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  1. Acceleration problem

    Hello everyone, I've been away from the forum for a long time, mostly because my Plymouth is done and I didn't drive it at all over the winter because our weather was so bad and there was salt on the roads for months and months. But I've been back on the road for the last few weeks and I've developed a problem: The engine idles perfectly but when I accelerate, it surges. For example, if you open the throttle half way, the engine will accelerate and fade, accelerate and fade repeatedly. It does this in a perfect rhythm, like it's surging. It sounds to me like a carburetor problem, like maybe something wrong with the jet/plunger that allows you to accelerate. I will be pulling the air cleaner and examining the carb this weekend but I just wanted to check in quickly and see if anyone's had this problem and can point me to something specific. I'm going to watch for the stream of fuel down the throat of the carb when I accelerate as a first test. Like I said, it idles perfectly, but accelerating produces a surge that goes in a very regular cycle.
  2. Side View Mirror

    I'm getting ready to install the original driver's side view mirror on my Plymouth. I replaced the driver's door with a better one, and that door did not have a mirror attached to it, so there are no holes to guide me as to location. It looks like the screws just go into the sheet metal but I want to ask and be sure that there isn't anything inside the door that the screws are supposed to thread into.
  3. Really bad ticking/tapping noise

    I had a noise like this that was coming from my pulley. It was bent and wobbled but there was nothing else visibly wrong with it. I was convinced that the problem was elsewhere. I replaced the pulley and the sound was gone. I believe you said you ran it without the fan belt connected and the noise was still there, but since it seems to come and go, you might want to look into it. Another thing to look at: I once had a dent in the bottom of the oil pan that was just enough to cause the flywheel teeth to clip it as they went by.
  4. 1,000-Mile Road Trip

    On Monday I will be leaving for a 1000 mile trip from Alexandria, VA to Hyannis, MA in my 1949 Plymouth. I'll be leaving at about 3AM so I can get out of the Mid-Atlantic region before the heat sets in (supposed to be 96 in Alexandria on Monday). My apologies to the guys who are going to Hyde Park. I had originally planned to go but I want to go and see my family, who have never seen the Plymouth. I am steering clear of Interstate 95. My route will take me well west of Baltimore, just east of York, PA, and west of Reading and Allentown. I will be taking Route 209 for a good part of the journey, will travel through Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, and enter New York at Port Jervis. I'll cross the Hudson at Kingston, NY and then travel eastward across Connecticut above Hartford, mostly on Route 44. I'll then stay on 44 for most of the way to Cape Cod. I can't wait to get on the road. I'm a little nervous, I'll admit, but I hope there won't be any problems. I'm bringing everything with me I think I'll need in case of emergency, including two spare distributor lead wires. I've got my cell phone and my AAA premier membership as a last resort. I don't know what to expect if I hit a thunderstorm. There is a leak around the cowl vent somewhere that I have not addressed yet and one of the wiper arms is cobbled together with wire yet seems to hold together. Still worries me a little, though. According to Google Maps, it's roughly a 15 hour trip. I don't know if I'll do it all in one shot or not. I'll have to see how I feel by Monday afternoon (if the car is still rolling by then). It looks like the route goes through some beautiful country on roads that are not heavily traveled. I will keep you all posted on my progress.
  5. 1,000-Mile Road Trip

    I will, Greg. I might be living in Florida by that time so it would be an even bigger trip.
  6. 1,000-Mile Road Trip

    Thanks, Pete. I'll be doing it again soon. That's what I got into this for. Whatever happens, happens (but I hope nothing does).
  7. Control Arm Bushing

    Yesterday I was greasing the Plymouth when I noticed that one of the upper control arm bushings is further out than it ought to be. I don't know if I installed it like this (it was about 13 years ago) or if it worked its way out. It's the bushing on the left as you look at the first photo. Can I just screw it back in or will that alter the dimensions of the control arm? I recall during the assembly that that was a particularly sensitive thing. I know that they are assembled off the car so that you can get all the measurements right and then installed as a piece. But since everything is bolted down now, could I just screw that one bushing back to where it's supposed to be? Here you can see how the bushing on the right is screwed all the way in but the one on the left is out: Closeup of the bushing in question:
  8. Control Arm Bushing

    I was thinking the same thing. Just a couple of minor things like the engine and the rear axle. But thank God the chrome script on the front fender that says "Special Deluxe" was on nice and tight.
  9. Control Arm Bushing

    Tim, I went over everything yesterday and found a couple of things that were loose, namely the rear engine mounts and the nuts on the u-bolts for the leaf springs. Everything else was secure. Rich, thanks for the offer of the special tool. I think I will try to improvise something that will do the same thing. It shouldn't be too hard. What you see on the radiator hose is the remnant of some packing tape that was stuck to it at one time.
  10. Control Arm Bushing

    I don't know the answer to that question, Tim. I suspect it was a bone-headed move on my part back when I had just started the project and I knew very little. It might be one of those "I'll address that later" items. I've discovered a few of those.
  11. 1,000-Mile Road Trip

