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  1. FlashBuddy

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Hey Todd B, add me to your circle. 🀑
  2. FlashBuddy

    Dome Light Bulb Change

    Take a look at a disassembled dome light. They come apart pretty easily, unless they don't. If they don't then chances are there is some dirt/corrosion mucking things up and you might want to carefully pry the bezel from the can.
  3. FlashBuddy

    A Nice Dodge Taillight Solution

    Don't forget Tail Light King - Though I'm in negotiations with them currently over a recent order. http://taillightking.com - One of those old school websites so popular with many vendors.
  4. FlashBuddy

    Dodge b3 1/2 ton

    What does a Dodge original with center cap look like?
  5. Are you using tie down hooks? I see many truck with the basic hardware store bought hooks screwed or bolted onto the truck bed. If I ever use Roxanne as a truck and haul a load that needs tieing down, I'll likely need something to tie off to. I'd like to do something a little more interesting that basic. Something with a clean classic and unobtrusive look to it. Thoughts? Pictures?
  6. FlashBuddy

    New replacement gas pedal

    Positioned it then smacked it with the palm of my hand.
  7. FlashBuddy

    Long journey

    Cool, please post your experiences here.
  8. I too like the older brackets. What I have on my 1950 B2B is different from what I'm finding in the salvage yards on pre 1950.
  9. FlashBuddy

    B3B Fuel Pump

    ...or longer arms!
  10. FlashBuddy

    Dodge 1950 B2 Pilothouse

    Nice job on the upholtery.
  11. FlashBuddy

    Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    Similar experience here where rails plates and ties were replaced. Old parts just left abandoned in the ditch. I picked up a spike for my rusty crap collection; hmmm, might have to return if to the ditch πŸ€”πŸ€£
  12. FlashBuddy

    Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    Speaking of tie down hook ideas. I stumbled across these on ETSY. Might be a little over the top for a half ton, but bigger trucks?
  13. FlashBuddy

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    I don't think they are for driving. They are for admiring, if one is so inclined.
  14. Found this in my hubcap stash.
  15. From the Bunn/Brownell Dodge Trucks book and Google:
  16. FlashBuddy

    bananas , who would of guessed?

    Yep, that's off topic, though appealing on an intellectual level. Question: what do you do if you see a blue bananna? Try to cheer it up!
  17. Got the floor boards removed. They're not really boards at all but metal panels with plenty of rust. I'll be trying to patch the cancer areas with fiber bondo then paint with POR. I thought to paint the bolts and washers with a silver Rustoleum, but now I'm not sure I'd like that contrasting color with black floor boards. Notice the replacement bolts and washers from Ace Hardware (and their price). Should I go for the vintage crusty, ah er, "patina" look or paint 'em and make them all uniform. Currently they have been vinegar soaked and Scotchbrite scrubbed. Thoughts?
  18. Glad to hear your survival story. I'm going to go check my lug nuts today. Hey, if Dodge was so clever in using reverse threaded lug nuts for safety, why isn't the axle nut reverse threaded too?!
  19. FlashBuddy

    Exhaust baffle spring

    Since you're rebuilding the carb, get a piano wire or similar - I used the cleaning wire from my Harbor Freight paint gun cleaning kit, poke it into the tiny holes.
  20. FlashBuddy

    Patina for sure

    Get the grandkids to help🀠🀞
  21. DCM has 'em for about $80 bucks, as seen in @Dodgeb4ya's post above. Isn't that the same thing I have on my '50, or did they change. Hard to see in your pic, but what I can see they look the same. I love the look of the older telescoping arm units. Found a set on my last junkyard run and am now wrestling with keeping her stock or going with that super cool vintage look. I should have sprayed them with PB Blaster while I was there so when I go back I'll have a fighting chance of being able to pull them.
  22. Ha! I don't know who Red Green is. I hope he's a well respected handsome devil?! Hooked up with a buddy of mine for a junkyard run; new yard this time that was rumored to have a row of early Dodge trucks. Thought maybe I could score an intact right rear fender and save myself a lot of work - not so much. Found the Dodges but they were pretty rough, though a couple still had beds. No useable bed wood, no useable fenders. Two tailgates that were beat to hell. AKA mangled. I did find this '49 and got all excited about the grill bars: When I enquired "Not for parts" was the answer. They wanted ~$3k for the whole truck. All that notwithstanding, my buddy tells me he got the Harbor Freight Flux 125 welder seen here>>. I'm invited over next week so we can fool around with it 😁 He also has a body work pal that may be able to help me with the pretty bent up grill bars I do have. Finger's crossed.
  23. The rear fender tore apart a fog or so. I'm now debating whether to buy a welder and do it myself, find a replacement or take it to a prifessional.
  24. Name That Sound A rhythmic clunk clunk clunk clang clunk schlunk clank klunk had me stymied. I taped my phone to the rear glass and headed out for a short test drive to capture video sound of the noise hoping that forum members who are a lot smarter than me could help in pinpointing where to start in fixing the problem. As it turned out, the test drive revealed the problem. Skip to about 2:55:00 if you have a busy life and no time πŸ˜‰
  25. FlashBuddy

    Ecodiesel Files

    What is it with old Studebakers. Here is one I spotted at the San Diego dump several years ago.

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