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    55 Dodge C 1B6 ,all stock flat head

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    54, married, 2 boxers
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    Field service, world wide


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    Fountaintown, In
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    my truck, making old things work again

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  1. j scott

    job rated emblem

    It is a C series truck
  2. Has anyone found someone or a business that reproduces the Job-Rated emblem for the fenders?
  3. j scott


    Thanks, I used vasoline and clothesline. I'll try the dishwasher liquid tomorrow night.
  4. j scott


    Any advise on reinstalling the glass, I have a 55, 5 window that I have been struggling to get the glass back in. Got new rubber and have one of the corner windows in , but man it was tough. J Scott
  5. j scott

    Need help with my 1954 truck?!

    Also Andy Burnbaum obsolete moparparts. Keep the Dodge a Dodge, put a 318 in there .

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