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  1. Upholstry choices?

    How about buying fiber board from Home Depot or Lowes, making a paper template, cutting and wrapping with the material of your choice? Couldn't an upholsterer wrap it for you and make it look awesome for a very reasonable price?
  2. 38 RC pickup, carb issue

    I think I can go a whole week before I have to prime. Resorted to keeping a small gas can handy, right next to the fire extinguisher
  3. It appears to me that the remote fill is one of the easiest and most sensible things to be done Some cool stuff at Pegasus Auto Racing and Amazon too.
  4. I went to Ace Hardware with my cap in hand. In their pipe fittings department I looked for a matching plug. Before I left I checked it's fit by finding a threaded cap my plug fit and made sure the one I was buying fit perfectly. The first try at an auto parts store resulted in bringing home the wrong size. At home I drilled it then tapped it with my cheap Harbor Freight tap & die set to be able to screw in a bleeder screw - scavanged from my old wheel cylinder. I think you could find a cap at the big box stores or an auto parts store, just bring yours for comparison so you get the correct diameter and thread count. I went with brass but feel other metals or even plastic would suffice. Oh, get an O ring for the bleeder screw. It you have sealing problems, use plumbers thread tape; Teflon I think.
  5. Upholstry choices?

    http://www.robertsmotorparts.com/store/interior-kit-brown-dodge-truck-1948-1949-1950-1951-1952-1953-part-requires-oversized-shipping-and-handling-please-call-the-office-for-exact-cost-978-363-5407-1 Only about $325. Good price from what I've seen.
  6. Need some help with my rear brakes

    FWIW I glopped on grease on and around the bearing to protect it from cascading grime. Should have cleaned it per AndyD.
  7. Shopping for new front wheel cylinders for Roxanne. Not having much luck. Many sites don't differentiate between left and right for the front wheel cylinders. Other sites show one and list it for front or rear. DCM Classics shows both front driver and front passenger. It appears the difference is the bore size, where the larger bore goes to the rear. If this is the case why isn't this clearly stated on other sites selling brake wheel cylinders?! I'm guessing the single wheel cylinders for the 1950 B2B are for the larger trucks since the ½ ton takes two; upper and lower, right? This is what I'm working with. A little history - Replaced the rears, adjusted same. Truck pulled hard to the left. Adjusted the fronts and noticed the left side rear shoe had what looked like no wear. I cleaned it meticulously and spend a lot of time adjusting it. Truck stopped FANTASTIC, straight too! A few hours later I see a large pool of brake fluid on the floor under the front drivers side. Opened it up and this is what I found: Look at the wear on the piston and the pitting in the bore. How do those get chewed up like that? Questions: 1.) Good source for front wheel cylinders to fit my Dodge B2B 2.) How did those red aluminum pistons get so chewed up? TIA
  8. Upholstry choices?

    I've only seen three choices for kits; DCM Classics, Quiet Ride Solutions and Pilothouse Interiors. Since interiors are pretty simple, I would venture a handy person could make their own. I've given this some thought. Richer materials and a look that is je ne sais quoi. Will you be sticking with authentic or are you willing to go custom? Visiting an upholsterer or two might give you some ideas, or head out to Clements and get some ideas from those BBQ attending trucksters. I'll be taking in a couple car shows this summer and hope to find a path to go down. If not this year, then the next, or the next...
  9. Front Wheel Cylinders Left Right

    I'll keep the original cylinders for Sleeving at some future date. I found online one store that sells sleeved wheel cylinders for $70 plus $20 core, plus shipping. Prices I'm seeing range from twenty something to eighty something - none sleeved and most look nearly identical. They have that Chinese casting look to them. So paying more and hoping to get better quality really puts you at risk of being a sucker Decisions decisions, what's a man to do?
  10. Molly Time!

    I hear you. I just got my brakes squared away and was looking forwards to some windshield time but had to reset when another wheel cylinder bit the dust (puked it's guts). Back up on the jack stands. New home sounds like fun, except fot the hauling and unpacking part we may be doing that soon too. I've been lobbying for three garages.
  11. Front Wheel Cylinders Left Right

    Thanks Merle, that helps a bunch. I should be ok buying a straight bore wheel cylinder. I think a lot of us are wanting a fellow member to chime in with; "I have the same truck. Here is what works best". Did you see how those pistons were chewed up? Very strange. I get the spring in there creating some wear on the inside, but the back edges and some serious wear in the back center defies logic. Solar flares or aliens is my guess.
  12. Setting timing

  13. Copper washers

    Picked up a packet of copper washers at Advanced Auto Parts. Compared to my original, they looked anemic; malnourished. Mine was plump.
  14. Attaching postless name plates

    Wekl, as luck would have it, my hood slammed shut, the DODGE script flew off, hit the floor and cracked in two. I'm going to silver solder it back tigethe. I'll let you know how that goes
  15. Is this valve/tappet noise???

    Hey Jimy, stick a sock in it and find out?
  16. Sno Powered By AoK Racing

    Never gets old. Thanks!
  17. It would seem my mc has lost its prime. I filled it up and can't get pedal pressure. Was bleeding rear wheel cylinder, still open with tube to jar. How am I going to get the fluid pumping again so I can get back to bleeding my brakes?
  18. We and the Windsor 2018

    OMG, did you watch the whole thing?! ... m too
  19. Yeah, that was how I started. The wife was working the brake pedal when I discovered I had a defective part. My mistake was leaving the system open while waiting for the replacement part. BTW I've been following your posts and really like your story.
  20. I've come around to realizing that I'll need to either pressure bleed or vacuum bleed. Anybody have an experienced preference. I may drop by Harbor freight in the AM.
  21. What To Tackle First

    Stay In the green palette or go for an accent color from the warm tones of orange and red.
  22. What To Tackle First

    I feel your pain
  23. Ahh, tie down straps. Hadn't thought of that. I only have one drum off. Seems like all the fluid gravity fed out the right rear while my back was turned. Refilling the mc didn't help and now I'm stuck. I will add tie down straps and go at it again.
  24. Strange Brake Issue

    "Keyboards are dangerous and misconceptions/opinions can get blown out of proportion." ...and why the smiley was created. Did you know? http://www.smiley.com/emoticons
  25. Strange Brake Issue

    There you go @Ralph Pearce, it's all your fault. I don't know what the solution is going to be. Don't drive on hot days? Add some venting? Don't carry large loads down long hills? Good luck! My brake linings are bonded too. I'm going to open 'em all up and see if they are still attached