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  1. 1941 dodge luxury liner D19 body restauration

    God that dark blue dodge is beautiful. Do you have a front pic of it or a 3/4 view
  2. 1940 Dodge instrument panel

    I have a 1940 chrysler instrument panel. Would that work? The heater cable was cut
  3. 318/360 in a 55 or 56

    O.o!!! Im gonna contact them if they have chrysler mounts for a 1940.... Noticed alot of chevy engine mountmounts for chrysler cars..... Still on the fence between rebuilding the 265 or the 318 v8
  4. Old and newer

    Kinda the same for my brother. We picked up a 1986 thunderbird. Its a 3.8 auto but its super clean and been taken care of. No rust. Got it for 800 cnd. Had to replace exhaust. Heater core and rear shoes
  5. New Tachometer

    I dont need it to shift. I got by ear too. I like to know my rpms while driving. Question, do these motors have governers?
  6. New Tachometer

    I want to find a tach but lower rpm like the ones u have shown in the pics
  7. Hoodies and tees

    1940 chrysler windsor or maybe a vintage looking chrysler logo
  8. Disk brakes need a booster? 1940 chrysler

    If i go disk all around, do i need a proportioning valve? Residual valve will keep pressure up on the brakes? I feel with my drums i need to pump them or it feels ill have my foot to the floor
  9. With my chrysler i want to do disk brakes and with wanting to change the rear axle most likely all the way around. Ill most likely make the brackets myself but a lead on front spindles that are cheap and good would help. Dont know to buy spindles or take the orginal hubs and remove the drum (remove the rivets) Dont want to remove the drum from the hub cause they are pain to find and someone might need them but it be a cheaper option then buying a pair of spindles unless someone trades me. Anyways can i hook up calipers right to the brake like the wheel cylinder connected to and run manual disk brakes or is there more i need?
  10. '40 p10 deluxe firewall ignition coil

    All i know with my 1940 chrysler is it has a firewall mount coil. Went to napa and got a 'common' 6v coil for like 50cnd and works fine for me. However with my car it would crank but not start. Plugs were fouled. Cleaned them and gapped to .35. New wires cause they were falling apart. New rotor and cap. Condenser was replaced/looked good) fired up no problem after that
  11. Sparkplug wire questions

    Could possibly look for 318/360 wires. The lengths are pretty close
  12. 1953 Chrysler Brakes Rebuild Thread

    Bore/snap ring guages are nice for checking further down those bores. Check if they are tappered
  13. 1947 Chrysler Windsor auction

    What front seats are those?
  14. 1953 Chrysler Brakes Rebuild Thread

    How ever bore/snap ring guages are nice to have but take a bit to get used to using. The calipers are super easy and its always good to have. Light pressure is used on both tools to just seat it in the right spot. Too much pressure will vary your results.