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    Welding fabrication, classic cars, part hunting at old junk yards.
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    1947 dodge 3 window coupe w/ 461 olds


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  1. Dodgecoupe47

    Decoding vin. 46-48 dodge coupe

    Ok thanks for the help.
  2. Dodgecoupe47

    Decoding vin. 46-48 dodge coupe

    Yes you are correct. Sorry I ment serial number. Do you know which # represents what? So I can find out more info on the car? Thanks
  3. Dodgecoupe47

    Decoding vin. 46-48 dodge coupe

    1947 dodge 3 passenger business coupe. Looking for help on decoding my 8 digit vin. Infront of inside Drivers door. Vin: 312xx834 couldn't tell on 2 center #'s faint strikes and i have to clean some paint off. And the cowl tag. For exact body design? Cowl: 27152tbc or tpc?

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