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    Kindaichi Shota,Japanese, 1985
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  1. Studs for rear drums?

    Useful for me. Thank you for the nice topic...
  2. New Year Resolutions

    Lately but I would like to build my dream car...will gather all parts and will dive it within this year.
  3. Self parking car

    I heard that in Japan there is a company name CarFromJapan offering cars with lower price....I have interest on Toyota Rav 2006 for sale. By searching I got a link (https://carfromjapan.com/cheap-used-toyota-rav4-for-sale-year2006-with-inspection-with-insurance?sort=priceUSD) I am really surprise to see the price of these cars. I will try to get one from them I guess...
  4. just for giggles

    Wow, racing Hellcat is strong
  5. Model Plymouth truck

    Looks cool Do you any other details about this?
  6. Self parking car

    I prefer second-hand car since they are really cheap in Japan with numerous cars too
  7. 1000 post

    Sorry for your loss .
  8. Mad Max, Fury Road...

    Mad Max :fury Road, best movie to me hehe
  9. Homemade Tools

    Wow, the How to Make a Belt Sander book is atually quite good
  10. Is Craftsman comming back?

    Nice information guys, thank you
  11. Check your gas cap vent

  12. Old and newer

    oh nice car
  13. Gas Pedal Cover

    i saw one on Ebay