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    Child of the fifties, Air Force veteran, retired ham operator.
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    Web Developer / Drone Pilot

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    Fort Collins, CO
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    Pilothouse | Drone Photography/Videography | Photoshop | Running Like a Mad Man
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    1950 Dodge B2B "Roxanne"


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    Fort Collins, Colorado
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    Drones, Web development, photography, running

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  1. FlashBuddy

    Lets see pic of your trucks

    Red then green, a few blue and a yellow - nice to see another gray 🤠
  2. FlashBuddy

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    C'mon Paul, we've seen the pictures you posted!
  3. FlashBuddy

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Hey Todd B, add me to your circle. 🤡
  4. FlashBuddy

    Dome Light Bulb Change

    Take a look at a disassembled dome light. They come apart pretty easily, unless they don't. If they don't then chances are there is some dirt/corrosion mucking things up and you might want to carefully pry the bezel from the can.
  5. FlashBuddy

    A Nice Dodge Taillight Solution

    Don't forget Tail Light King - Though I'm in negotiations with them currently over a recent order. http://taillightking.com - One of those old school websites so popular with many vendors.
  6. FlashBuddy

    Dodge b3 1/2 ton

    What does a Dodge original with center cap look like?
  7. FlashBuddy

    New replacement gas pedal

    Positioned it then smacked it with the palm of my hand.
  8. FlashBuddy

    Long journey

    Cool, please post your experiences here.
  9. I too like the older brackets. What I have on my 1950 B2B is different from what I'm finding in the salvage yards on pre 1950.
  10. FlashBuddy

    B3B Fuel Pump

    ...or longer arms!
  11. FlashBuddy

    Dodge 1950 B2 Pilothouse

    Nice job on the upholtery.
  12. FlashBuddy

    Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    Similar experience here where rails plates and ties were replaced. Old parts just left abandoned in the ditch. I picked up a spike for my rusty crap collection; hmmm, might have to return if to the ditch 🤔🤣
  13. FlashBuddy

    Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    Speaking of tie down hook ideas. I stumbled across these on ETSY. Might be a little over the top for a half ton, but bigger trucks?
  14. FlashBuddy

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    I don't think they are for driving. They are for admiring, if one is so inclined.
  15. Found this in my hubcap stash.

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