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    Kindaichi Shota,Japanese, 1985
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About Me

Hello brothers and sisters, I am Kindaichi Shota, Shota for short. I was born in Japanese, the city of sunrise and automobile, in 1985.My hobbies are traveling and singing.I also love black coffee and automobile. I have an huge passion of everything about cars, especially BMW. So after graduated from university, I decided to become a salesman for a car company. In order to be a good salesman, fully understanding automobiles from their characteristics, features and capabilities is essential. For that reason, after 5 years in automobile industry field, I joined Car From Japan as a international sale in 2014.

About CarFromJapan:

Car From Japan is an online Platform to buy and import Japanese used cars. Established in 2014, Car From Japan is considered as one of the fastest growing Used Vehicle Platform in Japan. In our website, customers from all over the world can find and buy good quality cars and machineries directly from Japan, ready to be exported to any port in the world. Founded with the goal of “Enriching Lives” by connecting people and facilitating trades, we believe we can facilitate borderless trade for a better life. After 3 years of working, Car From Japan has sold cars to more than 60 countries worldwide, with 98% rate of customers’ satisfaction. Our mission is to streamline car trade in the most authentic, efficient and innovative way.

Car lovers can find the right car from a large stock, purchase the right car in cheaper price than that in local showrooms & get the car delivered to local areas in a safe and swift manner. We support buyer until the car is safely at door.

Why wait? Find our what we have in store. Get the price quotation today, FREE.

Shiba Park Building A Hall 2F S-Cubism
Shiba Koen 2-4-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0011
+81 90 8402 5615





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