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    1951 dodge pilot house pickup

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  1. Coil resistor

    Thank you for the information...vendor information email suggested a resistor for coil so resistor it is .... ohm the primary next step...... thank you Plymouthy adams
  2. Coil resistor

    Just purchased a 6 to 12 volt upgrade kit from DCM , it came with a 12 volt coil , they did not say if it came with internal Resistor or not it’s a 557 My question is does anyone know or do I just get an external resistor
  3. New Fuel Pump, But No Fuel

    Make sure pump arm is possioned properly under cam lobe that pushes pump arm
  4. Drag link 1951 pickup dodge

    FCRC had the .drag link, went out and installed it yesterday,back in business...thanks Merle Coggins for your input
  5. Drag link 1951 pickup dodge

    Thanks Merle Coggins found that drag link at FCRC at a fair price.....glad to be a member here ......good people with great knowledge
  6. Does the club exist ? How do I join ? I have a 51 dodge pilot house .....
  7. Drag link 1951 pickup dodge

    Thanks Merle for the feedback, looks like a direction I may need to go ,was hopeing for a little less to pay but it’s new ...again thank you
  8. Looking for a good Drag link for my 51 dodge B3b 1/2 ton email me warrenk107 @aol.com thanks