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  1. Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    I may put those in Roxanne, only add some distressed paint effects
  2. Count lug nuts? My 1/2 ton has 5. How many does yours have?
  3. Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    How about a D ring in this same spots. I like the $20 hooks, but I ain't gonna pay no $20/hook.
  4. Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    Nice hooks, and cap screws too. Where did you acquire them Reg?
  5. Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    Shesh. C'mon guys. Pictures?
  6. Are you using tie down hooks? I see many truck with the basic hardware store bought hooks screwed or bolted onto the truck bed. If I ever use Roxanne as a truck and haul a load that needs tieing down, I'll likely need something to tie off to. I'd like to do something a little more interesting that basic. Something with a clean classic and unobtrusive look to it. Thoughts? Pictures?
  7. 12 volt conversion wiring diagram

    Tom's Engine Barn seems to have good prices, though I haven't shopped around. But why does he post crappy photos? I'm hot for yellow. Tom's pic vs. My pic w minor adjustment. It had to be done.
  8. That has got to be it. Feels "sprung" when I pull on it. Great video, as they all are, though I get dizzy watching 'em. My gamer son says the nausea goes away after repeated exposure Got to get 'em out, get 'em POR painted and get 'em back in so I can go for a drive.
  9. Thanks, I can certainly give that a go. I can see a couple of screw or bolts holding the dimmer switch, but other than that it's all unbolted. I will take out the dimmer switch and start gently prying away
  10. 1940 pt105

    Uh oh. Do top up the fluid will ya?
  11. P15 Brake Pedal Draft Seal (Grommet?)

    Your a genius. I've got an extra set and will be stealing your stellar idear, thank you.
  12. Decided to at least clean up the floorboards after having replaced the speedometer cable. I've got them unbolted and they flex and almost separate but they seem stuck. What am I missing? Refering to #'s 1 and 2 in my photo.
  13. P15 Brake Pedal Draft Seal (Grommet?)

    I had read about the cut and paste method and thought I would use that as a fallback if my hot stretch over the tops of the pedal pads failed. Starting with fresh pliable rubbers recommended.
  14. P15 Brake Pedal Draft Seal (Grommet?)

    Bought a couple, from DCM If memory serves. Sorta helps. Quiets down releasing the clutch or brake. After heating in very hot, near boiling water, and wearing gloves, you can actually stretch the things over the tops of the pedals.
  15. Molly Time!

    ...and a film can of da kine brah. Hey, I have that same blanket.