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  1. Put on an inline fuel filter backwards at first, then saw the "In" stamped on one end and turned it around, but not until I tried strarting her. Now when trying to start, engine catches pretty good but won't keep running and then I see fuel dripping from the bottom of the carb - lots of fuel. What changed? Fuel lines are not leaking. What would be the next best course of action?
  2. FlashBuddy

    Carb Kickin' My Butt

    Thanks! That is really good to know. I discovered that taking it apart and cleaning it is pretty simple. Sure, there are a lot of little parts, but with a few photos and some organization; egg carton, baking tray, magnetic parts cup... keeping track and getting all the pieces back together is straight forward. In fact, it went a lot smoother, faster and calming than re-building my brakes Still, you have a great resource there, especially when one considers how important and rare these carbs are. I wish I had a blast cabinet. I would have bought a few boxes of baking soda and soda blasted it to near new appearance!
  3. FlashBuddy

    B3B Bed Hardware Question

    LOL - Except they sent the wrong parts! No offense intended and I know Horkey's is revered around here. I just thought it was funny ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜
  4. FlashBuddy

    Carb Kickin' My Butt

    Well @Merle Coggins, I mixed up fifty fifty boiling water and Simple Green. Gave it all a soak, toothbrush scrub. A little poke in any hole I could find. Carb cleaner spray rinse and compressed air blow dry. Put it all back together. Rox fired right up and let me tell you - WOW! Runs so much better. More responsive, more power; highly recommended course of action. Thanks for the suggestions and pushing me towards the obvious.
  5. FlashBuddy

    Carb Kickin' My Butt

    Damn. Sounds like I'm in for a rebuild. Maybe a new accelerator pump will make my acceleration hesitation bog go away?!
  6. FlashBuddy

    Carb Kickin' My Butt

    LOL Interestingly, my truck came with a carb rebuild kit. Some parts (gaskets) are obviously used while most of the parts are new, including a needle and seat. Oh, accelerator pump too. Now I'm conversing with myself over how important rebuilding it all is vs. just new seals, needle and seat. Do you think a new accelerator pump is important?
  7. FlashBuddy

    Carb Kickin' My Butt

    Figured it out. Found a small brass thingy with a black tip in the driveway this AM.
  8. What is a bazinga? I checked Napa and they were clueless.
  9. FlashBuddy

    Carb Kickin' My Butt

    I may have wrecked something. I have the carb off now. I'll have some questions come morning.
  10. FlashBuddy

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Great day for a drive down by the ocean.
  11. FlashBuddy


  12. FlashBuddy

    Vintage Heater Refresh

    With temps begining to drop the time was ripe to pull the non-functiong heater out of the truck. After disassembly the parts (except the motor and switch) were submerged into a bucket of vinegar; love that stuff. A paste made from flour, salt and vinegar was whipped up and slathered onto the core. Several days later and with a little wire brushing the parts are ready for the next sunny day and a coat of Rustoleum primer. While that is drying I'll make a trip to Home Depot to see what colors of hammertone paint they have in stock. The motor was frozen, but with a little lube and the @B1B Keven speedometer trick of drill attached to cable, I attached the heater motor shaft to the drill and after some time it freed up and now will run off the battery. Color ne optimistic๐Ÿ˜€
  13. Truck: On Rebuilding a Worn-Out Pickup and Other Post-Technological Adventures by John Jerome An interesting read and will ring true with all of us Pilothouse owners, especially those living in America's heartland. Send me a PM with your mailing address and I'll ship it out snail mail next chance I get to go to the post office. First come first served of course!
  14. FlashBuddy

    Fire started by CAT.

    @DJ194950, you been snooping around my garage?!
  15. FlashBuddy

    Newbie Here - 1948 Dump Truck

    I too was curious how acurate the temp gauge was, so I bought this to assuage my fears: https://www.amazon.com/Etekcity-Lasergrip-774-Non-contact-Thermometer/dp/B00837ZGRY/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1539007223&sr=8-1-spons&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=temperature+gun&psc=1 I have read here where others did buy aftermarket sensor and guage. That too looks like an inexpensive and simple install for peace of mind. My radiator cooling fins are partually occluded with petrified bees, flies etc. and I'm hoping when I clean those out I'll be able to get the temp down five degrees to stave off a complete flush; water distribution tube and all. Your video was a hoot to watch, thanks for making that effort ๐Ÿ˜€
  16. FlashBuddy

    Rear axle and wheels

    I like how you did the brake lines. I followed the original but had a helluva time attaching to the cylinders. Next time I'm copying you!
  17. Works, opens pdf on Google Drive. Only twenty bucks. Very good to know, thanks.
  18. FlashBuddy


    You are experiencing the "green filter". EBAY costs money to advertise. Back in the 90's, Lego Land was the nicest park we had taken our kids to, also the most expensive ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  19. FlashBuddy

    Speedometer lube time

    I'm voting to remove the 4 screws, disconnect the light bulbs - mine just pull out - take out the speedo, unscrew the lube cover and put several drops of light oil into the wick. I used my wife's sewing machine oil. For the cable I'm on board with complete removal, then flush with brake cleaner, then re-lube with your choice of lubricant.
  20. FlashBuddy

    California coast

    Small world. Started my family in Cambria. Was awake and saw Schooners burn down (inside job, not like Paul's). Worked for five or so years at the West End Bar & Grill that replaced it. Locals affectionately referred to the town as "Cambrilot" where life behind the green curtain was idyllic. Moved to Fort Collins in '04 and haven't looked back. Morrow Bay - Our family learned to skate and play hockey at Flippos. Great memories. Cambria ocean sunset from "The Ranch" with lupins.
  21. FlashBuddy

    Cabbage Hauler - WD-21 Build Thread

    Wow, can I send you my trim pieces to work on? I only have three bars from the B1B grill
  22. FlashBuddy

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    I'd put a boquet of flowers in the basket ๐Ÿ‘
  23. FlashBuddy

    Junkyard Photos

    My new best friend Mike texted an invite for a junkyard run. I had to weigh that against the coffee shop invite from the wife. I scored a wooden box for eight bucks. Mike pulled a Merc radio, speedometer and e-brake parts. Still cogitating on the rear bumper. With the under bed spare I'm not sure how that would work.
  24. FlashBuddy

    Junkyard Photos

    I was surprised to find it. It was sitting right above a bee hive so I didnโ€™t get real close. Let me ask them what they want for it next trip or I can try to email them.
  25. Got the floor boards removed. They're not really boards at all but metal panels with plenty of rust. I'll be trying to patch the cancer areas with fiber bondo then paint with POR. I thought to paint the bolts and washers with a silver Rustoleum, but now I'm not sure I'd like that contrasting color with black floor boards. Notice the replacement bolts and washers from Ace Hardware (and their price). Should I go for the vintage crusty, ah er, "patina" look or paint 'em and make them all uniform. Currently they have been vinegar soaked and Scotchbrite scrubbed. Thoughts?

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