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  1. Ajgkirkwood

    Dual Carbs on 218

    Hi I’m new to this myself but I just built my own 3x1 set up. I have my carbs rotated 90 degrees from what stock was. Doing this made it easy to run my fuel lines And my throttle linkage. How my throttle linkage works is kinda like this. On the carbs is a bracket on the carb for the throttle linkage to connect to. There’s an upper hole and one lower. I have an aluminum rod that runs The length to all 3 carbs and they screw into the side of the rod through the upper hole on the bracket I mentioned earlier. All 3 are tied together and when I pull the aluminum rod towards the firewall, all 3 open up equally. Connected to that rod is my throttle cable (kinda like a bicycle brake cable). In this direction the carbs fuel line points towards the main block. I run my fuel line up along next to the carbs and they are “T”Ed off to each carb. For my choke I ground down the brass that’s flatted down to hold the choke brackets on, I have a steel rod with a set screw holding it down link to each carbs choke so when I pull on the choke on the carb closest to the firewall, it opens/closes all 3. I can get pictures
  2. Ajgkirkwood

    Axle switching

    Ok that makes sense junkers
  3. Ajgkirkwood

    Axle switching

    Wms means what again? As for the yoke I didn’t think of that either where if the yoke where the drive shaft connects to is farther away from the diff itself then that shortens the length that the drive shaft can be
  4. First off.... omfg another 1940 Chrysler! Jealous that you can cast and make those! i made my own triple carb set up. Slowly getting it when I have he time. I think it’s running to rich so I need to jet down and there’s almost something like a power valve in the carbs. I’m using 3 carter bb. With how my set up is that they are all in line. Its not a progressive setup. All 3 carbs are connected together and open all together. I have a plenum under the carbs but each runner kinda has a carb dedicated to its own port. The picture included is when the carbs Arne were being mocked up. She’s back in the road and I’m enjoying the car. I don’t think I have a picture of with all back together with the tri carb set up, weird that I didn’t take a pic
  5. Ajgkirkwood

    Axle switching

    No the info of the 5x4 was on a chart I found on this site but I could have read it wrong, very possible. He said the brakes are 10” I guess if possible I’ll ask directly here: what is the axle specs of a 1960 Plymouth fury and of that of a 1940 Chrysler Windsor.
  6. Ajgkirkwood

    Axle switching

    First off I love how it’s all adams posting for here. I thought plymouthy said said the 1960 Plymouth fury being a large car was 5x4.5 like my chrysler
  7. Ajgkirkwood

    Axle switching

    What you said is good for me. He said it was about 53.5 from backing plate to backing plate. And 45 or so between centres of the spring mounts. I’m hoping if this axle works to take the hub and brakes of my axle and put into the fury axle.
  8. Ajgkirkwood

    Axle switching

    So here’s what’s going on. On my Chrysler I like to get better highway gears. I came across a 1960 Plymouth fury rear axle. Was hoping to drop it in but after some research I don’t think I can as my axle is 60” 5x4.5 and my leaf spring mounts would be 47 where the fury is 55.5” 5x4 and spring mounts is 45.5? so this leads me to is could I take the gears from the fury and put into my axle?
  9. Ajgkirkwood

    Vacuum port thread/pitch on carter 1bb

    Good idea
  10. Would anyone know the tread/pitch used on a carter 1 barrel carb. Seems I’ll need one with decent length and with a step in the end so the vacuum line will seat down? Doesn’t appear the threads go all the way?
  11. Ajgkirkwood

    Updates on my 1940 Windsor!

  12. Ajgkirkwood

    Updates on my 1940 Windsor!

    took the rad off the front clip. Flushed it (it was gross) and installed the electric fans. (4) 9” fans. I tried making a shroud however clearance I believe would be an issue with the 265ci.
  13. Ajgkirkwood

    Updates on my 1940 Windsor!

    Really hoping the hood fits aswell the front clip. I’m pretty sure it will but won’t know till it’s back on. I think I have about 2-3 inches above the carbs to put on some sort of filter. Maybe make one that spreads across all 3 carbs
  14. Ajgkirkwood

    Updates on my 1940 Windsor!

  15. Ajgkirkwood

    Updates on my 1940 Windsor!

    Head is back from the shop. Milled off 0.06” off it. Bolted down along with my intake and header. Carbs and plenum mocked up. Waiting for gaskets from rock auto that I ordered last night and need to buy bolts

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