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  1. Well it costs 4.99 to post a for sale ad.
  2. the car looks great and i hope you enjoy it, this 58 you speak of, have pictures?
  3. Again with my comments. It was me being excited at the find of that motor. I was confused as to why it wasn't picked up. Only after that it was explained that it would be useful to someone and be greedy to horde did I understand. These are things that I never think about. Hopefully in time I learn more is these lessons as I'm still young
  4. My motor was from a 54 Chrysler windsor with the fluid drive I was told.
  5. I suppose your right. My bad for how I acting. It was such a good deal, surprised you past it up. I wouldn't have scrapped it personally because I'm a horder plus it's a good block due to it having the oil filter mount. It's not often you find a deal like that and I'm jealous for that. I'm surprised the seller had a hard time getting rid of it. Same as another poster when a guy was about to scrap a desoto because no one wanted to buy it. Best of luck finding a motor. I know my block had a fluid drive attached to it but I cant recall seeing an oil passage?
  6. you could have used the head and the oil filter, the oil filter alone would have gotten you money back, you could have used the cam, u could have taken the oil pump and made a primmer out of it, you could have had a spare water pump, motor mounts, the spitfire head would have been boss to have. extra starter, distributer. etc, grab whats useful and small and scrap the rest if you really wanted.
  7. if it doesnt work out, have it shipped to the niagara region of ontario please
  8. Plus it appears to have the valuable full flow oil filter!
  9. It's totally worth getting for cheap. The head could be sold for around that
  10. Yea they are saw your post and had to reply. I'm keeping up with the progress as I too have a 1940 chrysler windsor
  11. My babies thethe floppy ear one is our newest addition to the family. All are dogs are from the humane society, begs the question of some one could give these guys up
  12. Does the site give any specs on the rad size? I have a 42 dodge rad, I could see about measuring it if it helps
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