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  1. I thought split rings were widow makers?
  2. The saying goes; Old fishermen never die, they just get a new peterbuilt!
  3. C'mon Paul. This isn't "fake news" is it?
  4. Great find. Very impressive. Looks to have been well maintained.
  5. I bought off the shelf at Napa for my B2B. Cheap and easy. Bothers ends fit perfectly t. It is tad longer than stock, but works fine.
  6. I wish you lived next door to me 😁
  7. I paid $175 last week for left and right windshield pieces. Now shopping for rope.
  8. C'mon guys, has anybody seen the interior. It could have diamond pleated upholstery.that ties it all together 🥴
  9. Impressive. You may inspire me. I'd agree with you on the side pieces.
  10. A Mini Cooper to some, but I call it home.
  11. That kid will come in handy down the road. I use my boy for the upside down and underneath something jobs. He's 25 now - time flies! I know you'll enjoy every minute of fatherhood. Well, maybe not "every" minute, but a lot of minutes for sure and especially those minutes when your right side up watching work get done on the truck!
  12. Wow, thanks for posting this. Brought a tear to my eye.
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