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    I have a fondness for anything vintage
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  1. Rustydodge46

    Correct jack for '42?

    Hi knuckleharley, Sorry I think you've misconstrued what I said. I meant no offence at all. I'm new to old mopar but know that you would be crazy to work under a vehicle that's raised without adequate support. Sorry
  2. Rustydodge46

    Correct jack for '42?

    I think you'd win the Darwin award for stupidest death doing that! Unfortunately the diff is so far under i actually can get no leverage with the floor jack lever..... I think i'm just going to have to do one leaf at a time and put 3T stands on each side at this stage
  3. Rustydodge46

    Correct jack for '42?

    I have another question to add to this thread and sorry to hi-jack but where are the lift points supposed to be on a 42? I only have a low profile floor jack and the best i can manage at first glace / try was the leaf springs.....
  4. Rustydodge46

    EPiX's 1942 Plymouth Coupe Resto

    Hi I found this amazing thread whilst in search of the bottom 42 grille trim, I don't suppose you have and spare or know the where abouts of a pair of left and right? Loving the bull dogs too. Classic!
  5. I've been chatting to Davin thanks Andy. Looking forward to seeing his babies! Thanks heaps
  6. Hi Andydodge, Thought I'd replied but mustn't have worked. Thanks for the lead, I have messaged Davin and await a response Happy days someone with knowhow and dodge trucks in my city!
  7. If you own a Mopar and your located in Australia give us a shout out and let it be known. Here's the place to mingle with other Aussies. I'm in Brisbane and here's my 46 dodge utility (was a tow truck) Looking for parts. Looking for parts necessary to restore back to ute (tailgate etc)
  8. Rustydodge46

    Dodge Dd1-16

    Mick Winwood-smith, On the off chance, do you still have this? If so I'd be interested in buying it

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