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  1. Ajgkirkwood

    NEW AIR CLEANER part 1

    That is 1 awesome engine bay
  2. So this all started because it wouldn’t turn over with the starter. Thought the teeth went on the flywheel (had damage to them). Starter was rebuilt about 2 months before so didn’t think that was the issue. Pulled the motor and trans out. Replaced the flywheel. Put back in same problem it was the starter. Drive unit failed. So because of this and seeing the front clip gone got my mind thinking. Well now the head is off to mill down for more compression, new oil pump installed and I been working on a triple carb with dual header exhaust. Side note anyone in canada Canada looking for a stock intake and exhaust, a modded intake for 3 carbs, a 25” head for US motors? (bought a head to mill down, learned I had a Canadian block the hard way)
  3. Ajgkirkwood

    my first project car at 16

    Glad to see another young guy like me joining in on the fun. Like others stated focus on making it road worthy. Winter is a good time to upgrade (this is a case of do as I say, not as I do haha) make sure to take pictures to take us along on your build
  4. Installed a new oil pump but it engine won’t start. Distributor doesn’t seem to be lined up correctly like its at 6 o’clock. Do I remove he distributor and rotate it to 7 o’clock?
  5. Ajgkirkwood

    What was my original engine?

    My motor was from a car 1954 Windsor that was a 265 fluid drive. What they did was I believe used the 1940 flywheel, belhousing and transmission. It was hacked together to make it work as I’m finding out. I bought a nos flywheel from vintage power wagons and seems to be going decent putting back together. My brother and I are learning as we go but we are find how much of a hack job it was before. The plus to the 230 is that it’s 2 inches shorter. I would like to install an electric shrouded fan onto the car to allow it to cool when the car is off and to free up so horse power from the block. The 230 with trans would cost 500 plus getting it so I’m assuming 750 all said and done. My 265 runs good but I’m scared of how low that oil pressure is so I think I will have to rebuild it. I’ll be Atlest 1000 into it. If the rear mounts are the same (the 2 on the bell housing) Then making a plate for the front won’t be an issue i know there’s no replacement like displacement. Its 35ci I’m losing but are the hp figures and torque between the 2 big?
  6. Ajgkirkwood

    What was my original engine?

    I wonder if a plate would all that would be needed to move the front motor mount back. I guess i wont know unless its right in front of me.
  7. Ajgkirkwood

    What was my original engine?

    1940 Chrysler Windsor. So a 230 wouldn’t work in my car?
  8. Ajgkirkwood

    What was my original engine?

    Hello again everyone. My brother and I have been working on pulling out the motor/trans because we believe the ring gear on the flywheel went. I currently have a 265ci long block in the car. I want to rebuild it because oil pressure is like 5 psi idling and 25 on the hwy. I found on kijiji a 23 with trans for 500 that was rebuilt in 1995. It showed 40-50 psi in a video while it was idling (warm I’m assuming by the temp gauge next to it) is this too high for idling? anyways getting to the point. I would like to get that 230 as a replacement till I can afford to rebuild the 265 however looking at the motor mounts i don’t see anything modified to fit the 265. I was under the impression it had a 23 block before and they have to squeeze that long block in. Did is my car come with a 23 or 25 block? Attached is is the motor and mounts
  9. Ajgkirkwood

    Flywheel troubles 265ci 1940 chrysler

    Well i like to do some hopping up to the motor. Fromt what i understand the teeth on the flywheel was already flipped. The motor being from a 54 Chrysler windsor, i think it was a fluid drive but they made it work on the 1940 3 speed
  10. The ghost of the previous owner came to get me. This weekend my flywheel bit the dust. Sunday was a memorial poker run in his honor and in classis him the car broke down. I still had the car there. Had to bump start it each time (first time the previous owner had it at the cruise night that held the poker run, it had to be pushed and bump started by the club members, kinda funny how those memories and actions happen) Anywho i think ill be in search of a flywheel. I saw on andys parts a ring gear replacement? Because of this im thinking i might aswell do a light rebuild on the motor. I like to look at new pistions and bore the cylinders if they arent clean. Anyone know of forged pistions ? on summit racing site and rock auto they have position but not 100% sure on them. On summit they have different pistions that come up for my motor but its 3 ring and the section above the piston pin looks too short?
  11. Ajgkirkwood

    Fuel pressure

    So when i bought my car from the owner before. They put in an electric fuel pump. They said the cam lob was warn down to use the manual pump? Anyways i think its supplying to much fuel pressure to my carb and makes my car run richer then it should. I waa wondering if a fuel line pressure reducer would work? I seen one from mr gasket that goes from 1 psi to 4 psi?
  12. Ajgkirkwood

    Brakes... Pedal feel

    Hi there. On my 1940 chrysler it still has the 11" drum brakes. They feel good and stop the car well but my issue is the pedal. If i dont pump the pedal first, when i apply rhe brakes and im down near the floor. It stops good but feep i wont have much more travel if something jumps in front of me. The master cylinder is floor mounted (at the pedal) would tying in a brake residual valve help this? With 4 drums to the master cylinder would a 10 psi work or do i need higher? I want the pedal to start feeling pressure when i start to apply the brakes not like 1/2 - 3/4 way down.
  13. seen before, dont know if this interests anyone... https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/oshawa-durham-region/1950-chrysler-crown-imperial-limousine/1330457094?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  14. Ajgkirkwood

    Horse Power

    I thought these were tough motors from what i read on the forum. If some one can confirm this as i was planning to hope up my motor. But if i spend 100s to 1000s and its gonna fail i dont want it
  15. Ajgkirkwood

    Show us your suburbans

    Ok. I have found the next car i want... 1956... Now to actually find one

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