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  1. Advix

    Advice on worth of my 41 Chrysler

    It is a 42 by the trim and front end but the title says 1941 built-in December.
  2. Advix

    Advice on worth of my 41 Chrysler

    Surprisingly all of the trim is intact, only one small crack exists and it is small and could be covered easily. All of the plastic is there and in great shape including the perl, window handles are in great shape. I will get you guys some better video incase anybody is ever trying to put one together. That is correct on the Vacomatic transmission. I had it rebuilt by motor city speed works last fall. it is fun to see the look on peoples face while trying to explain how the tranny works.
  3. Advix

    Advice on worth of my 41 Chrysler

    it is exactly that car. I have so much of the history people are amazed. I also have the magazine that goes with the car and alot of other stuff. Cool history isnt it.
  4. Advix

    Advice on worth of my 41 Chrysler

    it is a 42 by the front end chrome, manufactured December of 1941. I only have known it as a 42 until I actually pulled the title out in the last 2 weeks. they stopped production in January of 1942. it is the 42 model.
  5. Advix

    Advice on worth of my 41 Chrysler

    Video from last year
  6. Advix

    Advice on worth of my 41 Chrysler

    interesting, I will watch out for that. I am sure it will sell at the 10,500 mark. I would be very sad if it did not and will just drive it to Idaho, it has to right. I see junk cars for that price. and with 20 min of prep I would driver her almost anywhere.
  7. Advix

    Advice on worth of my 41 Chrysler

    I agree with you, mr Skinner. I just like to drive this car is like stepping into another world. most guys want hot rods' nowadays. Maybe I just donate it to a museum
  8. Advix

    Advice on worth of my 41 Chrysler

    That is what my thoughts were but I am going to send it down the road at 10500 I think as I am moving. I am glad to hear it is where I thought it was. not at 7K
  9. Advix

    Advice on worth of my 41 Chrysler

    Thank you it does look as good on the inside as it does on the outside
  10. Hi Guys and gals, I am not trying to sell the here but, I need help or advice on pricing my car. I was told it was work 7 K but feel he did not know what he was talking about. I have documentation dating back to the 60's and it is a driveaway or drive anywhere car at this point. It could use a paint job and some weather stripping but it does not leak and shines up when washed. I drive it 3 to 4 times per week with no issue. Your input and assistance would be helpful for sure. following is a list I have created. · Runs and drives as it should - an Original rare car with roughly 38,000 miles driven frequently so mileage may change. o Spit Fire 6 Cylinder recent oil change. o Replaced the water pump. Have the old one still works I just wanted to be sure so replaced pump, thermostat and hoses including heater hoses. Including under seat heaters. · 4 speed hydromantic. o Rebuilt to original working order 2 months ago. o Automatic / manual transmission o Recently replaced rear end, transmission and coupler fluid. · Rare Under seat dual heaters. · Carpet is in great shape. · I preformed recent service work including greasing all ports and fluid changes in transmission front end and rear end. · Radio rebuilt in the 90s and works as it should. · Box of miscellaneous parts, light bulbs, fuel filter and pump, jack and handle, original bolt on style tow hitch. · Original window style air conditioner · 2 sets of original keys for doors & locks (all work as they should). · All windows work as they should · Heater, Gauges and Lights work as they should. · Printed factory repair manual · 1942 license plate will be transferred with the car. · Has been featured in many magazines and car shows. Former Mike McQueen car with 4 total owners.
  11. Hi Chrysler 41. I do have a drop box. I can send you the link tomorrow when I get back in. Thank you & 49 goat for your help. Let me know if I can help you guys in anyway.
  12. From your comment about under drive. That would mean without moving the lever forward during operation the under drive would always be engaged? I was told not to pull the lever while moving I would assume that is not correct working from that theory.
  13. I have the linkage removed on the drivers side. I am servicing and cleanning everything while I have it apart. It all seams functional. The linkage you see on pasenger side is attached to pull out knob on dash. In theary that sould shift the car into high range when pulled out correct. It does move the lever at the transmission. Feel it is not secured as well as I would like. It is titled as 42 it has roughly 36000 miles on it, I thought it was a peach when I seen it. only being in my thirties. I am just learning about 1942 and the production stops. From what I know it is one of the last 3 produced in 42 and it is a nice az car no rust everything works including the under seat heaters. I would be happy to share more pics if you are interested in them. I am considering sell it as I don't feel like we are the care takers the car deserves. I just enjoy working on them and taking clueless people for rides. Jason
  14. I was suspect that the unit was removed. Thank you for the pics, detailed response and pics. I appreciate it very much. I assume that is why the car only runs at40 mph before raping out.

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