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  1. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    I'm not entirely sure what you two are referring to. Can you elaborate? Greg
  2. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    2019 is not that far away! Maybe we will have the beer fridge installed for your visit. Greg
  3. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    Very good point! Greg
  4. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    The front floor boards and parts of the inner rocker panels are in need of replacement. Some rust through on the lower trunk opening. And some quarter panel rust on the passenger side. That's about the extent of the major rust, the rest of the car is surface rust. Greg
  5. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    Yep! It's definitely tall enough. Not quite eady to spend the money just yet. Still have a bit of wiring work to do to get the shop fully functional. If I get a lift in there I would like a four post. And if I get a lift there's no room for the rotisserie I might build.
  6. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    It was an obvious choice to use an in line 6 for the Dodge. I have had a few Jeeps and my wife drives one currently, so I figured I'd try to use that engine. The hard part was finding a Jeep with the 6 and 2 wheel drive automatic. This one was $600.00 for the entire truck! Thanks, Greg
  7. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

  8. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    Here's some pictures of the Dodge, Jeep and the shop. I have just about completely striped the Jeep. The axles and glass are all that's left. I'm hoping to sell most of the parts i don't need or give them away if someone needs them.
  9. Gregarious13

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    Hi, Been a little while. My buddy Craig and I finally got moved into our new shop space. It's a 600 or so Sq ft shop in Mountain View CA. It's small but much better than where I was working. At least a car fits inside, under a roof! We're still getting set up. We have some electrical work to do for the welders and compressor. The Dodge is a Wayfarer Business Coupe. It's complete except for the drivetrain. It's missing the engine, transmission and drive shaft. Front floors are shot too. All the trim and other miscellaneous front end parts are in the trunk, except for the hood,that's in the garage. The plan is to take a bunch of parts from a 1997 Jeep Cherokee 2 wheel drive and adapt them to the Dodge. More likely I'll be adapting the Dodge to fit the Jeep parts. Parts from the Jeep that I will use in the Dodge: Engine 4.0L (244ci.) Inline six. Fuel infected and all. Automatic tansmission and shifter cable. Will be adapted to use the column shift for selecting gears. Rear axle. Chrysler 8 1/4" Rear leaf springs I'll adapt or make new spring mounts on the frame. Parking brake system (equalizer box and rear cables) I will adapt the Dodge front cable. Power steering gear box. I don't have a plan for how this will work yet but I would like to have the power steering. HVAC. The entire under dash evaporator box and controls. I'll have to use the passenger side firewall from the Jeep to mount the HVAC to. Gas tank with sender and pump. Some of the gauge guts to make the old Dodge gauges work with the electric sender's from the Jeep. So far the fuel gauge and speedometer. The power brake booster, master cylinder and pedal assembly. The driver's side Jeep firewall will be moved to the Dodge. I will be using most of the Jeep firewall, transmission tunnel and the front portions of the floor pans. I won't be using the Jeep front disc brakes, instead I'll get an after market setup for the Dodge. This will be a long project. I plan to just make it right. The thought behind using as much of the Jeep as possible is that I will be able to service the Dodge almost anywhere. I want to make this my every day car and keep my Ranchero (currently the daily driver) for when I need a pickup. I will post some current pictures too. Thanks, Greg
  10. Gregarious13

    47 ply convert $82,000 on EBAY

    It's probably a roach. The paint looks nice in the pictures. But for $82,000 I'd expect much better craftsmanship, well craftsmanship in general. Greg
  11. Gregarious13

    Meadowbrook Project

    That's cool! Greg
  12. Gregarious13

    47 ply convert $82,000 on EBAY

    See that wiring nightmare under the dash? Yuck! Greg
  13. Gregarious13

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    The seats might look better without the head rests and in a different color. But might not either. I'm a big fan of bench seats! Greg
  14. Gregarious13

    1939 business coupe build

    That's exciting! Greg
  15. Gregarious13

    Smokes after 8 minutes of running

    Give it an Italian tune up! Greg

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