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  1. Ajgkirkwood

    starter slipping

    i had an issue similar, my starter was rebuilt but it slipped, it was the 1 way bearing that was on the starter, the bearing is on the teeth that engage the flywheel
  3. Ajgkirkwood

    Almost totaled the '37 last night

    Sorry to laugh but “dodge-d”. I’m super glad your safe and the car is too. I wonder what the clunk sound was
  4. From what it sounds like the car has already been altered before he got it. Yea to some it’s a shame to cut something stock however it is his car and he’s making it reliable and safer to drive for him and his family. Tons of ppl take others cars that are perfectly stock and mod it to suit there needs. Personally I say look at a 318 drive line as it be a lot easier to do with less modding
  5. Ajgkirkwood

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe 1st project.

    super jealous of her! i aswell have a 140 chrysler windsor but its the sedan type 2 door if your interested in a custom (3) 1bb intake/manifold setup for that car, let me know
  6. Ajgkirkwood

    Headers for my 52

    it was a fun project to make my own, alot of fit and testing but it works. when i rebuild my motor, im not sure if ill stick to the 3 carb set up i have now so it might be for sale however i dont know if it would fit your car?
  7. Ajgkirkwood

    What is the limiting factor on mopar flathead rpm?

    The 265 is the biggest production flathead 6 that I know of. These connecting rods are the longest made? When I took my head off to get milled down, I think my pistons were already sticking out past the deck height. Is this bad or good or just ok? With it past deck it should be more compression, if anything it be more gained by lowering deck 0.010” rather then the head right? The full surface of the piston is reduced and is in gasket area
  8. Ajgkirkwood

    What is the limiting factor on mopar flathead rpm?

    longest rods possible? like pick my longest connection rod or get the longest set of connecting rods? i have a 265 block, i dont think they make new ones?
  9. Ajgkirkwood

    What is the limiting factor on mopar flathead rpm?

    i have no clue where to find them
  10. Ajgkirkwood

    P15 transmission weight?

    one person can lift the trans, i did it with my 1940 chrysler, its small compaired to current trans. if u can get a helper, thats a plus
  11. Ajgkirkwood

    What is the limiting factor on mopar flathead rpm?

    well i figured since i have to rebuild it, make it fun. 5k is out of the question, i dont plan to race it but i want to have fun getting to the speed limit. no one around here really sees a flat 6, and never one thats hopped up. thoughts on machining down the skirt on the pistons to lighten them? i know i will need to get it all balanced
  12. Ajgkirkwood

    What is the limiting factor on mopar flathead rpm?

    I don’t really want to go past it’s limit. Bringing up what Adam said higher piston speeds is what I thought. Wonder if I should get a block with a shorter stroke. Just with driving on the highway I was afraid I was running at its limit going 65mph. However it seems I can go to 75mph without issues (I go to 75 then I back off) I once went to 85! So the crank and block can’t handle much past it? as for why I want to go past. Well I want to build a hot flathead 6. I need to rebuild the block so why not aim for 5k rpm?
  13. Just curious to know why our flatheads have low rpm (below 4000) is it connecting rod stroke? The rod moves to fast because of stroke length? Valve springs being too weak causing valve float? Motor can not breath at any higher rpm?
  14. Ajgkirkwood

    Dual Carbs on 218

    Hi I’m new to this myself but I just built my own 3x1 set up. I have my carbs rotated 90 degrees from what stock was. Doing this made it easy to run my fuel lines And my throttle linkage. How my throttle linkage works is kinda like this. On the carbs is a bracket on the carb for the throttle linkage to connect to. There’s an upper hole and one lower. I have an aluminum rod that runs The length to all 3 carbs and they screw into the side of the rod through the upper hole on the bracket I mentioned earlier. All 3 are tied together and when I pull the aluminum rod towards the firewall, all 3 open up equally. Connected to that rod is my throttle cable (kinda like a bicycle brake cable). In this direction the carbs fuel line points towards the main block. I run my fuel line up along next to the carbs and they are “T”Ed off to each carb. For my choke I ground down the brass that’s flatted down to hold the choke brackets on, I have a steel rod with a set screw holding it down link to each carbs choke so when I pull on the choke on the carb closest to the firewall, it opens/closes all 3. I can get pictures
  15. Ajgkirkwood

    Axle switching

    Ok that makes sense junkers

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