    I didn't take many pictures on my trip, but this is one I wanted to post. It was while the sun was coming up over the Pennsylvania countryside:
  12. Electrolysis Rust Removal

    I've decided to try electrolysis to get the rust off the window garnish pieces of my Plymouth. The thought of sandblasting just doesn't appeal to me. So I have the first piece soaking away in a 32-gallon trash can with 4 pieces of re-bar and a water/washing soda mix. It's been in there for about three hours now and you should see the rust foaming on the surface of the water. I'll let you guys know how it goes. Takes a lot longer than sandblasting but nowhere near as messy.
  13. Tire Question

    I have a tire that kept going flat if my car sat for long periods. I took it down to the tire shop and they repaired it, saying that it was leaking around the rim. It was fine for a few days but then it went flat on the highway on my recent trip to Massachusetts. I changed to the spare and reinflated the flat. It has kept pressure for over a week now while sitting in the trunk. Any ideas what's going on with it.?
  14. Tire Question

    These rims were pretty corroded. I cleaned them up and smoothed out the rough spots with JB Weld. It has worked very well except this particular tire.
  15. Tire Question

    Yes I have radials on the original rims. I was wondering if there was some dynamic at work while at highway speed that I was unaware of. The weight of the car alone will not cause the tire to leak. I plan to put it back on the car and check it with soapy water. I suppose the hubcap could have started moving again and bent the valve stem over but I have inserts (or whatever they are called) that normally prevent that from happening.
  16. 1,000-Mile Road Trip

    All true. I sometimes start to doze off when on long trips in our modern car but that didn't happen on this trip. What really wore on me was the sound of cars roaring past me constantly, especially the semis. One of the things people who rode in the car tended to comment on is how smooth the ride was. That surprised me too when I first started driving the car. I guess that's the new springs, shocks, king pins, tie rod ends, steering gear box bearings, etc. I forget much of the stuff I did on this car. Anyway, I much prefer the back roads. I think it's just a nicer experience overall.
  17. 1,000-Mile Road Trip

    I don't know, Don. But one thing is for certain, it will not be on any interstate highways. That is no fun at all.
  18. 1,000-Mile Road Trip

    I have to say I feel a lot more comfortable with the car now, having put 900 miles on it during that trip, almost all of them on the highway. As I said in an earlier post, a lot of the trouble is just nerves and anticipating what might go wrong. By the way, Tim, I don't know if you recall but you called the problem exactly during all the back and forth on this thread.
  19. 1,000-Mile Road Trip

    I rented a U-Haul trailer and brought it as far as Edison. That put me within AAA's range for a free tow if anything went wrong.
  20. 1,000-Mile Road Trip

    My Plymouth made it the 200 miles from Edison, NJ to Alexandria, VA without a problem. I went 60-65 the whole way. It was hot and noisy. I had the windows open and everyone was going faster than me. I took I-95 because I wanted the most direct route. It handled beautifully. There was only one traffic backup and the engine temp got up to around 200 but never got any higher than that. Out on the open road it felt like I could have cruised at 70 but I didn't want to push it. The car has an R-10 overdrive transmission. Anyway, I'm really happy with how it performed (except for certain areas where the rain gets in but that's an ongoing project).
  21. 1,000-Mile Road Trip

    We will find out tomorrow. So far, so good.
  22. 1,000-Mile Road Trip

    I'm pretty much looking at the same trip: 200 miles, about four hours. Temps in the high 80s, low 90s, though temperature didn't seem to have any effect on my way up to Massachusetts. I clocked 470 miles before the tappet button started making noise. Oil pressure and engine temp were so steady I pretty much stopped checking at about 400 miles or so.
  23. 1,000-Mile Road Trip

    I just wanted to add a little more to this topic. When I ordered tappets from Vintage Power Wagons, I got 12 of them, each with its own adjuster button screwed into the top. So it appears I was given a mixed set. It's still unknown if I got one defective button/tappet or if one of the two styles I got isn't up to the task.
  24. 1,000-Mile Road Trip

    That's a good idea, Tod. What are the chances that there wouldn't be a single U-Haul place within a 200 mile radius that didn't have a truck and a car hauler available? That would be my only concern but it doesn't seem likely that I'd run into that problem. I'm mulling it over. The problem right now is mainly between my ears. I just don't want to go on a 10-12 hour grind listening to every single noise and braced for the worst. NJ to VA, I think I could do that. MA to VA is a real marathon, though.
  25. 1,000-Mile Road Trip

    It would be a good idea to have AAA premium because it's good for a 200 mile tow. I drove from Moose's place this morning back to my family's place, a little over an hour on the highway with no problems at all. Now I have to face the 500 mile trip back in a few days. What I'm going to do is rent a U-Haul truck and a car hauler and bring the car as far as New Jersey. From there I'm going to unload it and drive it the rest of the way because then I'll be within the free tow range under my AAA coverage.