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  1. Ajgkirkwood

    Finished my 41 Plymouth

    this is sooo beautiful! man do i love the 1941 plymouth and the stance she has is perfect, i love simple and clean. this car would be a perfect fit for me! *** i just booked marked the page to look at it again and show my brother and wife***
  2. Ajgkirkwood

    What motor is this?

    If it's the 237, then it's kinda the way I want to go with my car (bigger bore with shorter stroke) if it's the 241, then my car will have the same size motor it came stock with with which would be cool Thanks for the reply. When I was trying to do more digging. 237ci came up the most
  3. Ajgkirkwood

    What motor is this?

    Looking at a local car that is being parted out. It's a 1948 chrysler 3 window coupe. The motor however has s11 as the code. That's a desoto motor. Full code is: s11-192716
  4. Ajgkirkwood

    Fuel Milage

    I get like 10mpg. I know though that 1 time cruising going around 60km down a back road to a cruise night was a total of 74km there and back home. I filled up before I left and filled back up when I got home. I had used 4. Something litters. It worked out to like 39mpg. Cant wait to put in the t5 to lower my rpms
  5. Ajgkirkwood

    230 with 218 rods.

    sorry to hijack this thread, but can i use any modern piston in the engine if it fits the bore? i thought i read before these motors need the long skirt on the piston?
  6. Ajgkirkwood

    251 block 265 crank

    in stock form the 265 would be a more stronger motor. the 2 factors in this would be replacement connecting rods, from what i understand you cant buy nos or new connection rods and crank, but a 218 you can. with me adding low boost (5psi) should help it breath in the higher rpm but also make more power over all. these are the crazy things that go through my head at night. it just clued into me now that if using a stock head from the 265, that compression ratio on a 265 motor is 7 to 1, with a lower stroke, it could drop to 6.5, so a 218 head would be needed. i have the head for the 251 but a 218 or 230 would be better to use. i know its a change of subject but i read people using sbc valves in the flathead, i saw the shaft diameters to be the same and the valve head is slightly larger, but they are a decent amount longer?
  7. Ajgkirkwood

    251 block 265 crank

    Call me crazy but I might go for a lower ci. My 265 block might be left alone in the car till i have a replacement motor. That would mean I'll be tracking down a crankshaft. However I'm thinking of getting a 218 crank for a lower stroke. Try to get closer to a square bore. It would have less stress on the internals I think and should get a bump in rpm limit. I'm planning to add some low boost to the motor to help it breath. When using a 218 head to bump compression, is it milled out more or the pocket is smaller in width because the piston is a smaller diameter?
  8. Ajgkirkwood

    251 block 265 crank

    Thank you Fargo for confirming
  9. Ajgkirkwood

    251 block 265 crank

    Ok so the 265 would have a shorter connecting rod to keep the piston lower
  10. Ajgkirkwood

    251 block 265 crank

    What was the no and no for? With the crank having a longer stroke, the piston would go deeper correct? But also higher? Would they correct this with a different position with a different pin height?
  11. Ajgkirkwood

    251 block 265 crank

    I think the pistons are the same. I'm worried if the crank being bigger to not fit or the piston would be sticking out past the deck?
  12. Ajgkirkwood

    251 block 265 crank

    I just picked up a 251 block without a crank. My 265 block I know is worn. If I use the 251 block, could I use the crank from the 265?
  13. Ajgkirkwood

    Split header - dual exhaust - reduced torque?

    It's going to be beaten to death but from all I read, dual exhaust is a must for performance, its tied with a better intake. Usually a dual carb setup. I was told and read aswell that due to the design on the exhaust. Cylinder 6 sees near 0 back pressure while 1 can see over 100psi of back pressure do it fighting to get past all the other cylinders exhaust. Paired with the single carb, the middle intake runs richer and 1 and 2 have less of an intake charge compared to the rest
  14. Ajgkirkwood

    Shim at bell housing

    I think when I pulled my motor from the transmission it had a shim in both sides.... but also had 2 washers at each bolt between the motor and bell housing... of course they were not the same thickness. When I put it together with new flywheel I did not put them back in and it runs perfect.
  15. Ajgkirkwood

    What is my clutch size?

    Hi there. Looking at a t5 conversion. I need to know my clutch size but I can't recall if it's a 9 or 10". Its on a 1940 Chrysler windsor, the flywheel is 146 tooth. With what little I can find its pointing to a 10". Can anyone confirm or deny this? My flywheel was replaced with the 146 tooth flywheel from vintage power wagon

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