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    Child of the fifties, Air Force veteran, retired ham operator.
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    Web Developer / Drone Pilot

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    Fort Collins, CO
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    Pilothouse | Drone Photography/Videography | Photoshop | Running Like a Mad Man
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    1950 Dodge B2B "Survivor"


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    Fort Collins, Colorado
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    Drones, Web development, photography, running

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  1. There is satisfaction in honing your own cylinders, slipping in new seals etc. When it was time, I bought new 😜
  2. FlashBuddy

    Put My Dog Down Today...Been A Rough Day

    Your post strikes a note with me as with so many others here. Your emotions are palpable as our family just had a get together to say goodbye to Molly. Molly started having seizures and the meds at the time were not helping. Those raw emotions rock you down to your soul without warning, so again, I feel your pain. Your sharing was well timed for me and I can see how your love for Abbey has also touched so many others here on the forum who too have shared their story. Old cars, trucks and pets can really bring a family together. My takeaway is to pickup some ice cream and check out cats on Amazon. I also think @P15-D24 makes a good point: "Good news is their is another friend waiting out their to join your life and family, " We are all (Molly too) deeply sorry for your loss.
  3. Sometimes the simplest ideas take days to effect. I just wanted to change the diff oil but I'm 5/16 male drain plug socket short. Found one on Amazon for $15! Now waiting four days. At least I can still drive her.
  4. FlashBuddy

    WC Rear axle removal

    I'd pay extra for the handy carrying case. I'm afraid one or more pieces of the kit are going to walk off one day. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01BUI5UVY/ref=psdcmw_15708881_t2_B012P0QV5K
  5. FlashBuddy

    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    I want to see that?!
  6. I used a five pound sledge hammer. I thought my puller was going to explode, then POP!
  7. FlashBuddy

    Belgian rusty chocolate tools.

    Gotta get me some of those. Bring the wife over to the dark side.
  8. I thought the same as you on my first go around; too small for my bolt circle. By leaving the bolts loosey goosed I got it on and situated, then tightenened things down and began banging away... POP!
  9. FlashBuddy

    Dodge Truck Build Cards

    Finding build card info contact info here now: https://mopar.custhelp.com/app/mopar/b2c_detail/a_id/17507/kw/card/session/L3RpbWUvMTUyODU2MDAwOS9zaWQvZlVhdHd4ZF9HJTdFbTN2d0lCbXJhSmElN0VtQkl3OTEwVjFvblJGUGZNS0x4em03MnV0Q1FaJTdFNE9ncjVwcVFIZU9tT3JfSGMzOGlWTVpTXzFuTlZjY21oNnM2amE4WUJndnkxMkhUM0ZWbnlLTmR2am12enFjcnpkV25nJTIxJTIx Sent an email and a few days later received: The FCA Archives is happy to be able to provide you with a copy of the build card for your historic vehicle without charge. However, due to the volume of requests we receive and the modest staff that we have, we are unable to offer the decoding service and copied material that we have in the past. Please provide us with proof of ownership, i.e. a copy of the title or registration, and your mailing address and we will send you the build card. Thank you for contacting us and we hope that the build card information is helpful to you. Danielle Szostak-Viers Historical Services CIMS 410-11-21 12501 Chrysler Freeway Detroit, MI 48288
  10. Roxanne added to the 1948-1953 dodge Truck Registry: http://www.townwagon.com/4853registry/display.php?serial=82204513 They are also asking some tough questions that I don't have answers to: Build Card Date (I'll have to order one) ? Body Tag Number - where is that? Gross HP (not on the data plate) ? Wheelbase? Wheel Rim Date - I'm not finding any dates on my rims? Final Drive Ratio - Isn't this always 1:1? Who here doesn't have their truck in the database? You can add it here: http://www.townwagon.com/
  11. FlashBuddy

    Speedometer goes no higher than 15mph

    No "tube" on mine.
  12. Looks like a nice kit. I think I paid about the same and didn’t get the handy carrying case.
  13. FlashBuddy

    RTS 5215

    ...and report your results. Nothing g worse than an unfinished story.
  14. The flex hose: Unscrew the brass connector on the inside of the frame rail. Then you can put a deep socket on the retaining nut, a wrench on the outside brake hose connector and remove. Pretty tight on the inside to get tools in. I think we used an extension, or it might have just been my son's Superman grip I bent my own brake lines with a borrowed tool from OReillys Auto Parts. I mismanaged the removal and broke the lines. I've broken three out of four so far. At least I have a lot of new brake lines now.
  15. FlashBuddy

    Received approval for 1947 plate!!

    Lions Club - They are about sight. Your car is certainly a sight!

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