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  1. I used Speedway Motors for my '50. Not sure about '48.
  2. You're probably not going to need that spare tire carrier on the side - how about shipping it to Colorado?!
  3. A friend and client Lee Peterson photographed this scene back in '62 at Ocean Beach. Where are these young men today I wonder?
  4. I drove fuel trucks for Uncle Sam back in '70. Had to learn double clutching to survive. But it still took me months to get the hang of it. Adding the tach helped find the perfect shift point for the given speed, but really I find there are just a couple situations that repeat over and over, the third gear low speed corner and down shifting to third at 20-30 mph. Have fun and be sure to change your gear oil after you quit grinding gears. I discovered this winter when it is single digits the 4 speed shifts like it has synchros! ...until it warms up.
  5. Naw, diamond plate there? I'm old school (but not as old as Paul 😉).
  6. I put a new mat with fiber pad in my '50 and was surprised by how much the noise level decreased. Even more fun to drive niw.
  7. Thanks guys. I was worried that there might be a hidden process going on that I didn't know about, kinda like no thermostat makes your engine run hotter, not cooler. Sounds like I can shut 'em off and be ok until I get that core sorted.
  8. After rebuilding my Arvin heater, it occasionally leaks a half ounce of fluid - I expect it is a leak in the core. What is the best way to stop the coolant flow through the heater? I was thinking to simply shut off one or both petcocks? Showing the two petcock locations.
  9. Wow, great shot of how gorgeous your car is. Wire wheels - amazing. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Saw 3 black and whites out driving yesterday which is rare here in Fort Collins. Have only been pulled over once in fifteen years here for not wearing my seatbelt- yep, a real scofflaw. I have an antique set of tail lights that lacks the outer bezels. If I ever find a set of bezels that fit I'll mount them on the rear portion of the stake pocket and higher. It'll be interesting to see which comes first, a ticket or bezels 🤠
  11. Thanks for you kind words 😄. Fingers crossed on the Westach - was expensive IMHO 😱. I had been scanning EPAY but never found anything worth pulling the trigger on.
  12. It would be nice if it came in a metal can instead of plastic. I does look better installed than it did in the box. I still have to wire its light 😁 I forgot to mention it made the truck 10 mph faster!
  13. Long time no post. Not much going on over the winter with Roxanne. "Too cold" has been my usual excuse. I did get a replacement tail light mounted. Tail light from tailight king .com. what a disaster! No licenselicete light so they included L E D aftermarket lights, that arrived unuseable; one cracked the other dead. Led me to believe a light with the license plate lens could be found so I returned the one light and brackets that were too small. Tail light King sent the same light back. I mean WTF?! No price adjustment either. Why I oughtta... I stumbled on a rear bumper in a junkyard. It was welded onto the frame and I had no way of cutting those gnarley welds so I ended up trading a box of donuts and the yard guy pulled it for me. Cost of the bumper was $100. Not so sure about the blue. I'm afraid if I paint it then she'll look silly all painted up on a funky truck. Then there is the license plate being partially obscured. I've decided to wait until I get a ticket to solve that one. Finally, I got the 6 volt tach installed; hose clamped to the steering column. It took weeks to have manufactured and delivered, and I let it languish in its box for weeks more. Finally I installed it into my 1950 Dodge B2B 1/2 ton pickup. This is the Westach from Westberg MFG INC - https://westach.com
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