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  1. 218 engine upgrade questions

  2. 218 engine upgrade questions

    I’ve already ordered a dual carb intake. No it won’t ever run with a v8 but it will still look cool with the hot rod parts Lol
  3. 218 engine upgrade questions

    My truck runs good. Just wanting to put a few upgrades to make it look and sound better
  4. I was looking into getting my cam reground and possibly shaving the head on my 218. Little more compression and better sound. Would I have to change anything else in the motor if I did this? Lifters, valves, anything? Still learning as I go
  5. Engine swap

    Yea I heard that too. Reading a lot about the manifold has to be heated to run duals? Anyone have experience with that?
  6. Engine swap

    Did you swap gears or rearends?
  7. Engine swap

    Thinking of doing a carburetor swap. Looking at 2 barrel adapters. I think that would give me enough power but the two 1 barrels look better.
  8. Engine swap

    True. It was just a thought, I love having everything original on my truck just trying to figure out how to get more highway speed without cutting it up
  9. Engine swap

    I’ve been trying to upgrade my 218 flathead. Starting to wonder if it wouldn’t be better to do an engine swap. I like have the flathead because it’s unique, I have a 225 slant 6 and was wondering how hard is it to swap? Would the floor have to be cut and radiator moved like a v8 swap? Has anyone tried this?
  10. 218 pilothouse

    I want to give my 218 more power. Thinking of swapping to a 2 Barrel carburetor. I found a kit to hook up 2 2 Barrel carburetors. Would that be to much gas and kill my power? What’s the best route? Two 1 Barrel carbs, one 2 barrel carbs, or two 2 barrel carbs
  11. Strange sound

    Ok thanks, I’ll add that to the list
  12. Strange sound

    I bought a 1950 pilothouse and it had been sitting for years. I got it running, shifts fine but there is a loud sound when I release the clutch. Sounds like something needs to be oiled or greased. Any ideas what the sound is?
  13. 1950 pilothouse corner glass installation

    Ok, the same with the corner glass?
  14. 1950 pilothouse corner glass installation

    Ok. The video shows the guy pulling the rope from the inside. Dodges are different?
  15. I’m trying to put my rear glass and corner glass in my 1950 pilothouse. Anyone done this before? I’m having trouble