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  1. 1942DodgeTruck

    1939-1947 Shock options

    Is there a list somewhere on what options we have for shocks? 1939-1947 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup. I tried searching and could not find a thread. If someone has numbers of replacement shocks that gave them a good ride that would be appreciated. I am getting close to starting the pickup up and just getting brakes and shocks buttoned up now.
  2. I need a replacement wire harness. I found one for $750. Wondering if anyone has found a better deal on one and what a good rout to go would be. I have a 1942 Dodge WC I am restoring.
  3. 1942DodgeTruck

    Cracked block now what.

    I am from Cedar falls Iowa. 50613. I should get my block back tomorrow to see size of crack
  4. 1942DodgeTruck

    Cracked block now what.

    I have a 1942 Dodge truck I am working on. I sent the block to the machine shop and they found a crack. I am wondering what engine swaps people have done. I am currently liking for another block but might end up swapping engines.

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