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    Bad Reproduction Fender Stone Guards on Ebay

    Cool. I bought a gas cap from the SeaPlym Store => 😀
  2. What happened to using a vacuum gauge? I've seen it reccomended here and elsewhere, especially for older engines. http://automotivemileposts.com/garage/v2n8.html
  3. Hey Merle, c'mon over here. We'll use my truck and make a new video
  4. FlashBuddy

    what are the rules cruise in/ car shows

    Holy crap Brent-man! I attended my first show this summer and thought they might not let me in, but they did. I learned how important these old trucks are to others. One guy kept staring at my truck and finally comes over and tells an emotional story of his dad's farm going belly up and him moving the family and everything they owned in a truck exactly like mine to Colorado. Good thing they let me in. Oh, I met a lot of really cool cars and their owners too. Jeff & Evie @ Old Town Car Show
  5. FlashBuddy

    Warm start issue

    I'll agree that these trucks prefer non ethanol gas. See if you can find a station near you =>
  6. I'm not clear on the 6v diode. My understanding is that the fuel sender transmits resistance, not voltage. FWIW my DCM guage is still working, though a lot short in the tank. I think it gives me a 4 gallon reserve.
  7. Got the floor boards removed. They're not really boards at all but metal panels with plenty of rust. I'll be trying to patch the cancer areas with fiber bondo then paint with POR. I thought to paint the bolts and washers with a silver Rustoleum, but now I'm not sure I'd like that contrasting color with black floor boards. Notice the replacement bolts and washers from Ace Hardware (and their price). Should I go for the vintage crusty, ah er, "patina" look or paint 'em and make them all uniform. Currently they have been vinegar soaked and Scotchbrite scrubbed. Thoughts?
  8. With your experience, and the experience of @ggdad1951 I don't think we'll ever know re original color. I thought one of my front wheels still had a good sample of orig color under the hubcap but on closer inspection I can see it was repainted, and where it has chipped off it is showing a very faded buff color - almost light gray. I'd be happy with @Merle Coggins, Mark's or @David A.'s.
  9. I was looking at @ggdad1951's FEF and see Mark is using what appears to be the original "yellow". I recall him discussing it here and there. I think he referred to it as Armour Yellow. When I learned that Les Schwab Tires would media blast and powder coat wheels for about 36 bucks each I pulled 'em off Roxanne and trucked over to the local franchise. The yellows they showed me were pretty lemon or orange, and none that looked like what Mark has on FEF. I have remnants od the original yellow color; the pin stripes on my grill bars. When I measure with my colorometer I get RGB 217 201 140. Yes, faded and sun tinted. What is the original color really, or more important, what color is it in today's paints? Now I'm at a crossroads. My new plan is to media blast them and paint them myself, but not sure how to proceed. I've heard rustoleum has a color that is very close, or I can get a can mixed up and spray it myself, or ??? I'm not planning a show quality restore, more of a general cleanup and preservation and need some counseling and advise to that end. Ideas?
  10. FlashBuddy

    Oh, what to do? AND Are these wheels stock?

    You need to go back where you got it. Looks like you forgot the gas cap! 😂
  11. FlashBuddy

    What kind of thread? And size?

    Geewhiz, I was hoping we would see the final fitted and painted results?!
  12. Hey @pflaming, have you installed new body mounts and performed a sound check?
  13. FlashBuddy

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Great story. Thanks for sharing it.
  14. I spent more time looking for the spring that shot across the garage than I did actually getting them on.
  15. FlashBuddy

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Who knew?!
  16. FlashBuddy

    Post Your July 4th Photos Here

    I started and I can't stop!
  17. FlashBuddy

    Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    It's just intermittent enough that I'm ignoring it for now, though will put a minor tuneup at the top of my list. You see, the wife and I are entered in the Firecracker 5k Wednesday and I REALLY want to drive Roxanne to the event. Made her a flag holder and will be flying old glory while driving old Rox. My experience with changing anything with the truck often results in her being out of service while I round up the obscure part that disenitrates in the process.
  18. FlashBuddy

    Cell phones and driving

    While the Wyoming speed limit is posted 80, like everywhere else in the country, most add 8-10 mph to it. I know, I commuted between Cheyenne and Fort Collins once a week. Love that drive. So little traffic - unless there is a rodeo going on.
  19. FlashBuddy

    Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    Reminded me of some horses I've known🤔
  20. FlashBuddy

    Whose Truck Got A Workout?

    The ever popular trip to the dump with a load of slash. Roxanne tried to stall at every intersection on the way, but later when heading to a local car show she runs near perfect. How do you explain that?!
  21. What kind of engine is in there? That truck is running way too smooth and quiet, something must be wrong?
  22. Genuine authentic Colorful Colorado license plates :: Found 'em on EPAY for a modest amount of cash. Roxanne deserves proper badging, starting with period correct license plates. When we first met she was showing off a 1970’s Colorado Collector Series license plates, which is nice and they do have just the right amount of wear for a truck of this age. When I drove her down to get her registered in my name, they wouldn’t let me use the plates she came with. I ended up buying the Horseless Carriage plates – I think there about $12.00 for a year or so. I’ve been re-thinking that decision because those plates limit your mileage to about two thousand miles per year, and Roxanne isn’t exactly a horseless carriage. Horseless yes, but carriage? No. Epay is the place to shop for vintage plates for your collectible automobiles. Prices range from $20.00 to well over $69.95. While there are plenty of Colorado plates, finding one with 19 50 stamped into the metal is nigh impossible – or so I thought. I ended up finding three different sets. I lost out in a bidding war for the first set, second offer was for one plate only and the third offer was for a set of TT (Truck Tractor) plates for a modest $39.95 plus shipping and tax. It was a Buy Now scenario and the plates arrived today. The seller on EBAY was Tom & Margaret Boyd who goes by ‘licpl8s’. Tom it turns out is a license plate collector who happens to live in Boulder. Yeah, I lost a little respect for him just because he was from Boulder 😜 He is a bonafide member of APCL. Tom joined the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association in 1982 and has been active at both the international and local level. He served as Vice President of ALPCA and was Editor of ALPCA’s magazine. Locally, Tom was Secretary/Treasurer of Rocky Mountain Regional branch of ALPCA for nineteen years. Tom has co-authored three books on license plates. Here is Tom's EPAY Store > Here is Tom's website >
  23. FWIW I used brake cleaner on my fluid soaked shoes, then boiled them for twenty minutes in my wife’s big spaghetti pot. Truck is stopping great. I read about the boiling technique somewhere on this forum.
  24. FlashBuddy

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    Put a pair of racing slicks back there?

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