simply control the spring movement, dampen it, if you will. Greg
  10. Gregarious13

    50 Coronet project

    I have been clearing out a hoarders garage. This has been my weekend time for the past month and a half. Getting a bunch of good stuff for the new shop space and extras to boot! There are about 20 Cabbage Patch dolls I'm going to sell and several Tonka trucks still in original packaging! More trucks not packaged. Some pictures of what I brought home yesterday. Pretty fun going through this guys garage. I'm headed over there now for another big haul! Greg
  11. Gregarious13

    50 Coronet project

    Agreed, shocks are definitely on the list. I am the alignment shop so Ill just check out the alignment on the front before any more suspension work is done. The shocks aren't going to affect the alignment angles anyway. Plus since I'm doing the alignment, I can take it back for as many checks as I need as work progresses.
  12. Gregarious13

    50 Coronet project

    Ooh yeah, Craig's father let us borrow his brake adjusting tool! Now we can get the right side dive tongo away with proper adjustment. Greg
  13. Gregarious13

    50 Coronet project

    The car made it to Lodi for the 11th Clements BBQ. It was a 2 hour drive with zero problems. The car averaged about 15 miles per gallon. \ At a gas station on the way home, somewhere in Lodi, a man was commenting on the Dodge and mentioned he has a 1949 DeSoto sedan on his farm that has been sitting since the '70s. His friend he was with said they have a bunch of old cars. He gave me his number, I may have to call and make a trip out there to see whats up. We even got an award at the BBQ for the best in progress, pretty cool! Now working on little things to make the car a little more usable for everyday like a heater and getting the horns working. Cleaned and tuned the horns so they reliably work. Those suckers are loud! (Yes, they are running on 12V) Almost need a switch to deactivate one horn while in town, like a truckers highway and city horns. Got the heater box and bower out of my Wayfarer to install in the Coronet only to find out the heater core leaks everywhere. I need to find a good radiator shop near me as San Jose Radiator is no longer in business. They were really good. We will have to make a new heater plenum from the heater box to firewall too. Then we need to tackle the dome light switches so the dome light works when opening the doors. Probably wont start the sheet metal until we move into the shop space we are going to be renting. I have outgrown the one car garage and my buddy Craig found us a great deal on a single bay shop near by. Should be enough space for two cars and all the tools. Greg
  14. The Coronet made it to the BBQ! It was a blast meeting with everyone. I look forward to next year with a new project! Greg
  15. Gregarious13

    '50 Dodge Fuel Gauge Operation

    After receiving the replacement gauge I measured the resistance of the electromagnet coils on it and found 68 ohms on the empty coil and 94 ohms on the full coil. Basically the same as the original. So that got me thinking about other reasons the gauge would not be working. I knew the wiring and sender were working and I had power and ground to the gauge. The last thing I could do was swap the polarity of the wires connected to the gauge. That worked! When I rewired the dash I swapped the polarity of the gauge because I had changed the car from positive Earth to negative earth. Turns out the gauge won't work that way, not sure why yet, but I'll think about it. Conclusion: when changing to negative earth, don't change polarity on the fuel gauge. Power goes to the screw post and the sender wire goes to the bullet terminal. Hopefully this helps someone when changing to 12v negative earth. Also use a voltage converter to drop to 6V. Greg

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