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  1. Fuel pressure

    So when i bought my car from the owner before. They put in an electric fuel pump. They said the cam lob was warn down to use the manual pump? Anyways i think its supplying to much fuel pressure to my carb and makes my car run richer then it should. I waa wondering if a fuel line pressure reducer would work? I seen one from mr gasket that goes from 1 psi to 4 psi?
  2. Brakes... Pedal feel

    Hi there. On my 1940 chrysler it still has the 11" drum brakes. They feel good and stop the car well but my issue is the pedal. If i dont pump the pedal first, when i apply rhe brakes and im down near the floor. It stops good but feep i wont have much more travel if something jumps in front of me. The master cylinder is floor mounted (at the pedal) would tying in a brake residual valve help this? With 4 drums to the master cylinder would a 10 psi work or do i need higher? I want the pedal to start feeling pressure when i start to apply the brakes not like 1/2 - 3/4 way down.
  3. seen before, dont know if this interests anyone... https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/oshawa-durham-region/1950-chrysler-crown-imperial-limousine/1330457094?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  4. Horse Power

    I thought these were tough motors from what i read on the forum. If some one can confirm this as i was planning to hope up my motor. But if i spend 100s to 1000s and its gonna fail i dont want it
  5. Show us your suburbans

    Ok. I have found the next car i want... 1956... Now to actually find one
  6. Duel carb intake

    I sent a pm to you. Its a 3 carb intake not a dual carb though
  7. gasket oil pressure relief valve

    You can go to any parts store and pick up gasket material for a couple bucks. Theres ones for oil or fuel or coolent etc
  8. gasket oil pressure relief valve

    I actually had rhe same issue and used a brass sealing ring with seal as my paper one fell apart. I put a washer behind the spring inside the nut as its hollow and to compensate the use of a thicker seal. It worked fine. No issues i believe. However i have lower oil pressure and thought this was a possible cause. So i made a gasket and put back to normal... No difference in oil pressure. In short i dont think it cause much issue. I think if you put a thicker seal like the washer and did not put somethibg behibd the spring to compensate for the thicker seal. The oil flowing through the filter will need less oil pressure to move as the spring wont have as much pressure pushing on the plunger
  9. Forced Induction Turbo/Super Charger Thread

    Like i said ill need to do a rebuild as i have 20-25 oil pressure. I think i will be doing my own seperate oil cooler and oil supply for the turbo. As for turbo size. I think one from a 2l would be good like from a subaru or saab. They are 2l engines running around 6-8 grand red line and ment to build peak torque round 2k rpm. With our 4l-ish engines our red lines are 3500 or so. That moves the same air as a 2l or 7k rpm
  10. Forced Induction Turbo/Super Charger Thread

    Well mine is a 265
  11. Forced Induction Turbo/Super Charger Thread

    Im going draw thru similar to that studabaker. I have 3 carbs and will do a progrssive linkage. Im gonna have to do rebuild i think. Will be making my own exhaust and intake. Ill take pics as i go. Planning to start this week. I contacted low bugget as they have new turbos with carbon seals
  12. Test post for ushp12

    Test quote
  13. Shaving a 218 head vs. a standard 230 head?

    There was a post about the heads being messed with where stock is 2 inch thick. Seems i can have .1" removed in mine. Wow. If that mich is removed. Do you face/remove some off the face of the valves?
  14. 1941 Plodge Kingsway

    Totally pointless but im here like woot ontario canada!
  15. 25" intake and exhuast port sizes needed

    Wow thank you for measuring it out! Everyone replying thank you. Looks like i sparked some interest in the sizes for others too. Glad to know they are just round circles. Gonna make things alot easier. If the gaskets are alittle bigger then the ports then i could round the corners of the ports to smooth the air flow on them