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  1. 1948 Dodge D24 - INTERIOR SEATS NEEDED

    I'm searching for a set of SEATS - both Front & Rear for a '48 D24 - at this point I'll take either Deluxe or Custom seats as they will probably be recovered anyway. I have the front seat frame, however missing both seats/springs setups.
  2. D24 Moulding Clips....NEEDED

    In search of a source for new SIDE MOULDING CLIPS to use on my 1948 Dodge D24.......these are the square shaped clips that hold the door/quarter panel moulding on the car. I suppose I may be able to re-use the original clips, however they are rather rusty and will need a good sand blasting. Hoping there is a source for NOS or repop clips out there. NOTE - I've attached an image of the original clip still on the car.... Thanks, Brian - Cincinnati, OH